Grapes.. still giving and doing their thing..

Two years ago, the grapes pulled down their posts and wire.. its a jumbled mess out there..  it needs to be trimmed, cleaned up and totally rebuilt..

Just one more project that is on the list..  and there it will remain.. the odds are not good that this will be done in 2019..  (hubby say’s its a late fall project to get the holes dug and the new MASSIVE posts put into the ground.. Kay)

but the grapes have found a way around this lol.. they climbed the tree’s around them.. and while we got a faction of what was normal last year..

This year they went to town and we have Grapes clusters all over the place out there.. I will have to prune the heck out of it this late spring and get it under control..

For now.. we reap the bounty that very stubborn and determined grape vines yielded..

Given our Drought, I am expecting some real depth of flavours to our grapes this year.. I will can up most of it into juice but at least one batch will go into a grape-apple blend..

I am not sure why I waited so long for this peice of equipment.. I guess becaues its spendy and I wonderered if it was worth the money..

Every single penny! I love it! the difference in the quality of the juice is amazing.. I either feed the leftover bits to the livestock or I will mush it.. dry it and then grind it for flavour in other ways to use it!

Are you having a good grape year? Are you finding your flavours are intense if you had the summer drought? or if you have had way to much water.. have your found your flavours washed out as well?

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4 Responses to Grapes.. still giving and doing their thing..

  1. bluestempond says:

    I purchased one of those steam juicers last year and absolutely loved the grape juice I canned. This year’s crop didn’t do so well, shriveling up early and getting brown patches, so I don’t think I’ll get any. We may have to stoop to spraying it next year.

  2. valbjerke says:

    Steam Juicer 😁 my son bought me one years ago and yes – worth every penny!

  3. J & D > Better that it’s got so much vigour – even if that means having so much to do to get it under control – than having to nurse it from year to year.

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