Happy National Cat Day

Our Current Purr Pride of farm cats send a big old hello to all of you πŸ™‚

Sunny Cat is now our old man, approx. age 8 or older now.. unknown age so its just a best guess. He is a total lover but a amazing hunter here on the farm.

Henry is one of our new boys, he is seven and taking his time settling in, he is a ghost in the yard but always loving an sweet when he does appear. We currently have him in the little barn, very good hunter!

Patrick is three this year and a amazing boy, he is a crazy love bug cuddle follow you everywhere boy.. he is a momma’s boy! He is so-so on his hunting.. more of a .. well I guess I should kinda guy

Faith is full litter sister to Patrick, she is so quirt but she is gentle and always watching.. she really likes to be up high, on the hay, in the rafters up in a tree, sitting on the roof.. crazy hunter, she does them all..

then come Sofie.. unknown age.. but around 3, this girl is one of the best hunters..

River is a year old now and she is a quiet shadow cat here, a altered female, She is shy but always around..

Need to try for a update photo of her, she is a large female cat, never seen her hunt, never see her much.. she hangs around but watching.. her favorite spots are under the spruce trees

Leeloo is coming six weeks of age this week.. she is the baby of the farm..

Our maybe new guy.. Mac

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11 Responses to Happy National Cat Day

  1. Silveryew says:

    Thank you for sharing your kitties with us! We only have one, a female tortoiseshell, who was a rescue.

  2. valbjerke says:

    Love the multi coloured cats – we’ve been hanging onto ours….they have split faces – half black/half orange right down the middle. Only one orange boy, our oldest female is about thirteen. And a hodgepodge of older black and whites, one all black, some calico. Twelve all together at last count. All lethal hunters….and yes we have the mice to keep them working. The oldest is a part time house cat….well mannered so I let her hang out inside when she wants – she’s not related to any of the others so sometimes she gets tired of the shenanigans of family dynamics and just needs a break.
    Can’t imagine my farm without cats 😊

    • I adore my split faces, love them, but its just how its worked out lately so many of the current cats having been cats in need that we have not had many we choose them caz they are so pretty, because I love a pointed cat with blue eyes and I am crazy for split face calicos and blue/white bibbed kitties.. lol I am sure that the right kitten will appear over rhe next years πŸ™‚

      I agree can not imagine the farm without them and they are working cats!

  3. Widdershins says:

    What a fabulous bunch. πŸ˜€

  4. Julie says:

    Beautiful and ever growing pride!! Thank you for taking such good care of your kitties!
    Wondering where locally you get your cats spayed/neutered at a decent price? My mom has a kitten and was quoted almost $1000 from a vet in nearby Rockland, with their required shots, vet visits beforehand, etc, to get her male kitten neutered… She’s now thinking of not having him fixed at all, and I’d like to avoid that by suggesting a more reasonably priced alternative. Because you’ve done so many, wondering if you have a place to recommend?

    • Hi Julie, I use Avonmore vet clinic. (they are old school, cash only, no debt, no credit) They must have their rabies done in order to get altered, and they also do a pest check (so they get a revolution treatment. I do not have to do the rest of the shots ahead. I Know they want that done.. but they were willing to work with me as they are farm cats and they know I am trying to keep my cats healthy/altered. If she is in rockland, I believe she can also look into having her boy done at the Ottawa low cost alter clinic. If none of those work, let me know and If she is willing to do a bit of driving, I will give you the contact info for a couple local rescue cat groups that work with farmers, They give the spots to ferals/farm cats and the cats are all done in Quebec for a very reasonable price.. For me, I like working with a localish vet, where I can get my follow up meds and care.

      This makes me so sad, I know your mom wants what is best for her little kitten but we should not be expected to be able to afford 1000 in start up vet costs in the first year of life to be able to share our world with them.

    • What you need to ask, is will you alter with just rabies given (as per the law) but I choose not to vaccines otherwise, I do not want any bloodwork done ahead. I had at least a dozen tell me no.. I just nicely said.. thank you for your time.

      They do not need to give the extra shots by law, only the rabies.. Best of luck on helping your mom.. I know there is a rescue in rockland.. I can track down their info on if they know any vets closer that will work with your mom.. but try the other ones first.

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