DIY Pinecones Colored Flames Project

Simple DIY project using free picked up pinecones turned into a neat colored flames to use in your outdoor fall fires.

We had collected a large bucket of pinecones and I roasted them at 200 for 20 min to make sure they were clean, no bugs/eggs etc being brought into the house itself.

The video explains it.. one gallon warm water,

one cup of your choice of

  • Borax -green-yellow flames
  • Salt- yellow
  • Epsom Salt- white
  • Boric Acid- Green

Once Drained after soaking, allow to dry in well on a tray, shaking the tray to move them around twice a day until fully dry, then bag them up and store till needed. use a few at a time in the fire for color changing flames.

The reason, I do not have a wee video of these in action yet? this was on the plan for the weekend.. but.. Snow! lol


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4 Responses to DIY Pinecones Colored Flames Project

  1. Mad Dog says:

    Cool! I painted some in bright colours and hung them on the Christmas tree a few years ago.

  2. Bev says:

    I am so smiling. How timely. Have ordered these from a catalog for several years for family. Not once did I think to see if there was a recipe. We have so many cones available to us. I’m slipping, use the internet for so many things. Thank you. What a saving in money. My list is made.

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