No Buy November -Week 1-Part 2

Nov 5th

Monday, its a new day (its raining again LOL). Woke up to yet another grey day and yet my mood was uplifted! The radio was lively with way to much information, I listened and then I put on some music to lift up my voice and spirit as I danced my way though a number of chores..

When I say that that I am slogging mud, I am not kidding, its sink your boots in six inches deep..

We have moved from the wheel barrel to the winter sled as we can not push it though the mud, some year, I swear I will get that a whole load of gravel dumped and spread in that area! We have to move the hay though and to a clean area on the pasture for eating and re-seeding the pastures

The day itself was smooth and the muffins turned out very nicely! Blueberry muffins are one of hubbies favorites.. the fact that I added oatmeal/bran/ginger and cut back on the sugar made me happy šŸ™‚

Monday evening was spent as most are, with a group of dear friends, we used to meet in person but babies/farms mean that we meet on skype and do our live board game playing from the comfort of our homes šŸ™‚ Sometimes modern tec is so useful.

Nov 6th

Will it surprise you to find out that its raining lol.. but we have a storm warning, with possible very heavy rain and wind coming.. they are warning about possible power outages, so we are making preps just in case of a power outage. (that would be our 7th in 2018 if it happens)

I had promised you a better photo of River kitten on my cat pride post for national cat day and here it is.. she loves to follow us about on the farm during chores and she loves her Dez.Ā  She has grown up and filled out so much since her spay this spring.. She also caught a big old rat and gifted it to us.. ah.. thanks?

Spent some time outside this afternoon and the wind is bad! Not nearly as bad as other areas of the province is getting but still it is battering the farm.. Amazing Sunset!

The rest of the day just flew by, hubby was working late again, so I held supper and then went to bed early, watched a new movie to me called Hold the Dark.. It was very different and I think I should read the book, as it left me many unanswered questions. IĀ  can not buy the book till after Nov so I put it on my wish list and will pick it up later and see if I can figure out a few of the missing pieces in the movie that way..

Nov 7th

Woke up with a very sore throat and ears this morning.. to much wind yesterday I guess.. within a short matter of being up, the headache started.. Not fun.. I am taking my elderberry x4, I am salt water gargling x 4 and I even did my sinus’s a clean out as they have a lot of pressure in them..

I am having a quiet day, hubby is home and being the darling he is, has taken over the morning chores so I can hide from the winds this morning, despite our preps, the winds got strong enough that they blew off tarps last night and had to be put back up this morning. .

Had a nice visit with my mom, she is still sick with her cold.. hopefully she will feel better soon. After lunch bundled up tight with my strapped down ear flaps and gave hubby a helping hand for an hour on an outside project, came in.just in time to beat the hail that was coming, we timed the break in the weather perfectly!

Made a batch of dill crackers and then was whooped.. went to bed!

Hubby woke me up for dinner, nose started running as soon as I stood up, bad fever so thankful for showers and extra clean sheets and I know we do not say it enough but sure a blessing to have washer and dryer in the house. I have lived without them and I never take them for granted.

Hubby is making little wee stairs for paris, so she can get on and off the bed lol on her own, I guess I will need to do some sanding and painting soon šŸ™‚ He has been saving strap bits of wood from different projects

Nov 8th

Sick most of the night, woke up with full blown cold in effect.. yuck.. I can not seem to shake this falls colds, they are running though work at hubbies and though town. Still I would like to see the end of it soon.

Bless my hubby he got up earlier then normal and did all my outside morning chores so I didn’t need to go out in the winds. Such a sweetheart!Ā  The sun is shining this morning! Its so nice to see it and everyone in the living room that is four legged is napping in sun warmed spots šŸ™‚

The sprout trays are doing well, looking forward to having the mung beans and the sprouts in the house. I want to get back to eating one tray of fresh sprouts daily.Ā  You really do notice when you move over to all pantry/freezer foods and there is a huge reduce in fresh foods in your diet

Need to water all the plants in the house today, putter on dishes and laundry, keep the house critters loved and looked after and otherwise, I expect I am having a PJ day and a sick day..

Tomorrow starts a new day for week 2..Ā  We have kept to our week well..



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6 Responses to No Buy November -Week 1-Part 2

  1. Silveryew says:

    Oh dear, hope you feel better soon. Keep yourself warm!

  2. mariazannini says:

    Try to rest when you can and stay hydrated. I understand about getting sick and still having chores to do, but health first.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Margy says:

    We don’t go a whole month without purchases, but stay at the cabin using food on had. It’s amazing what great meals we can get using staples, what’s in the freezer and on the canning shelf. We even still have some fresh items from the winter garden to liven things up – Margy

    • Hi Margy, Thank you for your impute šŸ™‚ I have some basic staples that are still fresh, like carrots, onion, potato, sweet potato and winter Squash’s. and I growing micro greens/mixed green sprouts and mung bean sprouts at this time in the sprouting trays. It is a good thing to be eating out of the house.. There are a few sales that we will take advantage off but when I do that, I put them to the side and do not allow myself to use them in the challenge month.. There is the challenge and then there is being frugal.. When flour goes on sale for 6 dollars less a bag or butter goes on sale for 5 dollars off a pound.. we are going to stock up.

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