Frugal Pasture Repair

Happy Sunday to my lovely readers..

We are having a very productive weekend, we are in repair mode on a project here on the farm.. We are in the final push on it today..  If we get it done fast enough (HAHa) we will be building a new Goose house.

We went last night till we were working with head lamps and we are back at it this morning.. Batteries are charged, New wood is ready to be cut and worked.. We will get this repair done before the snow flies and it will be a GRAND thing..

So today’s post is a easy and simple one.. How to use hay to re-seed your pasture.  Now everything you read is going to tell you that you should feed off the ground and in a feeder and I totally agree!

If you are feeding out hay that has the critters ringing around it, then for sure you need a hay feeder, we have a large round hay bale ring feeder and we have smaller hay feeders in the barn stalls.

Let your sheep or goats or? graze that part of the pasture right down, this will mean that the new seeds will have a good chance for sprouting and growing up with the other plants, it will not work as well if you have taller plants..  you can mow it if you are doing a smaller area. Use a mulching blade to put the plant material back on the pasture and then feed out. ON

Having said that there is nothing wrong with feeding hay on clean ground each time you feed it out.. and no matter how good they are at cleaning up the area, they will not get all the hay “seeds” which will be scattered over the feed out area which when done in fall means added to the fall seed bank for spring sprouting.

So in our small pasture, we have slowly but surely been feeding out load after load in a line and then do the next line.. by the time of freeze up and winter hits, we will have feed out over the whole pasture and the sheep’s feet will have helped press the seed into the soil as they eat the spread out hay. I do need to spread out the horse poo’s and or pick them up so that they do not hold those spaces as non-growth for 2019. I break up the hay into smaller bundles from the middle and touch them out in a small circle with the main drop in the middle.

The horse’s do more spreading by tossing the hay around and the sheep do the biggest of the clean up, they leave very little but enough that you can clearly see where each feed out has taken place for when you go to do the next one.  This does not work on trails, or main feed out area’s because they have worked the soil up to the point of dirt..

When you get to the point of dirt, you need to do a full proper seed out and a removal of the livestock to do a regrowth time allowed without hoof pressure.  The very reason that folks say do not use hay in your garden unless you have to because of the seed’s it will drop in your soil is why this very frugal method will work on your pastures.

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