Corned Beef Hash

I have had a craving for old fashioned Corned Beef Hash, I will be starting some meats to corn them up..  I perfer homemade to the store..

I picked up a small can of corned beef.. it was from france.. it had Beef, Salt and Pink Salt.. that was it.. so I grated up some baking type potato.. and here is the important part.. Rince off your extra starch from the grated potato’s. To this in a big bowl, I put the potato’s, the hash, grated onion, Salt, Pepper and dried garlic powder. I would guess that for the 4 big potato, one small onion and half a tsp of the the spices.

In a large cast iron or other large non-stick pan, add a thin layer of oil and at med-heat, add the hash and cook till crisp golden brown, flip it and repeat on the other side..

Now unlike potato hashbrowns where you leave them whole, you chop this up, mixing the two layers and keep cooking it till at least 50 percent of the hash is or has some golden brown crispy bits to it..

Serve hot.. hubby likes his plain, I like mine with a bit of ketcup on them.. with fried dippy eggs.

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5 Responses to Corned Beef Hash

  1. silveryew says:

    This sounds delicious, a real winter warming dish. I made a corned beef cottage pie last week with a tin of corned beef we’d been given, and it turned out really well ^_^

    • It was a great stick to your ribs breakfast to get us working thought a colder fall day 🙂 Before I hit the google, can I just ask what Cottage pie means, I am assuming its not a pie that uses cottage cheese? Is it a type of pastry that is used to make a meat pie?

  2. valbjerke says:

    Dippy eggs yes – never eat corned beef hash without them 😊

  3. Was also curious about Corned Beef Cottage Pie and found this:
    Sounds pretty darned tasty: )

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