Fall Garden Stew-Canning

  • Lots and Lots of Tomato’s Ready-Check
  • Boatload of green peppers ready-Check
  • Yellow and Green Beans by the bowlful-Check
  • Potato’s died down and ready to harvest-Check
  • Carrots-small but o so sweet-Check
  • Turnips-Love the flavor to this-Check
  • Butternut Squash or any other winter squash-Check
  • Onions-Pulled and drying-ready for use-Check
  • Horseradish-Check
  • Green Cabbage-Heads are formed and ready for picking-Check
  • Lamb meat in the freezer from the butcher out this year-Check

You know when you have a full bushelful of tomato’s coming in and you look at them and then look at your pantry and you know that you have more then enough pasta sauce and basic tomato sauces, or tomato based items, but you are NOT going to waste this bumper crop.. Wash, core and dice them, simmer them up, and use them as the base for all kinds of stews, chili or veggie soups that can be pressure canned for later winter use.

Today, I have made big batches of Lamb soup, Lamb stew and Lamb Chili, all three are in fact quite different, The lamb soup is very heavy on the fall veggies, tons of beans, carrots, turnips, a whole cabbage head diced, with a few potato’s and lots of basil and horseradish greens in there, the lamb stew is loaded with Onions, potato’s, carrots and turnips, with sqaush melted into the broth for added depth, the chili is tradional for me, ground meat, onion, tomato, Green Peppers, , Mushrooms,Brown Beans, Kidney beans and lots of chili powder. Each batch is making about 14 quarts, or 28 pints.

One of the things most amazing about all three of these stews or chili is the amount that is zero mile, other then the Kidney beans and the spices, everything right down to the navy beans for the chili was grown on the farm.. Our meat, our veggies, our herbs, our well water.. To say that its eating local would be fair!

Do you make end of the garden pickles, or you do make soups and stews in the fall for use later in winter, when everything is ready for harvest? What did you have in your last most local meal?


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