Scarelet Runner Bean with Winter Melon Soup Recipe


This is to be considered a lighter soup as its a broth based, it also only got four things in it, not including broth and spices. Which are Winter Melon, Scarlet Runner Green beans (nice young ones) Garlic and Potato. Its a white meat based broth with seasonings.

I had to sit on my mom as she wanted to add an add to the soup.. she agreed it tastes good but she likes thick loaded soups that are more like stews


This soup made four bowls worth.  Peel garlic and finely dice it, Peel and cube the potatoes, peel, seed and dice the wintermelon, wash, tip and tail the green beans and slice them into small pieces.

Add everything into a pot with 8 cups of premade white meat or veggie broth, with salt, pepper, basil or nettle greens, a bay leaf (remove before serving), cook until the potato is done, the rest will be so. The beans will be tender but still holding firm, the winter melon will be melt in your mouth tender, the garlic will add a bit of a tiny bite now and again…

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3 Responses to Scarelet Runner Bean with Winter Melon Soup Recipe

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Sounds great! Nice job with the backdrop AGAIN today – the almost plain white highlights the gorgeous green and white colours in the bowl (and your beautiful new countertop; ) perfectly!

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