No Buy Feb week one overview

Well our first week was pretty darn easy, and we were successful at not buying any wants and very limited needs..

We had no issues in terms of food, clothing or any other basics.

The only thing I was lacking was covered here with a spray bottle, but as you can see a week later, they are thriving with the spice treatment that was given to them, more seeds were plants, garlic was plants, some herbs and some pumpkin seeds and greens for some added fresh food value.

I did get gifted a number of things this week, that I feel should be listed

  • 2 cases of quart jars
  • 8 loaves of multi grain bread
  • a full size tube of polysporn
  • 4 popcorn corn cobs


Money that was saved

  • Regular allowance for both him and her -20
  • ebooks- 10
  • Movie allowance normal got every two weeks, split into weekly-20
  • Church basement-5
  • Coffee out- 2
  • Grocery- 50

Total Savings to date : 102


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