The Healing Bubble’s 2015 LOVE YOURSELF GIVEAWAY!!

The Healing Bubble’s 2015 LOVE YOURSELF GIVEAWAY!!.

Hello Sweet Soul!!

This post is to introduce The Healing’s Bubble’s FABULOUS 2015 Love Yourself Giveaway!

There are a total 3 prizes. Each prize consists of …

1- Large & small heart shaped glycerin soap scented with a delicious sweet, fruity tea scent that has been kissed with mouth watering tartness!Black tea & home grown thyme are speckled within. Thyme is wonderful for Healing, Sleep, Love, Purification & Courage. Tea is often used as a base for mixing lust drinks-oo la la!

2- The Venus of Willendorf shaped glycerin soap. The Venus of Willendorf is a lovely, luscious, lumpy lady statuette. The original statuette is said to have been carved in the Paleolithic age, everything about her is a mystery! Many consider her to be a Goddess of Fertility because her fabulous attributes are given extraordinary stress. I, myself, view her as a powerful symbol of love. Self-love to be more specific. Consider how precious a woman of this shape would have been at the tail end of an ice age. Her fat has meaning as all food had to be gathered or killed, and its availability was never guaranteed. In her age, corpulence would have made the most positive kind of statement; but the bottom line is that every woman comes in her own fabulously unique and Goddess-like shape. This is what The Venus of Willendorf speaks to me. She is scented in a rich, complex and sensual fragrance of warm amber, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, and musk, with mid notes of rose, orange flower, iris, and lotus blossom, and top notes of berries, plum, orange, and bergamot. I have sprinkled her with hibiscus, a flower with a strong feminine energy about it. Its planet is Venus and its Element is Water and it is often used magically for Love, Freedom, Harmony, Relaxation, Independence and Passion. Bring her along to the bathtub, light some candles, and celebrate yourself as the Goddess you are!

3- Nefertem Cold Process Soap Bar- My best seller! A sweet & spicy unisex scent! Sweet orange, Patchouli & Cinnamon essential oils. Cinnamon is a great herb for Success, Healing, Protection & Love! Oranges’ Folk name is known as “Love Fruit” and Patchouli is also known for it’s “Love-inducing” qualities!

4- Solid Lotion Mini- Coco Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, lightly scented with an ultra sweet and decadent scent of milk and honey. Perrrfect for showing your GORGEOUS skin some love during this dry season!

All of these bath time goodies have been infused with Loving Intention & packaged in a a beautiful box that opens like two doors to a magical world of pure SELF-LOVE & RELAXATION!!

*crystals in photo are not included & boxes vary slightly by colour, but are all beautiful- xo

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