Chicken plans for 2015

So I am planning on adding in a new chicken breed to the farm, one that is ideally under served in my area, meets my own chicken needs here on the farm and so I have it down to a couple choices..

swedish flower hens

Swedish flower hen, its a landrace of birds, very colorful indeed, a nice mix of egg and meat dual purpose. Hard to find is a under statement..



Salmon Faverolles, I loved wash and while I can not find these local to me in two provinces, even had a girlfriend who attended the bird show in Canada this weekend and there was one lone poor quality rooster available.. hmmm

I can import a good selection of chicks for this breed from the usa and then breed to both keep the show and work towards also increasing farm wants..

I will be attending a number of bird sales this spring, but as I saw and bought the only faverolles rooster in ten years off sales, the odds are not good, watch for more news on that front at a later time.

so what will I be ordering and raising for sure this year..


Light Sussux Chicken, I am bringing in unsexed chicks of this breed, 24 in total, the best hens and roo or two will be kept, the rest will go to freezer camp.

While I do have Wash the roosters daughters who are coming three this spring, the rest of my hens now range between four and eight years in age and as sad as it will be, need to get some new blood on the farm.

Hope to have lots of eggs, hens sitting, chicks hatching this year as well.

So what are your chicken plans for the year.. Are you adding in new stock, trying a new breed, staying with your tried and true on love, hatching your own.

What is your oldest hen in your flock, if you live in Canada, do you follow the rule of lighter colored chickens, or do you go darker but provide more light or just know you will less winter eggs.

Will you be heading out to your local bird sale this spring


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4 Responses to Chicken plans for 2015

  1. We have Black Australorps. I love them, and I think they’re gorgeous, but the males do seem prone to frostbite. Several of the ones that we bred here last year, though, grew up either white or speckled. Or worse — almost white/mostly gray. They look like white chickens that got into the ash bucket!

    If I got different ones, I’d want Chanteclers. However, if you have different breeds, how do you keep from creating a mutt? And I think it would be awesome if you got the Swedish flower hen.

    • That is really weird, have you looked into if Black Australorps should be able to produce those colors, or if they should have produced all black, which means that there is a little something, something in the mix that close breeding caused to show up.

      Interest info and well worth some research into..

      I have lots of different pens both inside and connecting outside on the farm, I will just run different breeding programs if I want to keep them pure.. it only matters during the breeding season.

      Plus there are times, where I am very much wanting to create hybred vigor and I love my farmgal mutt chickens šŸ™‚ They certainly earn their keep and place on the farm.

      • From Wiki: “The most popular colour of the breed is black, which is the only colour recognised in the United States of America, but blue and white are also recognised in its home country and the Poultry Club South Africa recognises buff, splash, wheaten laced and golden in addition.”

        Well, I now have black, white, blue, lavender (kind of – closest I can find to dirty gray) … and what I’m calling speckled is more of a …. silver blue? It’s not consistent. They look like they can’t make up their mind what colour to be.

        I wouldn’t mind getting something VERY cold hardy and breed with them. I’d like a chicken that lays slowly but consistently all year, forages well, raises chicks without my help and can handle winter.

      • share some photos at some point šŸ™‚

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