Its Cold out there


Its both cold and snowy on the farm, the critters are in hunker down mode, We finally sighed in defeat and turned on the heat lamps for the chickens and other fowl, they are loving it and it has increased our egg output.

0-1 006

even the geese are taking to spending a great deal more time in their house, we moved more straw bales in layers in front of entry ways to block drafts from entering, see that snow mound on the far left, that is in fact bales used to create a second wall and walk out for the birds, birds who say, you can just keep feeding us inside thank you very much.


Yes seemed like a good day to do extras inside, so we did a full worming, mite prevention and heartworm treatment for all our farm cats both indoor and outdoor, other then four really semi feral outdoor  drop off or just found the farm, you can look but unless you use the live trap, you are not touching me, they were given the eye, and as they appear healthy, will just be wormed using their food to do it.

I also went herbal for my oldest cat, while I did want them wormed, I prefer to stay away from the chemical wormers if possible when they are more fragile, and I used a safer more gentle kitten safe wormer for Mimi, she will not need her heartworm prevent till she has her first spring on the farm.

Then we did the same thing for the hounds, it takes a bit of time as each one needs to be weighted and amounts planned. I had hoped to get to the sheep for their next round of care but that will need to wait till next weekend, everyone else is up to date and does not need anything till spring.


The hounds were about the only thing that enjoyed yet another snow day, they do love to run and play in it, the wind came in on a odd angle and so I found the horses not in their three side with roof lean too section of the barn but instead pouting on the other side of the barn out of the wind.  The barn door was open but they declined my offer that perhaps they would care to join the sheep inside.


So odd in the summer they are in the barn every day, and yet in winter giving them free choice they are outside..  I could lock them in the barn and their stalls but as they are both healthy and doing fine, so be it. They have been getting a little extra in their buckets in this cold on top off their 24-7 big hay bale and heated water trough. The Sheep flock has a increased daily grain ration at this time as well, its a balance game, with the snow and cold they need the extra calories but as they are only so far along in their pregnancies I need to be careful, I do not want the lambs getting to big.

Nine ewes should be expecting.. eight of them are old hands at this and ice is my only yearling new mom to be if she was breed, only time will tell.. I can see nothing under her woolly coat

2013-01-01 1463 (600x450)

No signs yet at all that anyone is even getting close or bagging up, we gave them all the eye while spreading yet even more straw and said, cross your legs till this cold snap is over, I hope they do but it does not stop us from bundling up and waddling down to the barn for lamb checks, the jugging pens are set up in both the front little barn and in the big barn this year.


Seemed the perfect day to run the oven, pork roast, and some shortbread cookies, I pulled a goodly amount of meat yesterday to work with this week, ground pork and beef, roasts, steaks and chops.

As I do not need to bake bread today, I am planning on baking zucchini bread, I pulled a bag of the yummy grated green stuff to thaw yesterday but my big plan, with camera in hand is to do a step by step on how to make o so good fluffy but dense and filling dumplings

May you have a wonderful day

garden 002






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  1. Sheri says:

    Burrr! But you make it sound so cozy too!

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