My personal Cat Herbal Blends- Reader Question

Ok, now I know that my choices are not the norm, because if you here worm and cats, you see folks talking wormwood and black walnut right out the gate.. and they both work and work well if  you want to use them and if you have bought pretty much any pet store or online herbal dewormer blend, they are in it.

But.. wormwood should only be used in small amounts and for shorter amounts of time in a healthy cat then recommended for the treatment length, add in age onset health issues and its a tricky one

Black Walnut does do a good job as a wormer and has hundreds of years of data to back it but I am allergic. as in, do not mess with it, wow am I allergic

So what do I like to use, well to be honest for my farm cats, do use a blend of wormwood, Diatomaceous Earth, parsley powder,  and catnip, with a drizzle of wheat germ oil to make all stick to a much reduced pile of kibble.. this is mixed and feed fresh twice a day for 3 days in the barns, then three weeks off and repeat. Done four times a year.

But the question was what do I give my older purrpot..

She gets a warm buttery farm fresh scrambled egg with her meds mixed in

Dried papaya in powdered form, ground fresh pumpkin seeds into very fine powder, with  turmeric and just a tiny bit of black pepper. please include the pepper as it allows the body to help get what it needs from the turmic, if you use meat and it is lean, add a touch of fat, ideally pumpkin oil or wheat germ oil, but any will be better then none.

Mix together, for adult size cat, 1tsp of the three powders and the tinny- tiny  bit of black pepper, add to canned wet food and mix, added to homemade wet food and serve..

Ideally for a min three days or a max of five.. wait three weeks an repeat, at least twice a year min, ideally on a 4 x a year program is better if kitty is indoor-outdoor.

Hope that answers your questions in regards to what I normally use 🙂

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3 Responses to My personal Cat Herbal Blends- Reader Question

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Awesome! Thanks!! : )

  2. onedogrunning says:

    Turmic. Is that meant to be turmeric? Thanks for the info!

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