Setting Garden goals.. 2015

2013-01-01 2117 (450x600)

well it seems like a grand idea to set some garden goals this year.. o yes it does.. but no cheating on my end, I will keep the plans I have, keep the gardens I have but I am in need of a hard tracking year to see where I am at, its so easy to lose track, harvest x per day for the rabbits or the birds or pick this or that as a horse treat or thin this and give to the pigs, but it should be being all counted as fodder.

2013-01-01 2119 (450x600)

lets see folks.. how about some fun numbers.. play along.. yes or no.. put your guesses in the comments

Can I harvest 200 pounds of rhubarb, stalks in weight, not including leaves

Can I harvest 50 pounds of strawberries

Can I harvest 100 pounds of elderberries

Can I harvest 300 pounds of squash

Can I harvest 300 pounds or more in pumpkins this year

Will we be finally be able to grow more then 500 pounds of potatos

will I grow and harvest at a min 100 pounds of sweet corn

Can I harvest at least 50 pounds of comfry

2013-01-01 2155 (450x600)

human garden feed, over 3 tons, yes or no

Critter grown for then 1 ton yes or no

Critters extra from garden 1 ton, yes or no

Can I harvest at least a hundred pounds of wild forage food this year, does not include critters.

Have some fun.. add in your own thoughts.. in a kindly way of course.. and I will bring over to this page

2013-01-01 2122 (600x450)





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7 Responses to Setting Garden goals.. 2015

  1. Sheri says:

    I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do but I’ll be your Ra! Ra! Girl! (In High School I was never a Ra! Ra! girl, I was the “Hippie-Redneck Girl”) Example 1: Yes you can! Yes you can! Example 2: You can do it! You can do it!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    This would just be a guess: not knowing how big your gardening area is, and not having any background with keeping track of any of these crops – carrots and onions are the only things I ever did any serious record keeping for (and that seems a lifetime ago): but, just assuming that, for you, these are “reasonable” goals; that there won’t be any health complications; and that, after last year’s abysmal cold, wet, SHORT season, the weather is going to be somewhat more normal with a lot less fungal/mold problems (that should bring your potato numbers up and put your production numbers in the pink; )
    Hope this what you were looking for?

    • lol, sure,
      What I was honestly looking for was folks to tease me..

      as in you only have 28 rhubarb plants and half of them are coming on line for the first time this year.. no way are you reaching that goal or duh, of course you will

      All goals are possible.. but some are very iffy.. its I right mix and as you say… the mother nature will have much to say about it..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        28 plants, 50% 1st year…
        So, well say 20 plants’ worth at full production would be 10lb per…
        Doable? Good question – I never kept track of what we ate through the growing season, only what went into the freezer or jars for the winter – and, even then it wasn’t by actual weight, only by total bag (my freezer *milk* bags) or bottle (pint/quart) numbers…

      • I did keep track one year, it was so hard.. everything weighted and or measured and then tracked, added etc.. I figure once every three to five years is about right for this kind of tracking.

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Yes, I remember when you reported on everything, and I also remember thinking at the time, that I couldn’t believe that you actually did all that work! (Good to know that it’s not an annual thing; ) but then again, having a semi-annual record of actual food production would also be good to have for keeping track of, oh say weather trends, for example: )

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