Fluff and Feathers..

A new clutch of ducklings, with a second hen still sitting on her nest.. total little fluffy tikes..

Remember these little guys..

Guess who just turned one month old and are ready for their move into the little barn

Here is one of the big meat boys, he is already big enough that if I really wanted cornish Game birds for dinner, he is ready for the stew pot, but I will let him grow for another 8 weeks or so, none the less I am very impressed with the weight gain and overall health of this mixed breed.

Here is his female counterpart, they are growing very well, but just oose hen to me, and such a ladylike hen to boot, they have such a good temperment, I can see that they will if healthy end up being layers, nice big large brown eggs

Here is one of the purebred Bard Rock hens, they are averaging half a pd less then the red hens above but they are growing well for their breed and are very interested in all that their world, they are as quiet but a little more reserved then the red girls, who just want to be your friend.

An then there are the clowns, silly little critters, as friendly as can be, interested in everythign and always happy and singing when they see you, they are growing nicely, with no signs of feet/leg issues always just what you want to see..

I got asked by a reader when I would move them out, and I had never really tracked it, but the answer would appear to be four weeks seemed to be when they were all ready to be moved..

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2 Responses to Fluff and Feathers..

  1. Andrea says:

    Awwww…that makes me miss having chicks around. I don’t miss wading through hip-deep snow to get to the coop, though 🙂

  2. I don’t think there are any things cuter than ducklings and chicks.

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