Fall Shoulder Lamb Chop Stew

When getting half or whole lamb you will end up with a number of 1 pd cuts of shoulder chops, these are heavier on bone then lamb chops are. Now the price of chops in the store are high but again the shoulder chop is much more reasonable.

This recipe is going to breakdown into two main parts

Part one

One package of Lamb Shoulder Chops, in our packages that means six chops, half a white onion finely chopped, 4 dried aprociots finely diced, one 8 oz jar of canned Aprociots fruit or about 6 oz of Apricot jam mixed with half a cup of water, 2 large dried candied Ginger peices or 1 tsp of dried Ginger powder and into the crock pot to simmer away for 4 plus hours till the meat is fall off the bone tender.. Don`t cut the meat off the bone, it is going to add depth of flavor to your sauce.

Now at this point Pull the meat off the bone, and put it back into the sauce, if you want it thicker, you can use a little corn starch to thicken it up (following the directions on the box), you can serve it as is with side dishes, you can serve it over rice.

Or you can take it into stew form as shown above, I added in 2 cups of pea`s, two cups of small diced potato`s, one shredded carrot, and a handful of diced fresh fall spinach, fresh mushrooms would be good as well (but I am waiting for my next crop to grow)

This will give us a light delightful slightly sweet stew, I would recommend saving one or two little potato peices to smush up and get the last of the juice up..

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