Winter arrived overnight!

The DH had taken Friday off so we had a three days weekend on the farm and we got busy..  you have seen some of the photos over the weekend..

Rabbit hutches got a re-work, new wire floors for some, new roofs for others, all got the big clean, and the winter stuffing of bedding on the big inside box’s, the rabbits were wormed the week before, so we are heading into winter with Big Girl (white with brown eyes) Breed to Black Buck

Blackie (Black Doe breed to a Black Buck that has since been sent to butcher camp.

Moon (Black Doe) who was breed to Brown Boy who also went to butcher camp, leaving me with Snowman for my main Buck for the winter.. a huge! Buck with pink eyes.. This means that if I choose to keep back any does from these litters, they can all be bred back to Snowman.


So then we moved on to the goats, we did another pen cleanout which was fast and easy as it was less then a week of build up to clean out, and then we re-bedded down their goat house, and then I gave them a raised outdoor pallet with bedding in a sheltered spot but with full sun for when they want to sit in the sun.. We also did them a makeshift but effective Hay feeder, I expect that I will cut a few of the wires carefully and make two of the feeding holes bigger so that they can get it all from bottom. We took one of the older rabbit roof’s and make a solid floor for them stand on, as its all raised off on the pallet.


The goats got taped, wormed and Jack’s one foot got a bit of more of a trim..

Checkout how happy the ducks look with their new hut..  I am greatly amused that the big Drake is hiding in the hut and that all three females are out in the snow.. but mostly I am just glad that they are using it when it gets dark out and are warm and dry when they choose to be.


We needed to do repair work both in the little barn but it was all minor but time consuming at the same time, cleaning a bit, new straw bales put out, and new hinges on doors and this and that.. everything takes time 🙂


Our faithful farm cats trailed us all over the farm, even today with all the snow, they still needed to come with us while we did morning chores

Then came the big barn.. it needed more repairs, we had a fair amount of work needed to be done in one of the bigger stalls, Brandy was not a happy girl when she got put in her stall this summer and kicked the wall doing a goodly amount of damage, it got a patch job which was not bad but then we put Caleb in and he decided that the patch job was a funny haha, and broke out.. needless to say we needed a big repair job before winter hit, and so we rebuilt that whole half way, re-done, as well as re-enforced, new window frame and all the summer windows were all set with their winter frames and their double plastic, the rest of the old barn was looked though and a few other small things repaired.

We got our huge healthy and growing Calf Bull-winkle moved from the big sheep pen to Caleb’s big winter stall for the moment and we filled the big hay feeder and called the sheep in for the big storm coming in..


I can move the calf to a smaller stall if I need to but as Caleb much prefers to have 24 indoor and outdoor access, we touched up his big lean to area and put out more bedding for him, didn’t need much as we had just done it in the past weeks, we prepped his hay feeder so that if a bad storm is coming in, I can just slid some of the hay we moved into the big barn and put it in the back for him.. he has a winter coat in but not quite as much or as thick as I would like yet and he is not a easy horse to blanket.. only in the very coldest part of winter will he even consider blanket or stall. He came on the trot for his apples despite the weather 🙂

Last night, I got a call from a friend on the road not far from the farm, to give me the heads up that a huge stunning coy-wolf female trailing her yearling pups behind her was coming my way.. love friends that would think to let me know.. It was all good, everyone was locked up tight -safe and sounds, the barn cats were snug in their straw area in the little barn, we did a head count and blocked the kitty door for the night, the farm cats were called and into the house the rest came, the locks were checked on gates and pens, the big barn door was chained shut and we took the hounds out for a good night marking of the farm..


Good to remind them that this land is taken and move on by!  Then it was time for a hearty supper.


Recipe post coming right after this one.. Potato Hash..


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  1. Widdershins says:

    Looks like you got all that work done just in time. 🙂

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