Kitchen Garden 2021 (Jan)


On the first day of Jan 2021, it started to snow.. and this morning on the 2nd we woke up finally to a good winter snow cover.. I am crossing my fingers that the snow is here to stay, these crazy warm days have not been good at all for the plants and I know that it will be very hard on my 1st and 2nd year transplants.

We are coming into the 3rd year for the front yard rebuild and the 3rd year for the kitchen garden build.. thankfully there is very little to do in the coming year.

We need to finish off the path between the last row of the kitchen garden and the rain garden, and put in the logs on the big slope, as its clearly not going to hold without me putting it into steps.

Put a new layer down on the cedar paths and do a small amount of pruning for shaping and putting in the annuals.. we got the soils topped up, compost added in, a sprinkle of organic kelp added.

So the last big push to finish it off is the last three round gardens on the pond side of the stumps.. once those three are built and planted. its done..

It produced like a house of fire in 2020.. it was the most productive garden on the farm, herbs, small fruit, root veggies, climbing veggies, so many peppers, eggplants, tomato’s and more

We have planted a whole 22 foot row by 3 into hard neck garlic that went in this fall for harvest next season.

We also needed to split out one of the big chive clumps to give more space, I transplanted out 30 smaller clumps under the hawthorn tree in a multi ring, mmost of them made well into the fall so I am hopeful they will come up and start growing solidly in the spring, they are there as a early blooming flower for the native bees which adore them, as well as a edible ground cover.

We also put in 80 more strawberry plants on the one slope to ideally create a stable plant held space, they appear to be doing well so we will see if we have any issues in the spring, they are everberrying and they did produce this past fall in a small amount.

Its nice to be heading into the garden season with 90 plus of this garden built, planted, seeded and ready to head into a productive garden season for 2021.

Do you have hard neck garlic planted in your garden this year for harvest next year? did you bed it down with straw? I am glad we did, it was most needed to help with this freeze/thaw, rain/snow/thaw and so on.

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4 Responses to Kitchen Garden 2021 (Jan)

  1. Silver says:

    I must confess I haven’t planted anything out to over winter outside – that being said I have a good idea what I’ll plant out in spring time. Chard and beetroot did surprisingly well for me, and now I know that carrots need a lot of space I will try it again in the spring.

    • There are very few things that can be planted in the fall for the next years harvest but hard neck garlic is one of them. That’s wonderful that chard and beet root did so good and yes, I am always amazed at how much space carrots take.

  2. valbjerke says:

    Plus seven degrees here today. 🤦‍♀️ More of the same for the next two weeks. I’ve a funny feeling that winter simply moved. We’ve noticed that our cold weather comes much later (February) and stays well into March or April.

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