Garden Planning 2021


I am going to be planting a ton of flowers this coming year..  We need some pretty and I want to increase the ability to have flower full of vases.

It has been very interesting to work on our garden plans for 2021 given our new health issues in regards to eating certain items..  Being a Diabetic household certainly changes the garden plans.

Very limited potato’s (basicly fresh eating baby ones or fingers), no corn, limited pea’s, no real point in melons, other then maybe one or two plants as treats.

At the moment for annuals in the gardens we have seeds to plant out

  • Beets (6 kinds)
  • Turnips(summer/winter)
  • radishes (5 kinds)
  • Kolorabi (3 kinds)
  • peanuts 
  • Tomato’s( cherry and canning)
  • Cucumbers (3 kinds)
  • Peppers (3 kinds)
  • Zucchini (2 kinds)
  • Onions (4 kinds)
  • Broccolli (3 kinds)
  • Caulflower (1 kind)
  • Greens (11 kinds)
  • Kale (4 kinds)
  • Cabbage (6 types, including Asian styles that are very loose headed but same family)
  • Beans- Fresh( 4 kinds) Dry seeds (9 kinds)
  • Snow Peas (3 kinds)
  • Carrots (2 kinds)
  • Celery (2 kinds)
  • Celeric Root (1 kind)
  • Brussel sprouts (2 kinds)
  • Broad Beans (2 kinds)
  • Winter Squash ( 6 kinds)
  • Pumpkins ( 4 kinds)
  • Sweet potato (I am already starting my slips)

That is the basic’s, we will see if anything gets dropped or expanded.. Everything listed, I currently have the seeds, sets or stock to do these for 2021 and in a number of cases for 2022/23 as well.



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7 Responses to Garden Planning 2021

  1. Silver says:

    I didn’t realise you could grow peanuts in Canada!:O

  2. Remember, the more roughage(melons) something has and you eat it along with nuts or cheese to slow down absorption, it’s all about glycemic index. Thing I mentioned ‘The Zone’ book(s) Dr. Barry Sears to your DH. It’s all about keeping blood glucose levels steady. But you’re right, there’s a lot more ‘vegetation’ involved; )

    • I know that everyone likes to tell me about how a normal diabetic works IF it had been caught in the early stages, but that is not us.. and so I am going to follow the advice of our own peronsal doctors that see his test results and what we get information wise with our 3x a day blood work checks.. I have found that many things that are to be safe are not, and some things that others say, careful work very well for him.. I think like most things books and guildelines work for those that are willing and wanting to eat by a guideline and are not learning and creating their own lists based on their own testing and results.. I do understand that the test stripes are costly and that many peaple do not have the insurance coverage we do and so they only test once a day and often some test once a week.. where as we test 3 times a day as we are creating base lines and sometimes a 4th test if we are tracking a new food.. For JASON, melon at this time spikes him and is off the list.

      • Well, that’s what’s happening for him, right now, is obviously what you need to go by; but please have a look at Dr. Sears’ book anyway, ‘k? Theres A LOT of science behind his work – he’s not just a Talking Head – so might just be a possibility at another time, yeah? (And just reading it certainly couldn’t hurt; ) xox

      • Ok fair point deb.. fair point, I Will consider it

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