The Gal in the Garden Series 2019

This is the weekly overview of the gardens. I will still do detailed posts lots of different garden related subjects. I will bring them back and show cases them here on the weekly round-up.

Happy first day of spring! 2019

The past week is the very first week that we have had more spring like weather, it’s still below normal in temps but we have 2 days above 0 with some melting.  We have a deep snow pack all over the yard but the solar heat is strong and you can see things slowly being exposed.

The top of the dug out hill for the ponding area has melted out first. It’s the first soil to show on the farm, and I am tempted to cover it with a tarp and heat it up, put a few boards around it and plant it out with radish with a small cover, I think I can get a 30 day crop off it before I would need to move it.

We are already 3 weeks behind the average on the yard in terms of spring and as I do not want major flooding, I am hoping that it stays a slower melting and warming up on spring.

However I am more than ready to get some things planted, so on the weekend, I took matters into my own hands. We hauled out storage metal horse trough up out of the big barn and to an area in the front yard.

Nothing like spending quality time collecting frozen horse pucks with your man out on the snow LOL

We hauled in a full load of horse that filled the trough 1/3rd of the way after that, we did another full load of rabbit/bedding mix and filled it to the 2/3rds mark. I need room to dig and turn the poo to work it into compost and then fill that top part with soil to plant in at a later point in the process.

We covered it with thick plastic and put an old gate on top of that to hold it down with bricks on the corners. If you want to see the daily update on this project, some day’s just write-up, other days temp gage info, sometimes a little video. Like my Just another day facebook page to get the full scoop.

The only other thing of note is that one of the jug pens was cleaned out and the bedding, a mix of hay/straw and only sheep poo has been moved to its own spot in the yard, I will be working that compost pile as a single animal compost. It was kept in the front yard as I want to use it in the new build.  I will get a photo of it for next week.

I have finally decided that the front main yard is going to be called the “the big shake up” it will be so different when its done.. but its going to be lovely!

The week will run Tuesday to Tuesday and I look forward to what the next week will bring, they say? that we will have a few days above 0, we will see if they are right. I leave you with some of the pretty flower color in the house at the moment.


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1 Response to The Gal in the Garden Series 2019

  1. Margy says:

    Things happen pretty quick as spring warms up. I tried something similar for composting in a container (minus the animal poo, don’t have any of that). I lost my access to shore so I lost my composting area. I used to use an open sided barrel and then bury the results over winter to increase the size of my potato patch. It worked well while it lasted. I bet the forest plants are going crazy this year with all that rich soil. – Margy

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