Birds.. Ontario March Canada

Hello Folks..  In the next days and weeks the spring migration will be starting in terms of the birds.. but this post is of the birds that stayed the winter plus one guest family..

House Sparrow hanging onto a birch twig

We have so many different kinds of sparrows, this lovely female house sparrow on the birch tree hit a delightful pose for me.

My whole yard went quiet and then I figured out why as this Adult Northern Strike went after a chickadee on the middle yard feeder and missed and went to the top of the tree to watch the birds.

When we went out for chores, I was only able to grab one single photo of this years offspring, what a healthy looking young Northern Strike.. Its the first time I have seen them hunting on the farm, they were just passing by.

I really like this lovely view of both female and male Evening Gosebeaks a bird that is considered on conserve list and they are moving their range, its my understanding that they really like my norway maples and I have noticed that they have eaten all the keys off the trees.

Not only have they been a pretty bird with their flash and boldness in the yard but they are very vocal and chatty.. we feed at least a hundred plus daily.

We have two kinds of woodpeckers in the yard and in total we have 5 mated pairs.. delightful busy birds, they live in the forest but visit a certain times daily.

I have to date only had White Breasted Nuthatches on the farm, perhaps someday I will get different kinds of nut hatches but not yet.. I have three mated pairs of these funny birds.. they race up and down and hang at the oddest angles lol

Mr Red has stayed the whole winter and now in the past week as the weather has warmed, he has taken to finding a very high perch on the top of the spruce tree and has started his mating calls.. man can he sing.. He needs to come closer to the house and he will find his call will carry much further in the eco we can get but so far, he is sure that his spot is the one.. this day, I was amazed to get his photo from below and he is edged in the sun..

The ravens are busy collecting the sheeps wool as they drop it.. They were gathering it up on the pathways. That’s nests eggs and chicks are going to have a very warm nest for sure.

So many Redpolls they are very happy flock birds coming in from dark to light and so many inbetweens in shading.

The Finches are as always a delight.. and what would a canadian winter be without our black capped chickadees.. singing always, so bold, they love to buzz you as they fly by your head so fast lol. In the local parks, so many peaple will show little vidoe of the city chickadee’s landing and taking peanuts or sunflowers directly from peaples hands.. Ours are not that friendly but they are by far the most bold bird in the yard.

Overall, we have had the pleasure of hosting around 150 to 200 plus birds daily at our feeders for most of the winter 2020 and 2021.. we have run 4 feeders daily and we have to fill each day BOSS (Black Sunflower Seed) and a mix of smaller seeds, along with bird fat blocks.

I will see what I can do in terms of taking new birds as they travel though and doing the odd bird photo post..

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March Pantry Challenge 2021 Week 2


We leaped into spring like weather this week!.. so much melting.. we had our first “false” spring and it was lovely! We broke our weather record on weds.. the old high was 10c and we got to 14c

I spent time out doing bird photos, but will give them their own post.. we have had 4 ewes lamb so far, so on farm we have fresh milk and fresh eggs coming in.. (chicken only) my ewes have so far all had singles, considering how poor the pasture was, while I did flush them in the fall, looking at them, i think we will be having a lot of singles.. I am strangely ok with this..

Still its a good idea to put up some extra colstrum in case of a bottle baby but with my big bagged up ladies that can easily feed twins, its a ideal time to make some beestling cheese as well.

In terms of eggs, the hens are starting to pick up a bit and we are getting 4 to 6 a day, perfect for our own needs and the farm dogs..


The greenhouse is being shifted from growing greens and such into seedling starting.. we are taking off the last of the pea pods, the cucumber plants have started producing male flowers.


The forage end of things locally has been Nanda, Nill.. nope.. The sap had a few days of first run.. so there is that! Otherwise, we still have lots and lots of snow cover!

So are you ready for the big news? We were able to turn off one of our freezers, adjusting what was left into the space in the remaining freezers.. This is a such sign of winter wearing on and it means we are doing what we should be.. eating out of our pantry/freezers/farm.

I cooked up one of our pork roasts and honestly its a delightful treat, so good.. it was a low slow roast and it was heavenly!

That’s it folks.. a quiet steady slow week with lots of basic meals

Fried dippy eggs

Beef Veggie Stew

Beef Barley stew with pea’s and turnips in place of potatos

Roast Pork

Rabbit stew

They are not the very same.. but they are delightful and very close in type..

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March Pantry Challange 2021

Well, its a week into march and I had hoped to get a few more posts up but as long as I make my weekly overviews on sunday, I will be happy about it.

For new readers, March Pantry Challanges goes way back on this blog!

March Pantry Challenge 2011

Way back then, I did a pantry stable and that first day it was Barley, over the ten years I have done it a number of ways, I have done the 31 War time rations, I have done full out 0 mile only, I have done it with 10 dollar food basket once a month, so a pantry challenge with what would be one single food box added..

This year in 2021, I had to have a little bit of modifcation to our pantry challenge in regards to hubby’s meal planning, I will look forward to doing this challange in 2022 ideally as much as possable off the farm next year..

This year however, I am getting two boxes of fresh veggies/fruit/greens this month, they will come in on the 4th and the 18th. I have two ewes with lambs on side for fresh milk, plus I have milk, cream and cheese/butter frozen in the freezers.

Also coming into march challenge 2021, I also have the new indoor greenhouse, which is producing at this time plus sprouts. But alot of the greenhouse is being filled tray after tray with seedlings now and so I am losing “salad” growing space but that is fine, it pushes me harder to use up what we have.

Many things in the pantry, I can not use at the moment in main means or snacks as they were canned up with to much sugar, some things I am slowly eating them myself.. others get slowly used as toppings for critter foods, and or eaten with rich thick homemade yogurt.

We as always have a huge amount of meat put up, more on the hoof/claw and more being born in the barn this week as the lambs are arriving. We have our own eggs, our own milk, three freezers, one fruit/veggies, one milk/milk produces and our biggest in beef, chicken, duck, (I am out of lamb) pork and a small amount of wild game yet. I also have one char and one salmon but otherise I am pretty lean on fish at this time.

Our days are pretty regular at this time, Breakfast is eggs/some type of meat, with a mix of veggies, think green pepper, onion, mushroom, sometimes salsa is used, sometimes melted bits of cheese, scrmbled eggs, omlets and sometimes rye Wasa with peanut butter if in a rush and not doing a hot breakfast.

Lunch is soup/stew with a salad or a big salad with cold meats with small apple or banana or yogurt with a bit of fruit and nuts as dessert.

Supper can be a stirfry, meat/veggies, roasted meats with roasted veggies with a salad on the side, or it can be steaks or chicken with cream deglazing gravy with quarter plate low to med carb veggies with smaller salad, the supper salad is the most open, the lunch is green based.. but the supper can be cabbage, green, mirco grated and so on.. or it can be a basic green salad with fresh veggie toppings. Rarely, once a week we have a higher carb treat meal, be that a x-large pizza made with one cup multi grain flour so that a quarter pizza gets a quarter cup to go with a big side salad. or perhaps a 6 portion dish with half a cup of balsamic rice fro the whole recipe, giving approx 2 tbsp of cooked rice per portion or paper thin sliced potato on the topping of a shepards pie.. I do use limited Barley, Lentals, split peas as well.

Snacks are nuts, yogurt with a bit of fruit, celery or apple with peanut butter or other nut butters, treats are pork crisps.

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Ready, Set, Go Plant those Pepper Seeds (zone 5)


This year I am growing West Coast Seeds King of the North Sweet Pepper.

68 days green, 90 days red. Large beautiful fruits that are bell shaped. Great producers in our short growing season. I ordered the seeds in 2020 garden season and much to my surprise they are not carrying them this year.. all the more reason to plant this crop together and seed save these for future use and local offerings.

I did see with a quick google search that other smaller suppliers still have them but ouch on the price.. 20 seeds for 4.95.. I will keep you posted on them.. and will be doing a end of year round up on the different plants and yields.

Do you grow the King of the North, sweet pepper? Tell me all about it! What I am really interested in is, height and spread of the plant?

If you are growing hot peppers, Ideally those seeds went into their trays and on the heat mat in the past two weeks! but if you are starting your Sweet Peppers, you are not late!.. Starting from March 1st to March 15th puts right on the path..

I am starting a total of 48 sweet peppers, a mix of three kinds..

The short fun one is the mixed mini bells, the seed is old, its from OSC (Ontario Seed Company) and its been used half this year and half next year as I need to refresh my seed stock.. its a very short (2 foot or so) pepper plant that is indeed a mix of colors and they produce peppers no bigger then 3 inches and they are ready to go, they are fresh eating/salad pepper.. Kids love them!

I am planning on popping mine into “edges” in the Walk on the wild side food forest and seeing how they do, with a few going into the “Guest Garden” for lots of early fresh eating peppers.

Last but not least is Early Calwonder from OSC, the workhorse of the peppers, this study 30 inch(give or take a bit) plant has been around since 1945 and still going strong.. its the standard bell shape, very thick fleshed and sweet green that turns red.. Not a massive pepper when compared to the store at 4 inches long with 3 to 4 inches wide but its a great producer.

I will be putting the Calwonder into the hill garden in the front yard and the king of the north is going intot he Gate Garden in the side yard.. but I will still be needing to do some extra work to make sure there is not crossing over.. then again, I might choose to do a cross over betwen the king of the north and calwonder and grow them out and see what comes of the cross 🙂

No hot peppers are planned for the year, we have lots dried in storage, canned and if I want a few I know where to go to buy them locally.

So are you a earlier zone and your plants are up and going? Are you close to my zone and have you started or are you starting in mid-march? Waht are you going this year?

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March coming in like a lion


The last day of Feb was mild, so mild that we had our first “misty” fogged in monring on the farm.. it felt like spring and things were melting.. but with over 3 feet as a base plus higher snow drifts ont he farm, it is just showing first hints of sugar snow on the top.

It was perfect timing to have our first lamb be born in that mild weather and its nice to have momma and babe tucked into the big barn in a jug.. the rest of the sheep are coming up closer to the house and being feed out on clean snow.. I am cheating by moving them from place to place, I am lightly seeding out my pasture while also giving each seeding area a boost compost wise with the sheep poo..

Soon enough we will need to go back to the raised feeders but right now, I have a window to keep the feed clean for the sheep and do snow seeding.. I will take it.


With the first hoarfrost morning, it can only mean one thing! Maple tapping time is here, time to get your taps in, your buckets set, your lines ready and to get your boilers or fires ready.. We had two days off run time and then we turned the page into MARCH


It came in as hard and fast as Remmi was coming on the plowed walking paths when I called him! The temps dropped from a high of 2c (which felt so warm lol) to -17 with 60km winds which dropped the cold factor to -30.. We kept everyone in the barn and feed out buckets of warm water and loved having small bales that this winter makes our life much easier at times like this.

The snow storm came and dropped another 3 inches, then another line came and did another 2 inches, then another with another 3 inches and this morning ont he 3rd, we awoke to another inch and half.. so 9.5 inch of new snow on top of our already heavy snow pack in the past 72 hours. So much shoveling and snow blowing.

By next week, they say we will be back up to more normal temps and starting out first maple sap runs proper.. crossing fingers for a good couple weeks of those above 0 daytime temps and below 0 night time.. The maple sugar shacks were hard hit last year with Covid and many of them are struggling big time with year as well. No meals, no maple taffy on snow, no wagon rides.. Those spring weeks of crazyness is what brings in a huge amount of their “extra” money

Hubby’s work has done some big time push back that he has to much unused “paid” time off so he was given a choice of buy out or he must take some time off. March is not good time on the farm for time off but so be it.. Figure its a good time to do a indoor house project, weather will let us open windows enough that we could paint if we wanted. It would appear that many of the staff have not taken their “time off” this year working from home.. what a mismatch.. so much work, so many overtime hours, so many weekends worked.. but now someones said.. wait.. they are not taking their time off.. sigh!

We will not be heading off the farm much, I will pay to have the needed items (if we do not have it already) done as a driveway drop off.. In the last week of Feb, we have had our first local UK varient Covid outbreak at our local cheese factory, they closed the shop, tested and found X cases and tested all 180 staff and are watching it closely.. that work place is about 20ish min drive time from the farm..


Thankfully we have our seedlings to start, so many baby plants to look after, hundred plus daily feathered friends visit and light up our yard, the singing is a delight and they make me want to grab my camera and spend time trying to catch them at their best or funniest. The hounds keep us busy in so many ways.. ah teenagers.. never ending training, you can teach them by training or you can teach them by letting them get away with it..


The horse’s have come though the hard part of winter in good shape, they are not to fat but they are for sure out of shape, but we will be starting walks and getting ready for riding season coming. We are planning on bringing in a couple truck loads of sand to create better drainage in the one area and ideally I am hoping to get some outdoor drainage mats. I love my land so much but not when its a wet/horse combo..


I will be looking forward to getting a home cowboy horse course set up this year and getting up in the saddle in 2021. I am not at all sure how much off farm riding I will be doing, at least not on the forest horse trails but I will do private land riding for sure. Maybe this will be the year that I can finally get a bridle that works with Bojangles odd head lol.. part of his head is draft size, part if warmblood and then he has this tiny mouth/bit size.. he is very hard to fit tack to.. thank goodness for saddle blankets now that you can add shims into the pockets to get saddles to fit better.. Caleb’s tack is all good but I will give it all a good going over and make sure nothing needs to be replaced or repaired.

I need a new “farm” camera, one of those smaller waterproof, drop from this height, outdoor its a active hard knock life camera’s that fits in my hard case.. Man, in day to day life, I am hard on my camera’s.. I baby my BIG ones but burn though the active one’s in about a year, maybe two if I am very lucky.. but on the other hand (knock on wood) my phone is going strong after 5 years, which in todays world makes it old.. not that I care really.. it does the job and I see no reason to replace it till I need to do so.. but I will be honest, I also grab hubby’s phone for certain things as its newer and I can get better photos and video’s with it.

I was gifted a go pro as a thank you gift for a job well done and I will need to learn about it and see what I can do in that regards as well.. Well, other then that, what can I say. we followed up on what I had talked about, teeth cleaned, new glasses done, some prepping while the items are in stock, some topping of stock used and the day to day grind moves on..

How are you things with you? Did March come in like a lamb or lion in your neck of the woods? Things still nice and quiet in your area in regards to Covid? Have you been enjoying winter? What is your snow cover like? Have you been out Birding in the past weeks..

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Raven Picking out wool and dry felting it for travel

What a amazing thing to happen today.. I was in the kitchen and a flash of black caught my eye by the sheep flock out eating hay that I can see from out the living room window..

Raven on sheeps back


Sorry for some of the photos, It was a very long distance even for my camera and it was though the living room glass but I knew that this was a WOW and I really seeing this moment..

Raven collecting wool directly from the sheep

Picking the best wool bits

and here comes the WOW.. double wow.. the raven is dry felting these wool bits into a travel ball! Weaving each bit into the ball, pulling up and shaking it to fluff and then working in more bits.. look at the size difference!

Raven dry felting the wool into a travel ball

Dry felting the wool into a travel ball

Here comes his mate? He or she hopped off the sheep and gifted the wool ball to the other bird on the sheep pathway.. I was only able to get a photo of the other bird coming in for a landing, they were moving to fast from such a distance that I was not able to get more then black blurs in the trade off..

while it is very common for birds to collect the shed under coat of dogs, cats, horses’ and my shed hair sheep wool, its it normally done off the ground, off the rubs spots on trees or branches.. Lots of peaple brush out their dogs winter coats and put it out for the birds..

This is the firest time I have ever seen a raven go on the sheep, carefully select the best wool bits it wants and then collect them into a pile and then pick up and weave the bits into a wool ball that is well enough made that it was handed off to its mate? and flown away with?

Have you ever seen this? For that have sheep, directly on the sheep, carefully taking each wool shed out and then piling and then loosely dry felting it into a travel ball??

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Feb (Baby Greenhouse Update)

The new indoor greenhouse has been preforming its job in a outstanding way, baby salad greens by the tray have been produced.

The pea shoot have been lovely as well, cooking up with that lovely green with hits of bitterness that works so well with a nice fatty meat to eat with it.. The Pawpaw seeds have had 8 sprout to date, and we are waiting yet on 9 more.. I am hoping that we will get at least a dozen or more to go into the big pots this year, everything tell me to raise them in pots for year 1 and not plant them out in the food forest till year two.. so i will just plan and prepare the plantings spots.

I have started some of the very long starts.. Leeks and Celery has been planted out in long rows in full trays, These typically take a good while to come up, in terms of Celery, on average 3 weeks but in my new indoor greenhouse, they were fully up by day 7.. I will admit that worries me a touch on my planned timing.. everything in the greenhouse is starting and growing faster then I normally get in older set up, which means I might have some issues with spacing in regards to transplanting and fingers crossed that I can bring trays in and out from the side house greenhouse to the living room at a later point once they get to a certain size,

I was finally able to get a reasonable amount of seed starting soil and potting soil but not as much as I need, it worry’s me a touch but I will keep on it, they say they will be getting more in, and I hope they are correct, for some things once it warms up enought I might have to really make a few compost piles really hot and turn them rapidly and then screen them for soil and back to the piles..   One of the good things is that I have been able to confirm that I can get another load or two of wood based/well turned cow deep back one year old compost blend, each load is right around 22 tons and I have asked that I am ideally looking for at least two loads at 44 tons of soil/compost.. Given its age, it’s not really compost per say, it is in fact soil age wise.. but it is lovely and its water holding ability with the wood is very nice..   Plus of course my own livestock compost piles etc. 

What a lovely root system

So this weekend I needed to trainsplant my 6 week old very early tomato starts, I started with 4 seeds, three came up, they were transplanted into their pots at their first set of true leaves and they were just thriving. but it was clear that they needed to be moved to their 2 gallon pots, what a lovely root system they have and they were certainly ready to be transplanted, I did the normal trick of planting these very deep indeed, they were taken very close to their last bottom set of leaves, which will allow that lovely thick (what a thick stem these guys have) to root out.

They did a bit of a droop of couse with the man handling but they have perked up and the little greenhouse has its own spider now, I saw him or her so far I have not seen much in the way of bugs but I have seen one little something but I put a asian beetle in (what most think of a ladybug out here) and it cleaned up nicely.. the spider came on its own but i will let it stay..

I can hardly believe these are 6 week plants and I will be starting my peppers this weekend, but will be holding a number of things a extra week or two off from starting as its clear they will start and push faster then I am used to, which means they must size up an I do have limited space and i can imagine tha that the shock of going from the indoor greenhouse to the 3 season outside greenhouse will for a number of things need hardening off even more then normal.. and I already do that alot, taking them from the living room to the greenhouse for the day hours and back to the house for evening..

I think its safe to say that the patio tomato’s will next go into their 5 gallon pots and that we will have flowers and eating tomato’s in spring while I normally only have 4 to 6 inches starts 🙂 A good thing really.

On the other hand, we have snow.. we have added another 12 inches plus since my last post and we are expecting another foot easily this week yet.. the big pups are having much fun, but if we want to goin the fields you need snow shoes, ski’s or a skidoo.. Only plowed or packed trails are walkable at this time. We are not lacking snow cover this year..

Hope you are doing well?

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Freezing Sheep Colostrum

Lambing and Kidding time is here.. a great post on putting up extra colostrum when possable in case you need it..

Just another Day on the Farm

Below is a really great post on Freezing Colostrum but first a update.. I missed the post yesterday, what a day.. I was up before the sun, showered and ready to head off the farm for Eco-farm day about an hour away.

Very excited about it, lots of good talked and seminars that I was wanting to attend and even better a dear girlfriend was going to be there so a nice planned visit at lunch.. but the sheep had other idea’s, Hubby came in and said, hon. you need to check this ewe..

he was right, she needed some supportive care and I assumed that she would also be birthing pretty quickly, yes on the support, no to the quickly, and a second female yearling girl started as well

We are still waiting on the bigger female with twins and the yearling had a single stillborn lamb, so we have…

View original post 715 more words

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Changing Ocean Patterns..


Hello Folks, I truly hope that you have had some good things happen this week, we have had the local lockdown move to orange and we have a very low case count at the moment locally so we are catching up on a few things, getting our teeth cleaned/checked any worked needed, order in another set of glasses with the check done late last fall in the last break, we took the check when we could but we have held off till the new year rolled over so we could get coverage for a percentage of the cost.. which only happens every 2nd year. We also have a couple other check ups and so on that will be happening while we have the ability to do so..

There has even been some bits of good news around the world, which is nice.. can always use that.. then there has been some not so good.. what is happening in Texas right now, my friends stay safe down there and that is going to be a BIG cleanup job when that starts..

However the really big news, the longer term going to effect us, canada, and globally that came across my radar is the post I have linked to above..

It is a big long read and honesty some of it for me as a crazy long slog because they are starting and writing this from the point of view that you do not have a basic understanding of the process so i found myself struggling to get though the explaining the process to get to the good stuff.. But the bottom line is.. ITS NOT GOOD STUFF..

if they are right and it surely looks like they might be, its going to to effect our growing season all over in a many ways.. Now I do not just mean, my growing season or yours, I mean it has the ability to effect growing patterns in a number of countries..

On the larger farmer scale, to a point, you can change your crops, there are crops that do better in wetter springs, but wetter falls means higher drying costs, which rises prices over all and because so many are in line for the dryers, it means loss of crop value.. the difference between taking a human grade crop off and getting it dried properly vs having that crop stay to long in a cool wetter fall with a line up for the dryers can easily drop it down to livestock quality.

Now for us personally in terms of growing our food and for our local farmers market gardeners.. this is a HEADS UP! You really need to dig into that read (if you have the basic’s the meat starts about 50 to 60 % downward) and figure out where you are in terms of living and see how you are going to be effected I have readers all over the globe and some are going to be effected by the “warmer” wetter big nasty in the middle.. and many others are not going to have their normal milder climate due to the effects (UK overall) and then there is N.A. Again changing massively to a point on which coast line side you live on.

Someone living in Western Canada is not going to feel the same effects in such a direct way as someone living on the East coast will. I had few folks locally seem to think we would not feel much effects here in the central.. I even had one bold enough to say.. the great lake effect will moderate it..

NO.. while it will make a difference, it WILL not stop what is coming, there is a reason they are called super storms, and their reach will be MASSIVE, I do not want to consider the infrasture damage while trying to figure out help in the middle of C-19..

However for ourselves, we are now living a age that we can plan, prepare and use many garden knowledge and tools to help us continue to have a good year, maybe not a great year for everything.. but with careful planning a good year with care and work, I think its very possable.

I can not take this knowledge and use it to figure out the general overview for where you live as each of you will have your own location and your own personal micro climates and so on.

However for me on the farm, the outtake for my local area looks to be this.

Longer Cooler Spring

Overall Wetter Growing Season with overall lower heat units

Increased possablity of heavy rains

Cooler shorter fall

More Snow with at least a section of a colder winter.

Each of those factors will need to be looked at as its own and I will certainly be watching this very closely but if it continues to look like this is happening, it will effect a number of my garden plans, from how I make the beds, to placemend or even direction of swalls, to putting a couple very shallow rain gardens to more cover crops to shorter growing climbing plans and more..

If you are planning a big garden to help feed your family and to fill your pantry, I strongly recommend you give this information its due and plan accordingly.

This is my heads up.. the AMOC is changing its patterm and we are going to feel its effects globally!

Ps, I will go over all the different adjustments in the garden as those posts go up and make sure to point out, how or why I am doing them in regards to the AMOC weakening..

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Gardening Giving Thanks for the Deep Cold..

From Coast to Coast the winter cold and snow has truly arrived, breaking records in the west dropping down into the -50C, tipping into the -40 easily in alberta, sask, manatoba and so on.. even the moderate B.C. has been tipping over into cold enough for snow instead of rain.. and the east coast of canada has been cold and so much snow.

We are gearing up this morning for yet another snow storm which could easily drop a couple feet of snow on the farm, our snowblower will be getting a good work out as will the shovels, and fingers crossed that the pressure drop does not mean new lambs but it often does..

I have been hearing the general public focused on the cold in the sense of.. o winter, why, its so hard.. etc.and I get that.. for anyone that is having trouble paying the heating bills, does not have money for new winter gear or just does not have winter gear for this kind of cold, call and see if there is programs to help you, stay safe out there.

However as I listened to the radio talking about the fact that this deep cold would last days an that it would be three weeks of steady -20 or below for province after province.. a smile great on my face..

Can you guess why? Did you think because

Its Killing Cold..

Well if you did, then I know you are a gardener and might have a eco bend to you..

Yup. that smile on my face was because that kind of deep cold is going to due wonders for our forests, for our gardens, its hard enough and long enough that its going to do a great job at killing out huge swaths of invasive bugs that have been pushing up our way from the states due to our mild winters and warmer summers.

“While most Albertans despair the cold, those on the front lines of the fight against the mountain pine beetle are quietly rejoicing, said Janice Cooke, an associate professor in the University of Alberta’s department of biological sciences.

Untold numbers of young beetles are freezing to death, Cooke said.

The colder we go, the more we kill,” Cooke said in an interview Monday with CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM.

“We’ve been very fortunate this year; the cold snap that we’ve had has been particularly vicious where the outbreak is of most concern and that’s not only in Jasper National Park, but beyond the park gates towards Hinton.”

News – Alberta’s cold snap likely decimated mountain pine beetle – The Weather Network

While I do believe in a very active bio yard and of course the birds need those bugs and catapillers, even the mostly seed eating adult birds need lots of higher protein creepy critters to feed their young on, I am still going to do a little happy yes as I know that this deep cold is helping control some of the local “pest” populations in my yards and area.

Its a good reset for the bugs that have over the generations adapted to our climate and it will help kill off a good percentage of those that have been in a growth pattern due to the milder winters we have been having locally..

What do you see less of in the yard or gardens or bush on the years after a really good hard deep winter freeze?

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