Farmgal’s Photography Jan 17th

What a week for photos! I had some lovely sunny days.. cold but sunny!

We had a little trip to friends place a few hours from our farm

and its quite different in landscape and these photos reflect it


The Little Black Caps are getting bold and relaxed when I am around but not so much when they see the farm cats.. good choice!

We have had cold days, snowy days, drifting days.. All work together to give you different ways of seeing things..

Only 63 days till spring and as bitter, cold and snowy as it is outside there are pretty blooms in my house. A reminder of what will be..

I am just loving the building of my albums, I will have some outstanding choices for coming projects in 2019! This week has a wide range.. might be harder to pick your favorite.. maybe.. everyone on facebook is mad about Caleb’s amazing eye photo!


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Tracking Drift Patterns on your Homestead.

One of the very first things any gardener or homesteader should be doing to watching where the winds come from, how they move around your home, yard, barns and of course your garden sites.

Second to this is the water patterns that come with spring run off and or rains.. The way the winds blow and how they move though your yards and gardens will work with the water.

I loved this stunning example of wind I snapped.. the one side had a tree splitting the wind drift and the other did not.. I am willing to bet you can figure out which was which?

Ah, hedge rows.. you have been a blessing for 100’s and 100’s of years.. In Alberta where I was raised you can see the lines of tree’s.. They used mainly Siberian Pea, O I loved to pick those tiny flowers in the spring and suck that bit of sweetness from the very end.

I think I have nibbled on 1000’s of those flowers over the years, when you get further north, spruce becomes the tree of choice and when you move down south, the scrub willow and long winding lanes of native Chokeberries, Saskatoon and Pin Cherries would show themselves.

These were special places to me as a child because they were you hid from the bitter and biting winds, the never-ending blowing wind of the prairie.

I had one of my most magic moments of my life sitting deep under a massive old spruce tree, I had crawled under it for shelter while I was up high on a ridge that over looked a lovely valley up in the Hinton Alberta Area and I watched a nice buck cross into the valley.. I watched until he moved out of site and I was just enjoying being one in that spot..

When he appears up the hill coming right up on the same little trail I had followed down to find this spot. I watched as he walked up and just head on down that trail, I moved as slow as I could, and just reached out with just one arm.. and when he pushed past those spruce tips, he brushed past my finger tips at the same time..

Never should have happened, Never would happen again.. but it was just so perfect in that moment! I have never forgotten it.

When it comes to our gardens, our yards and our homesteads, we can and should use what nature shows us to give a helping hand. Only we want straight lines, cleared open spaces and never ending views..

Nature gives us nook’s and valleys, it gives us wind breaks and ridges, it gives us low spots, damp spots, high and dry spots, it gives us full sun, part shade and full shade.  It gives us hedges that slow the snow and holds it in place to help give us that water we will need to grow and thrive..

It gives us the ground cover to not just create soil but to hold soil in place.. Wind has always been a favorite of mine but I know that Wind is a trickster in many ways..

It loves to play with the trees, and they have it right.. enjoy the winds but sink your roots down deep and you will go far.

I say the same for us.. learn what we have and then figure out how to work with it, and how to use the same tricks as nature does to create your micro climates, your wind breaks.

One of things that I do on the farm is that I have many small garden spots all over the farm yard.. I will just put a garden here and there.. some are only spring gardens, some are full time gardens and some are late season..

The plants need different things at different times and sometimes it just easier to move the seeds then to fight to make it all work in one place..

Interplant with wind in mind..

Your Plants will thank you

Your soil will thank you

Your yields will thank you!

So if you have not already done so.. start tracking where you winds are coming from, how they move around your landscape, and start planning on how to work with them, instead of against them 🙂

Please consider heading on over to the other blogs that are part of the challenge, you can find a link to the main page on the side bar of my website and it will have a full listing of all the bloggers in the challenge.  They have some GREAT posts out this week..

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FarmGal’s For Hire Shingle is Out for 2019

Hello Folks,

I finally got my Farmgal For Hire Page Updated for 2019

Thank you to everyone that has hired me over to talk about Permaculture, Gardening, Raising Rabbits, Backyard Chickens, Raising Chicks 101, Growing Fodder for small Live Stock, Working with Creepy Crawlies, How to start and run a worm bin, Composting for the backyard gardener.

Pricing Free(for certain community groups) Standard speaking 45 to 1.30 hours $100 to #200 depending on event and numbers and how much gear or samples I need to bring with me.

New for 2019

Wild for Wild Pollinators!

A combined talk on Mason Bee’s, Leaf Cutter Bee’s, Native pollinators and If you plant it, they will come! Included in the talk will be hands on views of common bee hotels and their pro’s and cons with them, how to make a bee water spot in your yard.  

I have worked hard on this new talk and I will offer a number of them for travel costs only to non-profit community groups.. I look forward to promoting my love for the local wild pollinators.

Coming Soon

Living Soils

Half day speaking events are available.. Price is flexible based on what is wanted but start at $200 and upward from there.

I love my hands on training classes as well, Teaching Water Bath Canning, Teaching Pressure Canning, Bread Making, Yogurt and Cheese Making, How to make cold process Soap, How to make your own homemade Salves.

Hands on Classes average 20 to 40 per person depending again on what group (sliding prices available) and if I am working with others that will be presenting on the same day, if it’s just me.. $40 to $80 per person for a tailored in-depth class.

I look forward to hearing from you in regards to booking me for local community groups and events!

Do you want a smaller group where you know everyone?

Hire me to work a party at your home?

Three hours training session available for $200 hundred for up to 4 people.. each extra person is $50. I will work with you to custom create the ideal morning or afternoon training session.

Want to learn how to make the most amazing sour dough bread.. Always wanted to learn how to make light flaky pie crusts? Want to learn how to scale up your recipes for canning purposes?

Want to learn how to make jelly (its more tricky then you think) or want to take a much-loved family jam recipe and not only learn how to make it but have it gone over to update if needed to make it safe to todays current canning standards?

Want to learn how to make homemade cold process soap? or a healing salve?

Garden or Farm Consult

There are two main types of garden consults available but there is lots of flexibility

Over the phone or computer consult.

Got a certain issue that you want to talk about.. you can send me photos, or a short video to watch for the area? You can do follow-up in the same way..
Great! I am open to giving a helping hand in this way across your gardening or small farm needs.

Price $50 an hour (with one full follow-up written report of what I am recommending) and two short, five to ten minute follows if needed to tweak idea’s and make sure you have great success!

Repeat clients get a discount at 40 per hour.

This is available across Canada by phone and by Facebook/Skype across N.A.

Close enough to have me come in person?

I would love to give you my thoughts and help you create a successful plan to move things forward in a successful way that meets your goals, your dreams and your needs!

1 or 2 hour consults available within an hour of the farm. $100 dollars per hour, includes travel costs and a follow-up report and up to 3 10 to 15 minutes follow ups as needed by phone, Facebook or email.

Half Day consults

Morning or Afternoon are available

3 hours $200 per half day including travel costs (within a hour of the farm) and Follow up report and up to 3 10 to 15 minute Follow ups as needed by phone, Facebook or email.

Because Travel time adds up fast, I do give a discount in regards to the longer Half Day Consults. While it allows us to cover more subject matters and allows us to have a more relaxed pace that can work better for retaining more information.

You are welcome to combine two half days if you really want to go over a number of things on your garden/farm in combo. Max amount of hours is 6 hours with at least a hour’s break for me to recoup/relax and just visit over a lunch

I will travel further then a hour from the farm but I will need to look at and figure out travel costs. Full amount will be shared when hired so there is no Surprises at all

All prices are in Canadian dollars

Photos and Notes are highly recommended but video taping me while talking is NOT allowed without express permission given for personal use only!

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Sheep Milking in 2019

I love my milking Sheep. If I had to choose between owning a good milking sheep or a goat, I am ALWAYS going to pick my sheep.

While the volume is not as much as a dairy goat, the fact that sheep milk has such a larger amount of proteins, it does not matter.. you will still get the same amount of rich creamy yogurt, amazing Ice cream, outstanding soft farmers Cheese or Hard Feta Cheese in a lovely salt brine. I even have skimmed cream off the top and made sheep butter.

The best part, your sheep ram does not stink or pee on himself like a goat buck will..  Not having that stink around is huge to me..

Having said that, I keep ending up with goats over the years lol.. I think its because I love having a goat or two on the farm. There is times where I think I should just get a nice weather and train it as a hauling/pack/cart boy just so I have one on the farm..

The biggest issue with having milking girls is that you need to milk twice a day ideally which means that you are after the first milking, pulling the babies to be bottle feed or you are milking once a day and co-sharing with the baby or babies.

I do tend to co-share most of the time, it works well, once the babies get to be weaning size, I can move over to full time milking for the rest of the milking season.  I have always hand milked the girls and this works well for me.. I started hand milking and having my own goats at the age of 8 so its muscle memory to me.

However it locks me to the farm in a crazy way because hubby does not milk well, he tries and it never works.. and I can not teach him a way that gets the job done..  We have tried to work on this for years and nope!

This year we are taking our “honeymoon 20 years later” and we will have a full time live on the farm sitter for the two weeks we are gone. This means that either I need to find a work around for the milking and or have a VERY short milking season and or buy a new milker to bring in after I am back..


Buy a auto milker..  yup.. after 15 years of milking by hand on the farm, I am now the proud owner of a fancy steel goat/sheep two teat only plug in power milker with pulse built in.

I have not had anyone freshen so I can’t give any thoughts on how it works yet or on how interesting it will be to train the girls to it. I will have to change a number of things. I normally milk on a stand in the big barn but I will have to pull the house milking ewe out of the main flock and set up the milking area in the Croft as the Croft has power and the Big Barn does not.

No sheep likes to live alone and I can’t keep her lambs with her.. this means that I will need to have two house milk ewes this year so they can be their own little flock of two and that I will have bottle babies.

Still I want to have more freedom this year and in the coming years and this will allow me to have someone come in to do chores now and again. It will allow me to go away for a couple days to seminars and have hubby do the milking while I am gone. and it will allow my farm sitter to milk while I am gone.

Do you still milk by hand? or do you have a powered milker?

This post is part of the Self Reliance Challenge Jan 2019. There is a link on the side bar of the main website, please go check out what the other awesome bloggers are up to!



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Self Reliance Bloggers Mega Giveway -Canadian

Self Reliance Bloggers Mega Giveaway!

The Canadian Version Eh!

(remember if you live in the United States, please head over to the USA post to enter)

Hello Dear Canadian Readers of my blog.. This give away is for you (minus Quebec readers.. sorry).

I am thrilled to share this amazing prize package with you and I can’t wait to see which of one of you wins it!

Prizes are as follows.

Two friends. Five months. One car. Ten provinces. Three territories. Seven islands. Eight ferries. Two flights. One 48-hour train ride. And only one call to CAA. The result: over 100 incredible Canadian recipes from coast to coast and the Great White North. In the midst of a camping trip in Squamish, British Columbia, Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller decided that the summer of 2013 might be the right time for an adventure. And they knew what they wanted that adventure to be: a road trip across the entire country, with the purpose of writing about Canada’s food, culture, and wealth of compelling characters and their stories. 37,000 kilometres later, and toting a “Best Culinary Travel Blog” award from Saveur magazine, Lindsay and Dana have brought together stories, photographs and recipes from across Canada in Feast: Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road Trip

Supported by Farmgal  Prize Valued at 35.oo

Supported by Misty Morning Farm prize 25 Dollar card

Prize Value 25 dollars

Supported by Farmgal’s Mason Bee’s.. Head on over to facebook and check out the page and if you want to.. give it a like and see all the news for the coming Mason Bee Adventure over 2019 and beyond.

Total Prize Value 10.45

A great copy of Bernardin’s Home Preserving Book. In Canada, Bernardin’s is in the canning world, what the blue book is in the states.. I own this book and promote it in my canning workshops and highly recommend their larger versions as well.

Prize Supported by the Ottawa and Area Canning Group

Prize value $10.00

An amazing Gift Package from Adagio Naturals.  

Thank you so much for your support. I will admit that I do use her products and I am often a tester for this and that over the years! All Natural..

Product Valued at 41.50

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By entering this giveaway you are accepting the terms and conditions of this sweepstakes giveaway.



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The self Reliance Bloggers Mega Givaway -USA

Self Reliance Bloggers Mega Giveaway! -USA

I joined forces with some amazing bloggers for the month of January to share our experience and adventures in self reliance. We are trying new projects, working on self reliance at home, stretching our skills, and sharing it all with our readers. Did I mention that we are having a LOT of fun doing it?

Not to mention that we are hosting a Mega Giveaway of awesome prizes that will all go to one lucky winner! We’ll pay shipping and sales tax, all you have to do is enter for a chance to win! How cool is that?!

I’m really enjoying getting to know all of the wonderful bloggers taking part in the challenge and the giveaway…I hope you stop by and check out their blogs.

Hello to all my USA readers, please head over to Lisa’s Blog for all the details.. and then get busy entering..!! A huge shout out to Lisa for all her hard work and for all the outstanding bloggers that gave or supported the prizes!

Now, About That Giveaway…

We got together to sponsor a whole bunch of great prizes! There are a ton of ways to enter for chances to win, too. The more entries you complete, the greater your odds of winning.

The first two entry options are things you can do every day to earn entry points…and it’s completely free! You don’t have to buy anything to enter, and purchasing a product throught one of our affiliate links will not increase your odds of winning. Simple right?

Giveaway begins at 6am CST on January 14th and ends at 6pm CST on January 26th, 2019.

Total value of prize package is $199.31….that’s almost $200 worth of self reliance goodies that will go to one lucky person!

Coming soon.. I will have the Canadian giveaway up today..  so that’s on the same timing, I was picking up presents as late as last night and still need to get nice daylight photos 🙂

For our Canadian Readers, please visit Farm Gal over at Just Another Day on the Farm for her giveaway for Canadian citizens! As soon as her giveaway is live, I’ll update this post with a link so you can enter easily. (I apologize to my Canadian readers for leaving you out of this giveaway, but your laws are quite a bit different than ours in the USA and it isn’t feasible for us to open our giveaway to Canadian citizens.)




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Dogwood Photography Week 2

Dogwood Photography Challenge Week 2

This is the official Photo..

Week 2 challenge was to use rule of thirds to show motion.. We had some fun on a private land that took us to a small lake that gave some great open space to create this photo.

Here is my runner up photos!

This a friends lovely pup heading up a hill

Leeloo on the hunt.. love her great focus on this one..

All three do have perfectly marked rule of thirds, just at different points in the grid.. I enjoyed this weeks challenge very much..

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Hedges.. o hedges.. make it so..

I am ordering in 100 new cedar babies from the county tree program this year and will do  hundred more next years is the plan, and I have swack of native black willow whips to move over and start them going for a pollarding project to increase massively my tree hay..

The rest of the layers will come from local natural sources on Farmer R  hay fields or forest bush edges combined with me starting lots of baby for transplanting out and over for backfilling.

Very excited about this up and coming rural skills working network here in ontario

In 2018-19 the project continues, to explore the uses of hedgerows, hedgelaying and rural skills in scoio-ecological contexts. Jim Jones, Visiting Scientist at the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience and an ecologist, hedgelayer and green woodworker from the UK, is working with the project offering advice and delivering workshops on hedgerows, hedgelaying and other traditional rural skills and acting us a ‘curator’ of this new space.

Ontario Rural Skills Network (ORSN)
The HOL project is building on the hedgelaying demonstrations undertaken in 2016 by developing a series of small craft-scale, traditional woodland management and production activities as revenue streams in terms of both products and training/leisure services. These will include greenwood work/bodging, basket making, scything, coppicing, pollarding, bow making, and artisan charcoal making.

I am very excited to watch this space for coming workshops and also to consider working with them and considering having a workshop on the farm to putting in a new mixed hedge row. It sure would make things happen faster with extra hands..

I am also thinking of getting in touch with them and having a chat about skills I could offer to teach classes.. we will see..

Lee Valley tools has some amazing tools that will be of great help in regards to my hedge row building and pollarding the bill hook

as well as a outstanding new to me cane cutter. for regular cutting and clean up it well worth giving this try, adding in a way to keep on top of the wild fruiting cane and expect it will also work to thin out wild roses as well

This was as far as I had gotten in this post and out came C5 newest post.. about tools, hedging and so on..

Now I have to admit that I did chuckle to read C5’s latest post, because we had not talked about it but once again great minds think alike and at times and we are both planning, working and expanding our hedges this year.. the fact that we also got some of the same older fashion tools should not really surprise me either.

Adding in Green Mountain Research Centers Direct comments to this post

“Hey everyone. I do love when people… think I am an expert in anything. LOL. I’m amazed how many people quote ‘C5″ now days. “Let us use commas and semicolons with reckless abandon”.
I thought I would send a note on your willows. The big thing I didnt take into account is the deer. Fresh buds is what the want more than grass. They stay away from the dogs near the house but the cheaky buggers will come right up during the night.
I have to go back to some of my willow planting and put a temporary fence up any place dear graze to convince them not to top what I planted, until the plants can get over nibbling height. Its just going to be some stakes and recycled twine from hay bales we refuse to throw away…like any good bag lady. It wont stop the deer. Im just convincing the deer to go someplace easier.
I did this before with some volunteer cherry trees by putting a dead hedge around it as a temporary fence. I have to fill it with left over branches each year to make up for it decomposing…but it is working. A couple more years and I can tear the dead hedge down. You really see the difference. On one side, its nibbled down. The other side is taking over. The deer could hop over but its just easier to walk around and nibble elsewhere.”

I will very interested in see how his projects go and I will be sharing mine and I will be doing my best to get that to a training session with the expert that is from over seas and pick is head for ways to make what I have work, I can keep doing the hedges, they are coming but extra eyes and skills bump great.. proper teach for pollarding.. priceless and so needed!”

I will be starting my hedge row rose seeds soon, I want them to act as a very pretty ouchy wall but equally, I want those hips available for harvest :).. soon.. soon another three weeks..


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Vertical Veggies and Fruits

Creative Gardening Techniques for Grow up in small spaces Book Review

I love this book! It gets a solid 5 out of 5 from me..  and I see that it has a solid 4.7 out of 5 on amazon.. there is a reason for that.. it’s just a great book.

I bought the book myself, it was not gifted, you can click on the link to the book and it will NOT give me anything.. I got no reward of any kind for this review.. its just mine.

Its got all the basic ways to use vertical grow up, its got a nice selection of traditional ways to build and use them. It also has a non traditional chapter with more funky things.. they are cute and would work for a backyard but they all have a flaw in regards to getting the best results.

The meat of the book as far as I am consider is the fact that the it goes into detail on all kinds of different climbing plants from the normal things like beans/pea’s and cucumbers, but into squash and melons, tomato’s and there is a lovely basic area on fruiting canes and grapes as well.

However there is one little flaw in this book just a touch.. its focused on small backyard gardens.. but its got all the bones to it..

We are going to take those bones and we are going to come back to the book for the smaller backyard recommends and their photos, and then I am going to scale it up!

It sounds easy right.. we will just scale it up.. and it can be to point.. however there are challenges to scaling up to a feed your family, there is challenges when you are using heritage seeds that can have different things needed for them.

While we all adore that different heritage seeds can produce plants that are tougher, more zoned in and with amazing different flavours.. they also can be all over the place in terms of the tweeks required to grow them at their most successful.

Standard seeds tend to middle of the road growers, which works great for many years and for many folks.. its nice to have a good solid understanding of row sizing and spacing.. I have learned that when I am working with Heritage, they can come in pretty un-standard.

I have had packaging tell me 4 feet and they grew 10 to 12 feet when given the chance. I have had other tell me that they need less or more space. Sometimes its the packaging but just as often is that the plants are just not “bred” as tight.

I think many of us are going to be working on scaling up our returns out of the garden this year and for the years to come.  I will link back to this post on the different posts as I want to give credit to the book each time as the starting point 🙂

I am also going to make it a little fun.. I am going to give my email address in spring and ask that anyone who makes any these send me photos to share in the posts and hopefully we can all make a few things this spring, report back and show our fall results.




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Friday Rambles around the table “Cold”

Quick, Quick come in.. I hope you put your cold weather kit in car.. its -34 out there today so your winter gear and kits should be topped up before you even think about heading out on the roads at the moment.

Here lets get your layers off.. did you know that Ottawa is the coldest capital in the world today?  I know right.. that’s just crazy but its on the news..

Ya, I know I have lights on. its cold enough that I am keeping the heavy drapes pulled on all the windows to help keep that deep cold out.. I do have double paneled windows and while they are getting on twenty years now so I know at some point they will need to be updated right now they are doing their job well..

The wind chill is brutal, time to break out the full ski-doo suits just to do chores..

I will get the kettle on and I have banana bread today as well as some lovely navel oranges.. they had 8 pound boxes on sale this week.

Opps, sorry about the cone on Marie.. she runs it into everything still.. hopefully she will get better at wearing it over the next while.

Speaking of the cold.. its that time of year again.. last week there were two more barn fires any time there is deep hard cold. It seems like we will hear of a barn fire.  Its a good thing to run over your winter fire prevention check list..

How are you? Did you overload yourself in these first few weeks of new year, I did.. I am blocking in time to get everything done, all I have to say is thank goodness the farm is in the slower down time right now.. I will get the month done but then I am going to slow down on a few things online.

I have to admit that I am really loving taking my photos and can see that this will be a very fun thing to do over the year.. I am enjoying my workouts and getting ready for spring hiking trips. I have not started carrying the gear yet, I am still just carrying me so far.

I am going to get some help with my knee so that ideally I can get it to be stronger, this will be awesome for garden/farm, hiking and riding for 2019.

I am still working on a few posts, who knew that it would take that long to write a post on seeds to buy.. I keep getting one or two more seeds added to the list at a time before I break and go do other things.

Its been a good week in many ways, its also been a week where my edge might be showing a touch.. maybe it is.. its hard to find the right balance at times. Sometimes I want to push harder on things on the blog then are others and I will admit that I am working on balance, I want to keep some things positive.. I do firmly believe that we can do things that will help us in short term and possible long term in regards to dealing with challenges that I feel everyone but the 1 percent will feel.

I am booked for events to learn at, I am booked at events to teach, I am expanding sharing my knowledge and I am seeking those to learn from.

The flip side is that if you are paying attention the news coming out is being backed by data in a clearer and clearer way and none of it is looking good.. This makes me want to “shout” yo! you reading this.. you listening! and… and…

Life at the moment moves on..  and I take my camera out and remember to find joy in the small things..

I am working on finding balance between sharing on the net and doing in real life.. I believe both have great value but I think I am coming down on the 70 percent doing and 30 percent sharing mode. At least that is where I am right now.. adjustments could be made as the year goes on.. Spring and Harvest.. I am sure we will spill over into 80 to 90 percent doing and 10 percent sharing.. it happens every year.

I am putting on looking for a second vehicle for just a little while.. we really do not need it for most of the hard winter and so I will just sock away that extra that we are not spending on having two towards buying the next one. I will need it by spring and later in the year to be able to make my “jobs” off the farm come together in a nice way.

How are you doing on finding your balance at the moment? Just rocking it? Needs tweeking? Not working for you?


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