Lots of Firewood and more


If you live in N.A. then you are most likely aware that we have had some big storms..  We were given lots of notice that this massive slow moving storm was coming. When they started talking about the trough basicly being a level 3 hurricane winds. It was time to get prepped ahead an assume that we would be without power. Extra water pulled for livestock and house use, feed shifted and prepped, sheep had just been moved into their winter barn two weeks ago.  Hubby did the last of the wanted but not needed shopping for the holidays, laundry was full caught up and we hunkered down.

It was a good call, the storm came, the winds blew in the opposite direction then normal, this proved to a very big deal indeed, both in drifting formations of the heavy wet snow and also in how the 110 plus KM winds hit and pushed. 

We lost three massive trees(two of which you can see above that thankfully did not come down on the building) and we will need to take down the rest of one big one that split, half is down and half is still up but will have to come down. These are massive old Norway Maples, I will call it a massive blessing that we only lost one 12 by 1 inch board and some big chain link fencing panels, the rest will be taken down to get access to the other half of the one tree. 

One of the other massive ones was out by the Big Barn in the Big Pasture, and it appears to have taken out the old red shed.  We had already emptied and had started the pull down of that older building so nothing was damaged there, it will just mean that we have to deal with the tree before we can finished the pull down and rebuild, that shed has a lovely cement floor and deep below frost line cement root cellar, We will be building a new expanded shed over the floor. 

We have the equipment and horse power to do most of the tree, but I will have to hire out to get big cores cut and moved, some of the biggest will be made into slabs, which will be used in a number of ways up to an including making new benches for the different food forests, the larger limbs will go into a mix of firewood and garden structures, then next layer down a mix of firewood and garden edging, the next size down will go into a blend of garden projects, wood chips and some kindling, last but not least the rest will go into a bush pile


We did lose power as expected and it was good, we used the shuttle chefs and just kept on. The snow kept coming and the winds kept blowing, drifts grew and after 48 hours working, the county pulled the snow plows for 12 hours even though many local roads were not in fact cleared yet. See local example of road down the way with a 5 foot drift over the road, where they needed to use their sled to do their farm chores.

Despite local warnings, despite OPP warnings to please stay home and off the roads, so many peaple still tried to keep their Christmas plans and so the local 417, 138 and more were full bumper to bumper as folks went off into ditches and flipped rigs and more. The Highways were closed, the 401 biggest highway was closed from Coburg to the Quebec border. 


Our local county was one of two that declared a state of emergency and the area’s in towns accessable up and down the 417 highway were opened up into warming centers for strained peaple overnight and served breakfast.  Huge shout out to the local fire department, the local community that stepped up and helped hundreds stranded and in need of help. True showing of the Christmas spirit (even I personally think those that went out and were on the roads where as Red from that’s 70’s show loves to say.. Dumb-%ss

Very sadly the news is coming out that there have been deaths both here in our own country and also in the states in regards to both loss of vehicle controls and due to extreme weather. While I do not understand why they were out on the roads, I am truly sad that life’s where lost. 

Where you in the path of any of the recent storms? How did you do? Any damage on the farm?  I hope you had a safe holiday in whatever form it took.


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Giving the gift of food.


Just like my feathered friends in the yard, I have focused on gifting food this year over gifting store bought stuff gifting.  I brought in 5 extra turkey pullets on my own order for the year and I raised them as the big gift for certain friends.   I knew that with the bird flu issues we had in 2022 across the whole country would effect the costs and availability to Christmas turkeys this year.

I just gifted out my first one last night and ” the joy and the I love that this gift was how long in the making, me five months lol) I am going to enjoy knowing that there will families gathering around the table that will be enjoy well raised healthy birds on their table.

Other meat gifts this year include Leg of Lamb, Duck, Chicken, and Grass Fed Beef and Farm Fresh Eggs.  


While I am not doing any baking this year (I was planning on doing some but my health at this time will prevent me from doing so) but thankfully I can still offer up some jams, jellies and other canned goodies.  

I am only doing this with folks who I can trust to bring me back my jars! or in some cases, they just hand me empty jars of the same kind and size when I gift them. This works for me as well.  Jars are very costly these days and the new ones are not comparable to the good ones, I did point in fact buy a case or two of the smaller jam jar sizes of the cheaper walmart golden brand, just for gift giving.


My  Thanksgiving, High Bush Cranberry Jelly is a huge favorite. As is my Elderberry or Black Chokeberry.  This year I also did a spiced pear jam that is delightful!

I did not “buy” anyone gifts this year, they either got Photography or Food gifts. As for hubby and myself, we have agreed to mainly a foodie christmas and new years, with each of us having a small budget for one gift gotten off the farm if desired.

Given I have just gotten out of the hospital and that I am under strict orders to hide myself away carefully at the farm during my recovery time and to not expose myself in this weaken state, we will not be having many if any guests. 

So how is your Christmas plans coming? Focused more on family then gifts? Focused more on really good meals and visiting? then big outings or holiday travel? Did you move to more homemade smaller gifts this year? Are you gifting anything from the homestead or small garden or your pantry?  

Do you think peaple are more open to homemade or handmade this year? 



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Well didn’t see that coming, what a Flu!

I was certainty hoping to share amazing wonderful Christmas related content this week, so here is your cute kitten and dear hubby photo lol


This was my most popular backdrop an set up for my photography sessions and I am sure you can see why that Christmas Red Truck looks just amazing and I adore this photo of Dear Hubby being my Model while I worked the lighting and of course Sir Lazslo the Catling just adds to the photo in such a sweet way.  I have a goal in mind to take more photo of both of us over the coming year and yes that includes me.. 


I can’t say that I like this one as much as others have but I will share it none the less.  This was a different backdrop and a lovely friend took my camera and took this for me.  I have decided that I need to be a bit more willing to do some of my own, not always hiding behind the camera. 

So I caught type A influenza and I went from my quiet putter with naps slowly feeling better, getting stronger, to hey its tuesday, I feel off and tired, huh, to weds, I have a stuffy nose and sore throat, think I might be getting a cold, to thursday in bed sicker then can be to early friday morning calling 911 and being rushed to the emerg and coming into day 4 of full isolation unit, and a crazy host of amazing drugs, Iv’s and life giving 02, which at one point got up to 10mil/liter which trust me is higher then they want and I was weaned off and down but will still be on for a good number of days yet.  

I hope to be out by the end of the week or at least by early next week, fingers crossed yes.  As the nurses say, I am young and I am strong and I am responding well (all true) but that I need to be careful and slow as this local version has hit like a freight train and it hit me but good. 

Now sometimes things do come with silver lines and in this case, the wonderful doctor I got took a good hard look at my files and said, where did you move from and I went hmm,  and she is like, I can only find issues going back over the past two years and then nothing,  

Me, ah, I didn’t move here, I have been here coming on 20 years this spring and the reason it only goes back that far is because that’s when I started needing help.. to which she went hmm..  shit certianly hit the fan health wise for you.. 

So the good news is that she has order a host of checks, tests, ultrasounds and CT scans and so on to do a full work an check up moving off what was done in aug/sept when I was in the hospital last time in an out twice with covid and my first Asthma attack.

Its not a bad thing to have these things checked and done and to get at a min full on baselines, ability to compare now to three months ago and maybe some answers. 

Not quite how I planned on spending my time this close to christmas, but you take each day as it comes!

I truly hope none of you my dear readers gets this flu and if you do, get care promptly if you can. For all my healthy readers out there, have a wonderful week indeed. 

PS, a big thank you to all the nurses and doctors and health support staff in all ways that are coming in daily and getting it done.. Bless you all!

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Finally! The Maverick


Well, after close to full years wait, our truck finally arrived on the farm. So far, we have been very pleased with it, Its already done loads of feed, hauled in loads of different items for planned winter projects, the cover has been taken off and loaded up with crates and turkeys to be hauled to the butcher. 

Yes, this year both the chickens and the turkeys went to be butchered off farm because my health and related issues have made that this was the better choice. I have mixed feelings on it to be honest. It was one of those times my wants (home butcher has many factors I perfer) that crashed hard against get it done.  Its very much been a get it done year.

The birds are a prime example of get it done.  I didn’t raise slow growers, I didn’t raise heritage, I bought White Meat chicks and I had them all done at 9 weeks right to the day, I didn’t buy or hatch or raise heritage turkeys support small local breeders this year, I bought Mini Classic Turkey mix sex pullets from Freys and I took them in to be done at 12 weeks to the day. 

We had a very good year, I have heard from a lot of other folks they did not, they had bad losses, I am honestly not sure why. We did not, we had no chick issues, we had no leg or heart issues, we had very small loss only during a storm where we lost power for days and the very weakest chicken went due to the lack of heat lamp.  It was no surprise to me that the inspectors, look at mine and told me that they were outstanding birds and that they passed with flying colors. Nice to hear I guess but much more important that I know it. 

We only raised spring and fall this year for fowl, you can’t successfully raise without issues and or planning for it in the heat and even with trees and pasture and more, I know a number of local folks that pasture/free raise that had summer heat loss. They will learn, either move the raising times or buy more babies and budget in the heat deaths on the bottom lines.

the small car is still the best choice for gas, and it is a lovely tiny hatchback and can be used for a number of things when packed right.  We had the old car hauled away for scrape and so the farm is going into winter and the coming years with two new or newer vehicles.  Both are in many ways bare bones in terms of fancy stuff and that suits us just fine, less issues to break ideally. 

As the local dealerships are starting to fill in the back orders, we have also seen a crazy rash of vehicle thefts to the point that they are recommending that you put your cheaper or less likely to be taken vehicle to block in the new ones, clean out your garage and put your vehicle in it, local your gates and so on.  So far, our little truck is not on the published most wanted list thankfully.

We will see how it does on its first winter and coming year. So far so good.  I will admit that I am glad that we should be set for a good while now as I feel that the coming years will not be a good time to find a good deal on a second hand locally or at the dealerships.



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Narragansett Turkeys

Whistle Hen is a staple here on the farm, She is a delightful bird, sweet, never moments worry about her around us or visitors. Even in breeding season she is just more friendly, coming to sit at our feet and get petted. The only time she is peeky is when she is sitting on a nest or raising very young ones. Even then when given a choice, she will always choose passive moving away to give space.


Her mate was just as a good tempered and when we lost him, we just kept her as a single turkey, I mean as the free-range flock, she just joined in with the chickens. She raised me Clutch after Clutch of self-hatched Turkey Pullets and much to my surprise, she hatches and raises chicken chicks very successfully.  Its funny as all get out to watch her three- or four-year-old chicken hens tuck themselves under her big wings in the depth of winter.


This past week on my facebook memories, it came up that we had gotten the Breeding set 7 years ago and they were 3 years old and proven breeders when I bought them. That makes her 10 years old right now and 11 years in early spring of 2023. She is still laying eggs, still sitting her clutch and still raising  chicks. She has actively free ranged during the day with put up at night for years with no extra help in staying alive when it comes to the odd Fox, Coon, Fisher, Coywolf or Bald Eagle.

Reading up on the breed, they say that they can reach the age of 14. Perhaps Whistle will reach that milestone and go even longer. I have put the word out that I am looking for a new tom and a new hen or some pullets in the spring. I think it might be a very good idea indeed to see if there is any chance at all that she still has viable eggs and to get her genes into future generations for both myself and for other small farmers. 

What is the oldest Heritage Turkey on your small holding or farm? I have successsfully hatched healthy chicks from 8 or 9 year old chicken hens and so fingers crossed that I can get viable eggs in the spring from her, if not at least she can be counted on to raised them.

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Laszlo and Littlebit Introducing!

Life moves daily if not written about on the blog. This summer we sadly lost Faith, it was sudden, and it was so sad, she was just 8-year-old and that is not nearly long enough, she is greatly missed, I have a huge watercolor painting of her done. She is missed every single day.  Henry cat was going downhill, showing his age in many ways and it was not a surprise that he did not wake up on morning.


It was not so much planned as it just happened that two siblings needed a soft landing and they have joined our farm. They will need to be indoor kittens for the winter and get their vet care and altering but in the grand plan of things our farm cat’s numbers have stayed the same.  I have had long hair farm cats and I made sure they were short hair because honestly, it’s a lot of work to keep a long hair cat in good shape on the farm, they are forever getting things stuck in their fur.


Laszlo is the male kitten with more black on his nose and upper face, a stocky build and a very calm steady quiet thinking type. He is in many ways like my husband lol


Littlebit is bold, always the first out, the first into things but also fast to react, wary in some ways, totally fearless in others, game to try new things and when she gives it, she goes!  She reminds me of me in many ways. 

They are full on go when they are awake and then crash and sleep, it’s a good thing they have each other to play with but even though they were raised in a chicken coop they were very well handled by the children of the farm they were born to and so they come running when you go in their room to greet you.  It takes a bit of time to adjust and get everyone settled in. 

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Bird Seed/Fruit Suet Balls

Like most everything else the price point in the stores in regards to Seed/Fruit Suet Balls for the bird feeder was eye popping.  Thankfully making your own is not hard to do.

I took 10 cups of locally grown Bird Mix of BOSS (Black Oil Sunflower Seeds), Brown and White Millet, Cracked Corn and Whole wheat blend and to it I added in half a pint of my locally grown and processed lard.  I wanted to add some kind of extra binder to this mix because it needed to take the shape of the ball and hold it, unlike when I make the suet cakes, they just need to be pressed in and it’s good to go.  I went to dried fruit or veggie powder, you can use whatever kind you want in this.

In my case I went with High Bush Cranberry’s, because I tend to use my stream juicer, I am left with pulp and skins and stones that can be ground down and made into a paste and then dried for long term storage. This was perfect to add into the mix, I added in a cup of it to the blend. The birds certainly do not seem to mind at all.

Then I grabbed my largest Bath Bomb kit the 2 and qaurter inches size and voila! They were pressed into balls, allowed to chill in the fridge for half a hour and out they went into the bird feeder. I was correct that this size is the standard for the feeders sold in stores.  

I am going to enjoy making more at a fraction of the price and I am sure my wild birds will be as well.


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Winter Budget Plans and Adjustments

While normally I recommend doing your big budget review and adjustments at the new year, its just a great time to do so. This year be it a farm, homestead, mini or micro homestead or you are in a apartment with a allotment etc.

In our Zone 5 Ontario, Canada. Winter is coming! Our first major hard frost arrived last night, we have lighter frosts 4 out of the last 6 days so it was not a surprise and everyone locally had lots of time to get their garden harvests in this past week and weekend. The days have been in the high teens with lots of warming sun, and lighter breezes.

I have never seen so much demand both locally and across the province and I expect across the country on food banks and asking for thanksgiving baskets in order to help provide the meal. One part of me keeps a eye on how many 100 to 280 percent increase in food bank uses are showing up in the stats.

Another part of me is listening to those talking about what they are going to give up to provide the big meal, how many of them are talking about going to community supported meals and then on the flip side many are talking about just not having the meal all together or that they are not hosting this year as its to spendy. I have listened to so many peaple calling in to the local talk radio that are saying they are having to save and give up things in order to have their normal big meal.

While I do have friends that are choosing to not have this event due to personal beliefs and that is quite different, then not being able to afford the gathering or the meal itself.

It used to be that peaple did need to save for holdiay’s, that they did need to plan ahead and budget in for the food, for the company and so on. While it’s true that different family members would take turns hosting a lot of the time everyone headed back to the elder’s home be that grandma or Great Aunt May, everyone either brought a side dish to add in to the meal, or a bottle of something to be added to the bar or they would slip cash into the hosts hands, purse or apron pocket.

Just like we often say many hands make light work when it comes to gardens, farm work, housework and so much more. We need to go back to where you did not show up with empty hands and if you do need to do so, then you jump in and work for it, in your good cloths and host says no.. respect that but make sure you ask what needs help on and offer and then show up! See that they have firewood to stack, come back and help them get it done.

We do not need more pulling back, we need more community, while I respect the need for some to reach out to the community supported events. For most of us, we need put more plates at our tables, not less.

And we need to get over what the table should look like! O we have been so spoiled, we are used to having such massive plates, so much food! ALL THE TIME! We head out to eat out and those plates often have enough food on them for two or three or even 4 meals calorie wise.

These used to be called feasts for a reason, because it was the RARE time you filled your plate and could go back for seconds and desserts. As prices go up, as food costs more, as cooking the food costs more, as portions sizes are reduced, as we go back to asking when we open the fridge, can I eat this or is it part of a planned meal? As we go back to portioning out the meat for each person, it should mean that those gathering and feasting should bring back that feeling of extra of it being special.

Sit down and start your planning now for anything that you and your family do that adds to your monthly costs and start budgeting now and figure out what you can afford. It will be much easier to do this now then to deal with the stress of finding out “suddenly” that you can’t make it happen in the moment.

For us that is Thanksgiving, my 50th Birthday, Halloween and Christmas Holiday’s and New Years.

Somethings are being changed up meal planning wise to fit what we have in our freezers, example this thanksgiving, I am stuffing a big old home raised chicken as my Mini Classic Turkeys are not big enough for butcher yet (I will have turkey for christmas) and I am not buying a turkey.

Normally if I am not doing Turkey, I would do a ham, but the truth is while I could cure up some ham steaks, we have eaten all our hams and again, I am not buying a ham when I have full freezers.

We are back to the point that its costs big time to buy that big turkey or that big smoked ham, if you budget for it and want it, make it happen.

For many of us, it’s time to get creative! Maybe it’s time for a nice roast or a big platter of Baked Breaded Pork Chops, coleslaw with mashed potatos or sticky glazed chicken thighs with rice/veggies or perhaps fresh bread bowls with thick and creamy Corn and Potato Chowder.

As our budgets get tighter and our meals smaller and more basic something like a loaded potato Cheddar Chowder served up in your own freshly baked bread bowl can be a WOW meal for a get together!

Desserts, I mean pumpkin pie, it’s a favorite and I love it but there is a reason that it used to be a “dessert Tray” that came out with the tea and coffee. It was a way to make sure everyone got something they liked but just as important it was portion control. they were small one or two bite cookies, squares or tarts.

If you want to a plate for everyone, then go with a small plate and do a tiny portion with a little bling!

So with Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, did you plan for the meal, did you put it in the budget or are your flying by the seat of your pants? Going full out and cost be dammed? if so, what is the price difference between last year and this year? Changing the menu? How much will those changes save your cost wise overall or per person? Are you already working on your fall budgets?

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Hello Fall

It’s been a while since I last wrote here and many of the thing’s I talked about in the past few posts have come into being and I truly hope that if you could that you spent some time getting prepared and ready for the coming winter.

While it has certainly not been without bumps in the road and surely more to come, we have been able to see what is coming. So like this big old Turkey Vulture, I hope you have a good view of what is happening in your neck of the woods. Work the small things but watch the bigger picture.

October has arrived, with it cool nights, crisp mornings, light frosts, harvest season in full swing, the trees are turning color and o the sunrises and the sunsets. We had one of our worst garden years here on the farm ever. The spring was cold and wet, so much rain, it washed out the pollen on the trees, it washed out the seeds in the garden, it rotted the seeds in the gardens. In some area’s we replanted three or four times over a six week time frame. I have never been so glad that I buy and store large seed amounts but I used at least two year’s worth of seeds this year at a min. Then came the heat, it was brutal, and those smaller plants, some took off, others withered and died.

In the end it didn’t matter for us, between what I have put up and that fact that I insanely overplant for over production on a normal year in terms of fodder as well.. the harvests came in. Some apple trees did not have a single apple they were the early bloomers, but the late bloomers produced. It was the same all over the food forests, what was lacking in one area, other’s put out large harvests. We are not lacking..

I have been enjoying working with my camera and continue to grow in this area, I have put last years birthday present of a full studio set up to good use and have expanded the backdrop selection.

Having said that I still love taking outdoor in the moment photography

Starting in Oct, DH will have a new work plan, one day a week at the work office and 4 days a week at the home office. No public transport is being planned for this (normally he would use the bus or bus/train combo) but he will do a straight commute in and out. I have gotten used to him being home, so it will be different having him gone for the day again.

Hope you are all doing as well as can be!

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What a storm!

Last Saturday we had headed into the city to have a lunch date and on the way back home, we got to our local town and voted in the early polls for the upcoming elections, it was so fast as we were the only ones there, walk in and walk back out 5 min later max..

On the radio is was saying.. beware of a fast moving line of thunderstorms, they were to get to our area around supper time or so they had been saying for a couple hours and then it changed.. the phones started to whoop the alert, the radio cut into the alert system and the storm had grown and it was suddenly hours early coming

We pulled into the farms driveway with about 10 min to sort things before the storm hit, we saw it race like a line just to the right, like a wall and I did not like the greening of the sky both of us were watching ot see what would happen and then the wind hit us like a wall.. then it was gone..

Blink, Blink.. so was the power..  This is in fact very common here on the farm to lose power after a storm and its normally back with 1 to 3 days.. its just a fact of life and its something we are very well prepared for..

So out came my radio/flashlight plus combo unit and it only took a short time listening to blink hard and go.. WOW OK…  its was a lot worse then we got and in a huge way! This line of storms spread a line of damage close to a 1000km long, bumping, hitting and moving/shifting coming along between both ontario and quebec with around a billion in damage.. and pushing in between the two with close to a million households without power..

It snapped power poles like they were tooth picks, current information at the time of writing was the around 400 polls needed replacement with hundreds more being just tied down for later work, as they said, we normally fix and replace 200 a year, and we are needing to replace and do double that in the next few days to weeks to get the power back on..


When it came to the power issues, poles were not the big problem it was the fact that storm winds were so powerful hitting at its max 192 km a hour (that would be 119 miles per hour) crumpled the massive metal mega towers..

We have been asked so many times, “what was your damage, did you do ok?” and our answer always seemed to be greeted with a bit of wide eye look back as I reply.. “we got off very lucky, just a few thousand in damages”

That is the truth, compared to just up the road, just over 15 min in one direction and 20 min in another, they got hit with lines that have ripped down full barns, taken off whole roofs, walls, siding, sheds, whole fence lines taken out, hundred of thousands of trees in the path has been broken, or ripped out by the roots..

those trees landed on vehicles, all kinds of buildings including so many homes, whole back yards are gone, fencing gone, decks gone, sheds gone and so many greenhouses.. so many of our local greenhouses filled with all the spring plants ready to be sold, ready to be planted this past week and next week, gone, ripped, bent, and or broken..  Fruit Orchards have had massive damage, maple tree farms could have lost hundreds of mature producing trees..

For all you farmers, this will help you get a idea of just how powerful.. it shifted a 30 ton cement grain silo a full foot and took the whole top half off and dropped across a road..

Nine days into it and we are down to 9000 households without power in the city and just as many without in the local country side, plus more in other power company’s zones.. I am only keeping track of mine and the ottawa ones..

We brought out the back up power sources, the berkley, the ecozoom stove and the shuttle chefs, and we hit the canning pantry.. We started out with jars of my canned water as we got things set up, anytime I have a blank jar in a pressure canning load, I will can a quart jar of water (I will own up that its always a used lid but they always seal perfectly so i am not paying for a new lid on each one)


We put our focus on the freezers and keeping them going, I had hopes for the fridge for the first day or two but we were only running the back ups long enough to cycle the freezers and unlike many peaple, we did 6 to 8 hours max which meant that the fridge was not kept cold enough and taking no changes after a week, it was a total clean out.. thankfully all the tupperware and jars was very washable, once we finally got power and water back..  the Olives were still good and those are freshly hardboiled eggs back in starting to cool off..

Cost wise I can imagine that it would be brutal to clean out your fridge if you didn’t have a full pantry and or the money redo it..

Every meal or snack went for six days was pretty much like this.. hot drinks once a day or so, lots of room temp flavoured water and other then fresh eggs, it was so what would we like from the canning pantry.. up and down the stairs for soups, stews, chili’s, fruits and so on..

The farm was fine.. the pasture critters had a mix of the pond or rain water collection to fill and top up the water troughs, the house flushing needs was meet by the food forest pond.. we had to check each bucket and carefully catch and put back any tadpoles or baby dragonfly larva before bringing in and using.. we could use pond water if needed for the Berkley but we have fresh rain water and I perferred to use it and did.

Many hundreds of thousands of households and millions of peaple were as well off.. and were and are still struggling and in some cases suffering..  Everyone in the general public is still in the, wow.. its over and we are getting our power back and things will settle..  it will take weeks to months to a year plus for most to grasp that this kind of damage for certain places, certain businesses and for families that it will not be over quickly or cleaning or at all..


The rain did at least give a little gift.. Morels.. yumm.. these must be gotten when small because something local adores to eat them as much as we do and so if you think.. o, I will let that get bigger.. poof, it will be gone..

It was very interesting to see how our phones all went down.. cell tower need power and their back up system’s fail.. no power, no water, no internet, and no or very poor limited phone service.. we sometimes got 1 bar, enough to send a text to make phone call at just the right time.. which was still better then many others..

If hubby had to work, it would have been a bigger challenge but as it happens, it was a normal take the week off and plant the gardens..  We did not get the gardens planted, we got things fixed, repaired and we got many trees planted and some garden space prepared.. planted not so much..

Each new day is a clean sheet of paper to start to do list..  one item at a time..

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