Painting : “Hidden”

I really enjoyed this painting..  I started with the plan to do some background washes to prepare for future paintings but this one decided it needed to come out..

I will admit that I already have it framed (I used one I already had) and up on the wall.. This was very! hard to get a good photo of, but its the best I can do..  the real painting has more green tones to the blueish area’s in the photo..

I did get to show it off this weekend to a few friends and everyone that has seen it in person has just loved it.. I hope you will enjoy seeing it on your Monday viewing!

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Paintings… Learning Curve..

So I did a few more paintings where I was working this and that as I was remembering how to do things..


I have given myself the challenge of learning how to paint a dog and cat in a mix of both real and funky..  this is a huge challenge for me.. as I want to keep working on it till I can paint my own dogs and cats from the farm..

Till I get better at it.. I will share my colorful bird for the moment..  Like most people that paint.. I like some parts better then others and I would like to do this one again now that I remembered how to do some things while painting this one..

I really like the eye on this bird!


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Camo Soap

As most folks know I have been making Cold Process soaps for many years now..  This soap loaf is so lovely on many fronts. It is made with my favorite blend of oils.. its an nice harder bar of soap..

I was teaching how to make soap that day and so I let the student pick the colors of the soap to blend and put together.. we ended up with a very funky three tone camo soap!

This is a plant based infused soap as well.. the main oil was warm temp infused with Golden rod flowers and leaves to give a added bonus to this soap in terms of giving a skin boosting salve to it..

I am looking forward to making a number of different batches of soap this week.. More on that soon..

On to all the things happening on this busy sunday..

Hope all my readers and friends on the east coast are doing well and made it though the storm with little to no damage.. If you are willing.. please consider dropping me a quick. all good once you get power back!

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Soil Health effects many of our Ground Nesting Bee’s!

A new way to assess the danger that pesticides can pose to bees

“Researchers from the University of Guelph and the University of Ottawa looked at the concentrations of three commonly-used neonicotinoid insecticides in the soil at 18 different cucurbit farms in Ontario, Canada. They evaluated the probability that ground-nesting bees – hoary squash bees (Peponapis pruinosa) in this case – would be exposed to a lethal dose of those insecticides while constructing their nests.

“The results were sobering,” said Susan Chan, Ph.D. student and lead author, by email. Under many of the scenarios they evaluated, the team found that a hoary squash bee will be exposed to a killing dose of neonicotinoids 80 percent of the time.

“This is really important because we know that bee populations are declining globally but we have never assessed the contribution that pesticides in soil may be making to that decline,” said Chan.

I am not surprised at this finding.. as we poison our soil.. anything! digging and living and creating life in that soil will be effected!

““Our study shows that ground nesting bees are literally risking their lives by excavating their nests in agricultural soil because of the high concentrations of neonicotinoids there,” said Chan. “It is important to remember that not all ground-nesting bees nest in agricultural soil, but many do and those ones are likely at risk.”

The toxicity of a substance and the risk it could pose to different forms of life is measured and discussed in terms of median lethal dose (LD50): the average amount of said substance that is required to kill 50 percent of a population in a given amount of time, under specific circumstances. The lower the LD50, the more poisonous it is. Knowing this helps determine how different substances should be handled and used in real-world situations. And this raises an important question regarding pesticides and bees: if the current LD50s for neonicotinoids were determined based on honey bee populations, how accurate and helpful can they be when it comes to assessing the danger these same chemicals pose to other types of bees when they’re used on a farm, in a park or around our homes?

Chan thinks the current LD50 for neonicotinoids could indeed be a fair measure: honey bees and hoary squash bees are similar in size, and toxicity through contact varies much less among species than toxicity through consumption. However, because not all ground-nesting bees are as big as a squash bee, and because some pesticides are simply more poisonous to one species than another, Chan recommends dividing the LD50 by ten as a best practice to accommodate the range of bees that exist.”

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Local Grass-fed Beef Order

I was thrilled to pick up my quarter beef of local (up the road about ten min) of grass fed beef. I have a lot of chicken, turkey, duck, goat, pork and will have a good amount of lamb.. so I just needed to flesh out the freezer with some beef.

I was thrilled to find a close to me local place that raises their animals so well, I have seen the momma cows, the calves, the pastures.. and it helps support a local farmer that raised Non-gmo Grains!

Got to love folks that are walking the walk.. and not just talking.. As you know, I am trying hard to lean down the farm in animal numbers and winter work.. adding in a bottle calf was not a good choice this summer/fall.. but I was watching my beef supply get lower and lower.

This left me trying to figure things out.. this was the perfect solution!

I have also ordered my bulk grains from them by the ton when they are ready and they will be delivered to the farm and I will put them up for the full winter’s use.. some for sprouting, some for fall winter sowing in the sheep pastures for a spring push for winter wheat for in fill..

This was the first meal I made.. minute steaks with fresh onions, mushrooms, zucchini and peppers.. so good.. that wonderful lean meat with great flavour.. Grass fed meat is so lean.. you do not take out fat.. you add fat in..

There is a learning curve on cooking with such lean meats..

If you are local to Ottawa area and you are looking for amazing grass-fed beef at a really good price point per pound for a quarter/half or whole.  Send me a note and I will provide their contact information for you right away..


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Grapes.. still giving and doing their thing..

Two years ago, the grapes pulled down their posts and wire.. its a jumbled mess out there..  it needs to be trimmed, cleaned up and totally rebuilt..

Just one more project that is on the list..  and there it will remain.. the odds are not good that this will be done in 2019..  (hubby say’s its a late fall project to get the holes dug and the new MASSIVE posts put into the ground.. Kay)

but the grapes have found a way around this lol.. they climbed the tree’s around them.. and while we got a faction of what was normal last year..

This year they went to town and we have Grapes clusters all over the place out there.. I will have to prune the heck out of it this late spring and get it under control..

For now.. we reap the bounty that very stubborn and determined grape vines yielded..

Given our Drought, I am expecting some real depth of flavours to our grapes this year.. I will can up most of it into juice but at least one batch will go into a grape-apple blend..

I am not sure why I waited so long for this peice of equipment.. I guess becaues its spendy and I wonderered if it was worth the money..

Every single penny! I love it! the difference in the quality of the juice is amazing.. I either feed the leftover bits to the livestock or I will mush it.. dry it and then grind it for flavour in other ways to use it!

Are you having a good grape year? Are you finding your flavours are intense if you had the summer drought? or if you have had way to much water.. have your found your flavours washed out as well?

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Another Day.. Another Tomato…

I planted 6 Roma’s and 6 Beef Stakes and 6 Cherry tomato plants this year, compared to my normal years.. this is a little amount.. but WOW.. despite the drought.. Hottawa Peppers for the WIN! Crazy Amount of tomato’s coming in.. they started about 3 weeks ago.. they are going strong and they still have lots of green to go..

With sizes like these, it takes no time at all to fill my BIG that’s a bowls which hold 42 cups each.. bowl after bowl.. hubby checked weights and figured out we are bringing in 45 to 48 pounds every two days.. that is pretty much a bushel if you were buying them.

Now at the first week of aug, I pruned them up from the bottom by a third and took off all the flowers, forcing the plants to focus on the many, many fruits they already had started..

The 3rd week of aug, I pruned again, even harder and opened up the plants for air and even took off small ones that where in bad locations..   The pruning and the taking of the flowers is certainly paying off! ..  a winters supply of different kinds of pasts sauces recipe have been made time after time and are filling the pantry shelves!

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C5’s Metal Cabin with great view!

Hi Folks,

Over the years I have dropped a message or post here and again about Mr and Mrs C5.

I loved his line of.. “es, I dropped off the earth for a while. I wrote and then erased a few articles, that though correct, I decided were not helpfull. I stopped communicating with friends, relatives, allies and other blog sites.(Dont worry. I’m not mad at anyone) I had just reached official burn out on typing. ”

Can I just say Ditto.. So Ditto.. I know I dropped.. I had to do the pull back.. and Same.. please still like me lol.. and I will get out to visit at some point.. I hope, I plan.. I so want to sit and have coffee!!

While I know that it is indeed a long shot and let me tell you, I have lived in the cabin with the wood stove and the haul the water, and drain it out and the outdoor (now compost toilet). While it can be done and done right.. its work folks.. its not camping, and its not a holiday and while there is a joy in it.. its also a slog..

I will own it, I like my running water, I like flipping a switch and having power.. I like modern life and all that comes with it! Do I rough it on a some things.. yes.. but I do it because I want the skill sets worked, I do it because it saves me money, I do it because I am passionate about it.. I do it because it brings me joy..

However, never doubt for a moment, that its not work.. hard work.. steady work.. and when you are sick or you are tired.. there is no rest in the way we know it!

Now having said that..  Here is the offer C5 is putting on the table.. and on the off chance that one of my reader or their cousin or there step-son’s best friend wants this.. I am sharing..  Its a big old world and somewhere out there, I KNOW there is someone looking for this.. lets help connect them if we can!

I know it’s a, Hale Mary, Spray and Pray, Long Shot…

But before we start reaching out in other directions, I thought I would start here with my readership base and say…

“O.K. Who wants to live here?” Who wants to test their metal? Who has been thinking to themselves, “I don’t what to stay where I am. I don’t see a future, a livable future here. I cant afford land and a home on my own….And what I really want more than anything else is to live like that. I want to be part of what C5 and MrsC5 are doing”.
Yes. I Understand it’s a long shot. But I know there are other folks like me out there. Its just a question of how to find them.

Now, I understand, 99.9 percent of you are going, “Nooope. Not up to taking on that challenge”. But here is where you can help me out. Someone here might be thinking, “I know somebody that wants this” or, “I know a place to re-post this where the right people would be found”.

I have a little confession to make. Many people that have been reading me for a while will understand I am a long sighted fellow. Ive done many posts where the only reason was to prepare the ground for where all those posts come together.

Two and a half years, 90 articles and 50 thousand views, many more views on other sites, was all to leading up to This One Moment.

It was intentional from the very start. It was to find that small handful of people like myself. I exposed myself thoroughly to the world, both the good side and the bad… as a long shot gamble. That it would teach and motivate others was just its second purpose. But this was it’s secret purpose. Sneaky me

We have tried to bring people together here before. We succeeded but in each case they were the wrong people. We had burnt out from talking to hundreds of people and having our hearts broken over and over. It’s one of the reasons we started this blog down in South America. We were taking a break from it all to lick our wounds and formulate a new plan.
I wanted, next attempt, that someone considering the idea, could read all about us and understand exactly WHY we are doing this. Only then can they make an honest decision about if they want to be part of it. Keep in mind though, that we are probably not as interesting in person.

Here is the arrangement. It will cost you a measly 100$ per month rent. I’ll explain why after. Your part of the arrangement is that you are here as a house and animal sitter any time we are away, at which point, you would pay nothing. That could be from over night to a week away, to the two months we plan to be away this winter… or even up to a year if we get some wild plan in our head. You would move into our main house at that point and can take advantage of the amenities. You would manage the solar system, keep the wood stove going so the pipes, food and animals don’t freeze and manage any problems that come up. You would be responsible for any extra electrical costs or internet during these times. You are responsible for your own firewood.

One of the reasons I am doing this is to, sort of, pay it forward. Ive had some rough times in life. Now I am on top of the world. I wanted to set up a situation here, that is everything I would have given anything to find back then, but couldn’t. A piece of land and simple housing, where I could be close to the natural world, but wouldn’t have to work my entire life to pay, simply, for the right to be in that spot.

Back to that 100$ part. The problem with saying free is that people might treat this as if it had no value. We were even warned about presenting the low cost of 100$. This only works if you understand that what I am presenting is priceless, a once in a lifetime opportunity, you will never find something like this again… and Know It.

MrsC5 had said, “I’m only comfortable with this arrangement if the person understands, their responsibility is to pay it forward”.

As in, pay it forward to the next folks we bring in, some other youngster that needs help, or even back to us when we need help, which we will at some point.

It’s not charity. You will have some responsibilities here.

Earn it.

Its best if you don’t think about it in the traditional landlord arrangement. You are not renting the container home. You are more renting access to the 110 acres of land here… and joining a group. A MAG or mutual assistance group. As life gets rougher in the future, that will become more necessary. We watch each others back… and back each others play.

Speaking of which, if you are more comfortable bringing in your own RV, we can facilitate that as well. Same arrangement. Same price. That might even be helpful to bringing in the next person. Any person that has ever tried to rent a place for an RV will know just how valuable what we are offering is. You cant get a tenting spot in a camp ground, surrounded by other people for that price, let alone a quiet place with a view and access to firewood to be cut and garden space and a place to build stuff.

At this point someone may say, “Hey! That”s not fair!” and you have got to work that out before coming here and not be putting that on us. We’ve already had this happen with one couple we invited here. He said, “There is nothing fair about any of this. We live in a (None of your business) and you live on the hill in a house with electricity and running water….”.

This left me going, What the fuck! They were talking about us behind our back, complaining about how wrong everything we doing was and encouraging resentments amoungst our social network… against us. There was some serious mental health issues going on there that we missed. I cant let that happen again.

This isnt the place to do everything right. This is the place to have the freedom to experiment with things, do everything wrong… and learn from it. That’s the point of The Dark Green Mountain Survival RESEARCH Centre

This round, we still maintain control for the sake of stewarding the land and keeping it together as a whole. If you have things that you want to experiment with or build. Most times, I am going to say, “Have at’er” even if I think it is going to fail. As long as it doesn’t leave us a mess you abandon and we are stuck cleaning up. Occasionally we may say no because we already know what the land can or cant do from experience or know what will draw us too much “Heat”.

Speaking of which, The main thing I ask here is, “Don’t draw Heat here”. Don’t bring problems here. We are just far enough off the road that most people don’t even know if we are here or not. Lets keep it that way. Lets not give local busybodies or authorities the reason to think something suspicious is going on here and they need to put their foot down.

It has been my intension, from the start, to not go full market price. What I want, more than anything, is that the person can get themselves financialy ahead of the game with whatever employment they are doing. That they are not poreing all their money into rent or mortgage exploitation. I want them to use any savings into things that secure their future and makes them secure…in the face of ecconomic collapse. Food storage. Tools, A reliable, ecconomical vehicle. Animals. Savings. ETC. The more secure they are, the stronger we are as a group.

to share our lives with. Then there is the emotional highs. “Is this the one?” Then the emotional lows. “I invested al lot of time. Why wont they they return my email?” And the whole rejection thing. Or feeling bad about being the person that has to reject. Its an emotional roller coaster. Sure, you get access to hundreds of people. You also get to experience heart break a hundred times as fast.

As I said, we have faced this before. Don’t freak out if we don’t reply… or not reply fast enough. I hate typing recently and am not looking forward to doing it all again. It takes a lot of my time. In the same way, we will do our best not to lose it and send, “That was rude, you asshat. Fuck you. I hope you die” replies. It may happen. That’s the nature of the internet. It’s easy to be offended because you cant read the persons face and too easy to snap back because there is little chance you will be punched in the face for your reply. It’s the nature of the beast we are all learning to navigate.

Do me a favor though. If you are just an internet shopper, Looky Lew, with an, “I’ll nibble, please tell me more, I’ll hear your sales pitch”… Please Don’t. We will be exhausted talking to people… to the exact level as building that container home or other projects. In the same way, we are trying to create something from nothing.

Only contact us if you are thinking, “That’s awesome. It’s exactly what I want to do. Lets see if we can make it work. If not, I understand. I wont string you along as well”.
Be warned. We may cyber stock you. We may, maybe, make you jump through some security hoops to check you out. We need to get to know you. We wont tell you exactly where we are.

FWI. Yes, we are in Nova Scotia, Canada, And No, We will not help you Immigrate. Only for Canadians, dual citizens or landed immigrants. Nothing personal. I know I am read around the world. We are just stretched as to how much we can help.

Lets continue. We are near the North Shore. 10 Min drive to the ocean. About 20 min drive from Tatamagouche. Around two hours to Halifax or Moncton. We are not as out in the bush as it first appears. We found the middle ground in a secret, neglected enclave.
I think it best if I write a better description page that only those interested read, off this blog. That may take a while as we are still busy. It may come accoss as a form letter. Last time, we kept typing the same responses over and over and waisting our time. I hope not to do that this time.

Here is the bad news. There is little in the way of employment here. What there is is usually in the summer, based around cottagers and a trickle of tourism. It’s bad timing in posting this.

If you have any Trades skills, there are many old folks that need Handy Man jobs done. I joke, it’s the land of newly weds and nearly deads… but without the newly weds. Before anyone asks, as others have, there is not a lot of great dating options. You would have to reach outside the locals.

Still, a number of young British Columbians and Torontonians have been showing up into the area lately that realised they found a secret enclave that isn’t cool but might be cool… in ten years… if they make it so. In spite of that this is about surviving Climate Chaos. The irony being, you will need a reliable vehicle… until that day comes when we all say, “It’s all bicycling from here. I hope we have enough food stored up to get through a winter once we are snowed in”.

I think that is enough to get started. Here is how this will work. Just like when I did the contest, I will leave the comments section open. You will send me an E-mail address but when WordPress sends me a notice to say, Accept or Reject comment, I’ll hit the Reject button so no one but me sees that adress. Think of it as the first trust building exercise. If I was to violate that trust, you can tell everyone on the internet that I am a con. I checked recently and so far no one has complained about me.

That’s amazing considering how easily people get triggered and use the internet to lash out. Once I get your Email, I will erase it and contact you via a separate g-mail or MrsC5 might contact you via Yahoo and we can go from there. Tell us plenty about yourself or we might not respond. “Sup. I wanna enter your Can” is just not worth replying to.

Remember, Internet dating… “I like long walks on the beach and back rubs…snark… I spend too much time on the computer, please don’t search my browser history, like beer and get through the long winter playing video games.”

What we learned the first time we tried this is that we are not looking for the person with the best credentials. If we are sharing our land, we want to do it with someone we just like and enjoy partying with, when friends come over and the social side of humanity is to be shared and enjoyed.”

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Lets get ready to Rumble!

Good Ol’ JR:

It’s the main event, ladies and gentlemen! In one corner of the yard, weighing in at about a hundred pounds, we’ve got Sheepy. In the other corner, weighing in at-

Jason: No.

Good Ol’ JR: …more than a hundred pounds, Jason the shepherd. We’re gonna have a real slobberknocker here, folks – Sheepy’s snuck under the fence, come up in four foot high reeds, and is wrapped up in barbed wire. Jason’s gonna have to cut him out and get him back in the pasture to score the win.

Here’s Jason now, moving in along the fence line with the wire cutters in one hand. Sheepy having none of that, he’s got some room to lunge and dodge and he evades Jason like Jason’s standing still. Jason goes in for the one-handed grapple but has to watch the wire. Sheepy going back and forth now.

Jason goes in again now, but Sheepy ducks around him. Oh, he trailed wire around Jason’s boot and pulls him down like an AT-AT on Hoth. Sheepy stands triumphant but wait, Jason’s on top of the wire and Sheepy doesn’t have slack to move away.

Here’s Jason with the ground game now! One leg behind Sheepy’s forelegs, one over his back! He pulls down Sheepy and locks in the figure-four! Here come the wire-cutters. One! Two! Three! Cuts and Jason pulls the wire away! Now he’s up with Sheepy and levers him over a low spot of the fence for the win!

Sheepy: I was robbed! Moooooooom!

Ps, Lamb was fine.. the wire was caught up in its very thick wool!.. in fact hubby got the poke of a barb more.. but in the end.. both came out just fine!

While hubby wrote this out in a very funny way.. the truth is.. its never funny when you find a animal caught in a fence.. and you need to act both fast and safely.  Thankfully this all ended well but it can go wrong..

Farmgal Tip.. Know where your wire cutters are at all time.. and if you have things “walk” often.. put a pair in a hidden spot that you know will be backup to grab them and go!

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Chaga Power Ball Recipe

Loved this new recipe from Adagio Natural’s..  I have been adding Chaga into my healing program for my back injury and for overall general “health boost”. I am also personally working with chaga from Adigio’s Birch Ridge Collection in its raw form and using it prepared by myself in some of my own homemade products.. the quality of this wild harvested Northern Ontario Chaga is outstanding! Want to learn more about Chaga?

O WOW! If you put in a order for Chaga chunks or ground powder or any of the other amazing things available.. If you put in the comments.. Code Farmgal  you will get 15% off your order! Thank you so much for this kind offer! Shipping available across N.A.

Join Canadian Chaga Lovers Group (everyone welcome)  Already love Chaga, fellow Blogger or homestead or wild forager? Awesome! Get thy to the group and join up and share your posts, your photos of the hunt, share your recipes and more..

“Chaga is becoming one of the most talked-about superfoods coming into the new decade. . These powerful plant-based substances protect the body against various biological, chemical, physical stressors that we encounter daily.

Try this easy recipe to boost your immune system and increase your energy levels. Great to throw into your lunches, or as a quick appetizing dessert for your family and friends.”


1 cup ground pecans
1 package of pitted dates (1 1/2 cups)
1 cup medium sweetened shredded coconut
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1 tbsp fine ground chaga
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp sea salt

1/2 cup shredded coconut or
1/2 cup ground pecans or
1/2 cup cocoa powder


Place all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until crumbly and sticky.
Transfer to a bowl and mix well. Use your hands to form into balls about 1 inch around.
Put the extra shredded coconut (or the ground pecans or cocoa powder) in a bowl and press your balls into it to cover them. Enjoy them right away, or you can refrigerate in an airtight container for up to a week or freeze for up to 1 month.

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