Homesteader Pea’s

So these are homesteader pea’s or so I was sold heritage homesteader pea’s and in some ways they are bang on.. 68 to 70 days from planted to harvesting, able to grow in cooler soil and withstand heat and still produce very well.. the correct size of the pods and ideal number of pea’s.. Its a older pea having been introduced around the 1930’s and its a great short pea that can withstand a lot of different types of springs.

See we are doing great right?? up right up till the height of the plant lol.. they should grow about 3 feet tall and mine are well over six feet and still growing and flowering.. hmmm

None the less I am very happy with these pea’s and I think I will save some for next years plantings but I am wondering if they are crossed.. not that I mind.. If they do everything else right but height, I am ok with it.. I just am wondering what I am going to get next year if this was a f1 cross..  because I can’t see many gardener’s who plan for a 3 foot pea plant to be happy when it scales 5 to 6 feet an more lol

What kind of pea’s are you growing this year.. any surprises in your garden.. I also have a bean plant that was sold as a climber and I think its bush.. the surprise of new seed lol

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4 Responses to Homesteader Pea’s

  1. homeandharrow says:

    lol, I am also growing Homesteader peas, and mine are also WELL over the three foot mark! Probably closer to five. They are so dang delicious though, I’ll be growing these every year!

  2. A Pole Bean that’s only a bush? :/

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