This has been a total labour of love and there are final touches to be done.. I will talk as I go.. but the last beds are made and planted.. the paths are all in.. and now we are in the live and learn and re-touch up as needed.

This photo does not show a couple plots its the best I can do yet.. all of the plots are now planted out into their bones and some already have their back filled lines of short season plants. some still need extra onions sets and little baby radish rows and little plots here and there of beets and turnip and salad greens in and around the bigger plantings.

Plot 1 was the first plot done and its fully planted out but it needs a weeding this coming week and then mulching around the tomato’s yet. I am also thinking about putting in a log edge just on the down side of this bed and edging it out like I did the round garden..

Plot 2 and Plot 3.. Plot 2 is just rocking it.. needs a tiny bit of weeding but much less then plot 1 does.. Plot three is loaded.. but don’t worry as soon as the broccoli heads up, that layer will come out of the bed and that narrow row will go into beets (just little baby ones for pickling).. The peppers were being whimps so they got the first mulch done so that I could try and get them to hold their water better and to reflect off at least some of the heat from the sun on them.

Everything else in that bed is doing well but I will admit that while the “top soil” looks great, its not really alive yet, it needs biomass added, it needs compost, I have started working with it and hopefully by the end of the garden season it will be much better.

My poor little plot 5..  some of those plants really need a cage Already or to be staked (bad playing cats) and I will for sure add in the wood edges to this one and then it will get a full layer of comfrey leaves and then mulched down over that.. this bed still has room for something else in that 4th spot in each staggered out planting.. but I am not sure what is going to go in there yet.. time will tell

Plot 6 and 8 are mirrow imagines of each other around each of the tree’s huge stumps.. some of their plantings are the same as well. Others are quite different

Ok, Plot 7 however is between them and is sqaure and done with some matching but mostly is its own plot..

The round garden was not holding up on the sides at all.. so it needed a bit of a re-work, top up with soil and mulch.. so much better

The strawberry raised bed is rocking it.. and it had its first big weeding this week and this week I will get it straw covered.. we are in full bloom second week of june, so should have our strawberries only 4 weeks later then normal.. still we are going to get them and that is what I am want and need to have happen.

This is the fresh eating strawberry house bed.. 54 plants total Above today.. below a few weeks ago.

Its sure come along nicely since it was planted last month

The rock garden is filling in as I knew it would.. I need to give those wild violets a trim and dry those greens for medical use at a later point in the year soon before they overwhelm some of the smaller flowering plants.

What a difference a month can make. See when it was planted compared to now..

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6 Responses to The KITCHEN GARDEN IS MADE!

  1. mariazannini says:

    They look great! I especially like the rock garden. Let us know if you manage to keep the soil in place. I always have trouble with that.

    • H Maria, I thought of you when I snapped the photo that had a six pack of annual flowers for sale for 7.99 The prices on some things are crazy and yet for other things the sales have been good.. the best buys have been custom ordered growing in larger amounts.. but they also took their time due to the slow start to the spring but garden season is full here now. I will let you know.. I expect I will be edging out most beds and I do plan on mulching more of them with a light cover of wood chips to help hold soil, cool the roots and so forth. Some of them are going to get a wool cover.

  2. Silveryew says:

    Look at it all growing! Your Strawberries especially are coming on great.

  3. Widdershins says:

    it’s wonderful what a bit of warmth and sunlight can do. 😀

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