New Fencing, Reuse and friendships

A couple weeks ago, I put out a call on facebook to see if I could plan a day to work on my worst fencing area. The big heavy milled Cedar posts where in place but not backfilled..

The older fence had had repair job, after temp repair job done on it.. It was a hammered together and logs tied on in regards to making it hold just a touch longer.. But while it was holding in the horses and the adult sheep.. the lambs.. those little Bleep-Bleep were getting out and I am in no shape to go chasing down lambs even with the sheep dogs help..

They are still learning how to bunch and without momma’s to lead them.. they scatter and something that would take 5 min with the adults can turn into hour or more of me moving them up and down the fence line. NOT FUN!

I had two sets of friends offer to come give hubby a hand! Grateful beyond words for their help in all ways..  the best part..  These are the type of folks that pulled the heavy massive spikes out so they can be reused.. that everything was taken out in such a way and stacked.. everything was saved..

Sure some of the older posts are not going to cut it in pasture but they can be used in the gardens, the wire is the same.. I will find a use for it.. I loved watching these down to earth folks “know” that I was going to save it all..

There was no.. burn this, there was no.. haul it to the dump.. nope.. not these folks.. it was where do you want the wood stacked, where do you want the wire rolls placed..  wonderful! A bucket held all the nails and so forth.

The posts were backfilled, the new fence went up (I had snagged a one day sale at the TSC this spring for really good sheep fencing at 200 off per roll.. online order only and deliver to the store)..

I love that this fence was stretched in a new fence tightening way that I had not seen before and I love learning things, learning ways that require no extra tools, that is all hand done but rocks it out for the end quality.. o ya! Thank you!

As often happens in farm work parties.. the sex’s split..  sure the ladies did some hands on work don’t get me wrong there.. but as there were little ones around and drinks and food to be prepared and served, we just naturally move into different working parties.. there is flow back and forth.. still when there is enough hands.. Its just a natural shifting that always seems to happen.

One more bigger item off our need to do list..  There are more posts and more wire.. another day! There was sharing of food, of plants, of compost and the farms gifts..  there was stories and laughter and so much sweat!  Many hands made much lighter work for all..


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5 Responses to New Fencing, Reuse and friendships

  1. Love this! There is no greater blessing than friends and community working together.

    • Hi Crafty. I could not agree more.. I need to remember to ask for help.. I have so many folks offer and both hubby and I are so used to saying.. no we have got this.. it really is ok to reach out and allow people to help us.

  2. Silveryew says:

    Thank goodness for good friends and good helpers. I really like how frugally they did it as well, saving things to be used another day!

    • I loved that about the folks that came to help.. call it frugal.. call it what you want.. there is life left in the parts that were taken off the older fence and I am grateful to be able to reuse them.. I think there might enough 2 by 4 by 12 that we could build another bean teepee..

  3. Widdershins says:

    A community fence-raising – how wonderful. 😀

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