Share Milking

Well, I had not planned on doing this till next Monday when Glenda was two weeks old but I could not catch her last night, so she was allowed to spend the night loose in the big barn, where she bedded down on stall next to her momma’s, and so I was able to milk girl for the first time since she settled in to the regular milking routine, she gave me 2.5 gallons of milk from three quarters and I left the other one to make sure Glenda had a really good breakfast.. so that means she is right around five to six gallons of milk per day..

It also means that Glenda is a piggy! and drinking way! more milk then the books say she needs at her age..

It also means that we are officially moving over to a proper calf-share milking routine, which means that I will be milking in the mornings after Glenda has been away from her momma for the night to get a full proper milking, at least right now the plan is to always leave her a quarter for a good morning feeding, at one month, I will re-consider that plan, and she will have 12 hours with her mother to drink as often and as much as she wants..

Time will tell me if this means that a evening milking is still needed, she has been still giving me a gallon to a gallon an half at the evening milking after Glenda has her daily fill, and so I expect that I will need to continue evening milkings for a while yet.

Ideally at some point in the near future, Glenda will be a big enough girl that she will be drinking enough that I will only need to do the morning milking after the time apart and will not need to do the evening milking at all till weaning time.

This is a great meet in the middle ground, it allows us to have max flexability if an when its needed, that way if I need to leave and Dh needs to milk, he can have Glenda to help him in this.. that is a very good thing..

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