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And a baby turtle added to the mix..

So as you can see, the mudhole is basically done.  Had I not dug the post-holes yesterday, it’d be completely dry this morning. I went down with a bucket and sieve to retrieve what I could out of the post-holes.  … Continue reading

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A duck named Jack or now called Jackie?

Got a very nice email from a stranger who is friends with a friend of mine, who was looking to place a single month old duckling, breed and sex unknown..hopefully I have the story right,  this little duck was hatched … Continue reading

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Follow up on the missing sheep flock-

http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/06/08/missing-sheep-saga-draws-to-a-close-as-inspectors-find-begin-to-destroy-quarantined-flock/ The strange yarn of the fugitive flock – heritage sheep said to be related to the first sheep that came from England to Canada – is coming to a messy end after food inspection officials finally found at least … Continue reading

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