A duck named Jack or now called Jackie?

Got a very nice email from a stranger who is friends with a friend of mine, who was looking to place a single month old duckling, breed and sex unknown..hopefully I have the story right,  this little duck was hatched out a nursey an was the weak duckling of the ones that hatched, and so this lovely lady took “jack” home to see if she could raise up, and was now looking for a new home.

Dh picked it up the next day and informed me that given the straight tail feathers that the odds are very good that Jack, is in fact a little hen, so we moved her over to Jackie..

After the Shock of being put into lockdown in a big old rabbit hutch for 24 hours to make sure she was in good health (she was not really in shock, she eat and drank in a matter of minutes and figured out the bedding right fast etc) she got moved into the bigger ducking flock and they think she is bigger and therefor a momma and are following her around doing their qaucking best to win her over, on the other hand, she thinks that she is a human and a house duck and is still adjusting to becoming a outside with a house duck with other ducks.

I look forward to getting a photo or two this little duck and figuring out its breed and I am hopeful that Dh is right that its a hen, I can always use a good hen in the flock..


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1 Response to A duck named Jack or now called Jackie?

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hoping that everyone gets settled in soon (and that Jack is really Jacqueline; )

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