Farmgal’s Photography March 7th

I have had weather all over the place, but I have certainly enjoyed the sunshine with the few days we have had it! All the Cats have been soaking in the sun and can be found sitting up on posts and hay or straw basking!

Miss Sofie is cracking me up.. she is so excited about spring that you would totally swear she was in heat.. rolling, talking and total love bug mode..Β  I keep telling her, she can flirt all she wants.. but I know that you are fixed.. LOL

The Wild Flock of nine hens gave me a challenge as they were just at the edge of my zoom lens but they are looking pretty good to be heading into spring.

This was one bold little guy, smart enough to stay out of the range of the farm cats but close enough to keep them interested in seeing if they could get him. he was using the small branches to his advantages

Patrick my big sweet boy, its that time of year.. where he will be shedding some of his fluffiness and I will be working hard to keep the mats trimmed out while they are tiny.. I wish all long haired cats liked to be brushed, it would make things simple but not all do!

So there is a funny type story that goes with this photo, hubby comes in and says, I thought I heard a little kitten.. and was like were are the baby kittens and I am like O no! (because all our female are fixed other then LeeLoo who will be going to be fixed this month now that she is six months old and can be done) and that means that there is a stray or a drop off with babies on the farm.

He laughs and says.. wait for it, and I look at him, I mean in this cold, we need to find them and get them set up NOW.. and he says so I was am walking around listening trying to find the source and the sounds come again..Β  and he looks up and sure enough one of these birds was making the sound..

I went out.. he is right.. it sounded just like a very young kitten crying out.. Those birds had us going!

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12 Responses to Farmgal’s Photography March 7th

  1. Marla says:

    HI Valeria,
    I love your pictures as always and your cat is sure funny sometimes. Sharing on social media.

  2. Ha ha, those birds.
    Thanks for a giving my morning a good start.

  3. Silveryew says:

    What lovely pictures. Patrick looks just majestic πŸ˜€

  4. Terry says:

    So funny about the birds. Photos are beautiful, especially the fluffy cats.

    • I had budgies years ago and cats in the house and we went away and had house sitters and the first night we came home, I heard a cat calling, the help I am lost meow.. but my cats where sleeping on the bed so I went looking.. the cats had called, the budge had learned how to make that sound back and she continued to Meow for years LOL

  5. Pamela Marston says:

    Love your photos!! Especially the cat! Good job!

  6. Constance Sharpe says:

    Now we know what starlings sound like!

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