Pantry Challange 2018 Day 9 Pudding!

Dang I need stop writing double post days but life is busy and I am get tired. I am loving the work that is getting done. I truly am.

So first and foremost Wow.. have we had snow! not just a bit of snow.. six inches here and five inches here and another six inches and another 8 here.. wow! go march, just let that lion roar Baby!!! SNOW on..

However the temps are nice enough, 0 to plus 3 for daytime highs and very mild lows minus 3 to minus 5 ish so its been great indoor and outdoor working temps that’s for sure.

The Green onions didn’t seem to care at all that there was very little sun, just grey sky’s.. they have grown really well this week and I am looking forward to doing some trimming of them for fresh toppings on a couple of dishes.

So today lets talk about pudding.. There is a reason that you will see a lot of pudding recipes in the older cookbooks, in the wartime books, in the dirty 30’s cookbooks. Its a way to provide a dessert or more depending on how you use it.

Its something that lots of people clearly buy in little cups per what I see if the store. I keep a good supply of both the instant and cooked box’s that go on sale at the store.  I also keep a good number of big box’s of custard powder and I keep the basic’s for homemade pudding making as well..  or tapioca pudding traditional or made with Sheep Milk Tapioca

When you have fresh milk coming in the house from the barn and you have eggs, you have custard and that is a great thing to have in the house. But not everyone is going to have that, however keeping a good supply of puddings in your pantry is a great idea for all.

Pick the flavours your family will like and watch for the sales. Puddings can be fancied up with just a touch of canned fruit on top, or even a dollop of jam. It can be made into pudding pie with canned or frozen fruit used on top in a thin layer.

Do you stock puddings or custards in your pantry, with either a dairy animal on the farm, or dried or canned milk if its not instant kind?

Egg Count to date -64



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4 Responses to Pantry Challange 2018 Day 9 Pudding!

  1. valbjerke says:

    From scratch custard 😊 No premix on hand.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Pudding’s one of the ones we just keep stocked really well, and always have. Sprinkles, chopped nuts, to do quickie mock Boston cream pie, to have in graham cracker or cookie crumb pies, or just on its own.
    We keep in alternative non-chill milk forms, too. And, Val, honey: Dream Whip.

    I’m sure it’s full of stuff you won’t dig, but it replaces whipped/heavy cream if it’s short, comes together fast, you can mix it with juices from a can of fruit or whatever somebody drinks to make flavors, and it sits on a shelf patiently waiting for a couple of years.
    It doesn’t have the same flavor as cool whip or the canned ones (not a downside for me) but when there’s no heavy cream in and ready, it adds that nice touch to a dessert or lets you create a bigger dessert. You can whip it up pretty stiff (although not quite to that near-butter stage you can get real cream to) or just add some air so it pools down all pretty, more like *just* using cream would.
    Goes REALLY well with a honey oatmeal cake or southeren oatmeal cake instead of that pecan-coconut thing that should really only go on German chocolate cakes.

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