Pantry Challange 2018 Day 8 Overview Monday

Well, the week has gone well enough, we have been using up our fresh stuff and working to create more balanced meals and for sure using eggs in at least one or even two meals per day as they are our renewable at this time.

We have raided the freezer for some bread, butter and meats of course as well as a bit of veggie.. The fridge is much emptier compared to last week, a lot more jars of food in use things brought up from the canning pantry. Here is last weeks again, so you do not need to find the post.

ps, the top left corner of the fridge is holding the paint brushes and rollers in case you where like what the heck is in those bags

Here is the close up of the crisper.. The apples and carrots on the right are for the little pigs and the horse’s for treats, which leaves me the purple cabbage, the small bag of pea’s and some older turnips in the left one to use yet.

The sprouts are so ready and will be moved into the fridge today and more started.

Still no fresh milk it the house yet.. but we will start very soon on that one.  Nothing is growing outside at this point, still too much snow cover to even dig for chokes yet.. I am going to cover a few things this week and see if I can start pushing them along outside in a forcing them with our march sun.. when we get some.

The fruit bowl is empty and will stay that way till the end of the challenge.. if you want fruit it has to be canned or dried or rehydrated

This week will be more of a challenge for me to be sure.. first things first, I need to bake again today.  If there is one thing you figure out when eating out of your pantry, if you want something for you to grab.. you need to bake.. if you want a treat.. popcorn is your best friend if you like it.

Everyone have a great one..


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3 Responses to Pantry Challange 2018 Day 8 Overview Monday

  1. Widdershins says:

    OK, I’ll bite, why are there paint brushes and rollers in your fridge? 🙂

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