Pantry Challange 2018 Day 7 Rest Day

Well Day 7 was Sunday and it was not a rest day in terms of getting work done. However it was a rest day in terms of cooking as hubby cooked a pre-made frozen pizza (our one and only till I make more to put away from the freezer 🙂

Breakfast was cold for hubby and eggs for me, lunch was hot soup and we were busy the rest of the time.. Hubby had spice loaf for snacks and I drank lots of water and a cup of canned pineapple.

I worked on painting some wooden items to match for going into the front porch.  Its getting some new work done in there and these will match nicely, we also spent a goodly amount of time working outside in both the outside and the buildings, Its that time of year that you start cleaning up a winters worth of bedding, poo and such.

Miss Marie was quite content to keep a close eye on the work being done in the living room and enjoyed her couch time while Sunny Cat and Mom’s little girl Paris enjoy the huge dog bed LOL

We are still waiting on that ewe to go in the barn, but the twin’s goats kids are doing outstanding.. we even had a mini half baby bop out of them.

That was the day.. it flew by. Hope you had a great Sunday yourself

Farm Eggs -6

Total Eggs to date -41


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