Pantry Challange 2018 Day 6 Pasta

Yesterday was all about babies and having a quiet day, the morning extra was a big old feed run and then the work that it takes to unload a full truck load of feed bags and move them to different buildings.

The interesting thing about the feed store was the fact that the cost of Vit e had exploded the answer was on the counter in regards to the fact that there is a world wide shortage of both Vit A and E due to the fact that 80 percent of the types available in Canada? used this same plant.

Normally I would quote from the article but they popped a copyright notice and said I can use the title. one approved pictures and only the first sentence.  Bla! Here is the link to read more.. but in a nut shell, they had a fire, and then to make things even more tricky, their supply contract with a china company for Vit E has not been able to keep up with demand either.

Thankfully I had already stocked up in my home Vet-Critter Kit ahead and my stock is dated good till 2019 so I am ok at the moment. However when it comes back online I will be restocking while I can get it..  When are they going to learn that its going to be a much better idea to have production happening in more then one plant and more then one country..

I made a spice loaf for baking, I opened up a can of pineapple for fruit of the day and we had veggie soup for lunch and pasta with homemade cheese sauce with some freshly quick cooked pea’s

We moved a very expecting ewe  called Tawny who is greatly bagged up into the jug to keep a close eye on her, I am thinking twins for sure on her.. but we will see.

The little wee doelings have names now! Latte (thank you to reader Widdershins for that name) and hubby  name this darker sister Frappuccino (Cuccino for short)

Hubby made himself popcorn for a snack last night and that was our Pantry challenge for Saturday.. The only real challenge was being out and about and not getting anything in town. We normally get a treat in town.. There was a twinge of Boy it would be nice to get a X or Y

Then we both looked at each other and shook our heads and went nope.. we got this.. and by the time we arrived back to the urge had passed.

The birds are loving the mild and bright weather!

Eggs Count -6 (first little green pullet egg layer just started up)

Eggs Total- 31



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3 Responses to Pantry Challange 2018 Day 6 Pasta

  1. Widdershins says:

    About the vitamin shortage … it’s such short-term thinking, isn’t it? … love ‘Frappuchino’! 😀

  2. Christine says:

    Technical question if you have the time to answer: How do you find out if it’s okay to quote from an article like that? I have wanted to do it a couple of times on my own blog but been uncertain how to navigate copyright laws. Do you e-mail the publisher every time or are there standard rules that can be found? Linking is always acceptable, right?

    Good job avoiding temptation in town! 🙂

    • hi, I will move the quote in different writing and with quotes around it and then provide direct link back to the place it came from. it means that I am being clear that its a quote, where its from an how to get there.. basic copyright allows quotes to be used as long as credit is given

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