Barn Babies 2018 Twin Kids are our first

Sorry about the photo quality, it was taken in the darkened barn last night.  Juno gave birth to twin kids late yesterday afternoon. The first born is the darker cream at the back of the photo an the second born is the white tike still a bit damp yet in the front of the photo.

They are almost spitting image of Juno’s first babies Crème and Brule which had a different father, then her second birthing did last year with Jada by Jack.. As these are also out of Jack,  I was expecting a lot more color..

These little girls are yet unnamed, I am sure we will have names for them soon enough to share with you. Got any cute name ideas for them?

Juno bag is very big an full, she does not like to be milked, she is right sure that that milk is for her babies, thank you very much. I will be milking her today to put up some of that liquid gold to freeze just in case its needed in the rest of the birthing season.

This will be Jada’s first possible birthing year, if she took she is still quite slim, so either a single only, or a single combo with being bred a cycle or do behind her momma Juno. We will see..

I am pleased that we have a freshened milking momma on the farm, but with her having twins, I will certainly be milk sharing with plans to keep a close eye on her condition, as the house will be acting as a third kid.

The first three days, I will just do the one milking to put up some and provided the babies and mom are doing great, day 4 will be the first night that the babies will go later at night, just before we go to bed into their wee pen and then I will get up early and milk momma and then the babies will be put back to mom for the day and evening.

This means only one milking for the house each day but it also means that the babies will grow big and  strong till weaning time at which point I will move to full time milking or not depending on what is going on with Jada.


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4 Responses to Barn Babies 2018 Twin Kids are our first

  1. Dim light or not, I LOVE that first photo! ‘Specially Firstborn with her ears and tail up (and already looking for trouble; )

  2. Widdershins says:

    Babies = adorable. 😀 … How about ‘Latte’ and ‘Leche’ (means ‘milk’ in Spanish) … ‘cos they’re both white-ish? 😀

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