Garden Updates..

So front garden area,straw garden rows

Row one-planted two kinds winter sqaush
Row two- planted- pumpkin
Row Three- Sqaush

Teepee- Back seeded the hot, beans, and the pea’s broud beans an greens are all up Back filling with cabbage plants..

Hay Bale Garden- the cold planted greens are up and doing well, the trailing started melon plants are transplanted in it now

The mini hay bale garden- planted out pumpkins

The big hugalbed garden (year six) the comebacks are doing well, the bed is planted into melons top half and pumpkins bottom half


The box garden is planted into sea kale and Giant Broud Leaf Plantain

The gate garden had peas, broud beans, rddish and spring greens, its been finished out, four green pepper plants 12 tomato plants another full row of beans planted

The tower garden has foot plus high peas and walking onions and now thirty broccoli plants in

Side Garden Raised Bed Rows
Row One- planted cucumbers
Row two- Small pumpkins
Row Three- Seeded out pickling cucumbers
Row four – cabbage Seedlings

Grape Vine Garden
Front row- rows of Giant Sunflowers
Main Row-planted winter sqaush
Back row- rows of Giant Sunflowers

Sqaure Front Garden

75 corn planted in a block
two rows kale starts
one row peppers plants
one row cherry tomaoes
already planted and growing

The apple Tree’s are in full Bloom now.. Lots of Bee’s on the farm this year..


Main garden
Four more rows on climbers of bean seed,
skirrit rows in

All the cold planted are up but the carrot, the early plant pototo patch is doing great, but lots left to plant in main garden, only the top of main garden planted and back planted

Back garden

-25 pounds of seed potato planted
rasberry rows
strawberry rows
aspargus rows all doing well
jewelweed patch up an growing

the rest- unplanted yet

How did your planting go?

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3 Responses to Garden Updates..

  1. grammomsblog says:

    you’ve been busy as a bee!

  2. Faye Henry says:

    Hi… Came across your great blog and noticed you had a jewelweed patch.. I always make a salve with it but was wondering if you use it for anything else… Have a great weekend..

    • Hi, Glad you enjoyed the blog and hope you will stick around, I am afraid, that other then use in salves or in juicing to then freeze the juice for healing purposes, I am at the moment unaware of other uses for this plant at this time.

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