May long Weekend

Today is officially a holiday in Canada, but its also our typical last frost date for the gardening zone we live in, so its a great mix of gardening, friends and good times. Lots more gardening to go today..


That closest box is filled with skirrit plants, and there is Giant Turkish plantain and seas kale and 3rd generation cabbage crosses that overwinter in out area and a zone breed cabbage-kale cross and so much more



We boated up the river for some fishin, time with friends,  a hot dog roast and don’t forget the marshmellows


The calf is learning come out of his pen and nibble the fresh pasture



Faith is so very pretty and Patrick is huge and such a purring boy..


marble is not just younger and short hair but he is so much smaller in build-bone an so forth, but he is so cuddly


While the two big fluffy fat belly kittens ran and played and leaped around the yard under our watchful eye, marble went and asked.. up please and then watched everything from high up



Te wee buckling are not so wee anymore and they are a month old and we will be moving into full time milk sharing at this point, they are also nibble grazing, crème above looking at you  They follow their mother who is lead out daily to be tied out to graze the main yardP1060930

Rhubarb is ready for the first big picking..


played around with making a rhubarb- black current fruit butter.. its quite good




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1 Response to May long Weekend

  1. suz says:

    best of luck on your garden – your starter plants look lush, and you’ve taught someone something new today: you sent me to the dictionary to look up skirrit. it’s FINALLY getting warm/dry enough here today to plant, so i’m looking forward to at least three days of getting things moving. mostly flowers, but my something-new this year will be growing herbs and salad things in containers. –suz in northern ohio

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