New Freezer or Fridge Unit


A good Freezer is to a point a must have if at all possable, a small chest freezer in a apartment can be both freezer, covered with a pretty table cloth and a shelf/storage. Once you get to the point of wanting to buy bigger deals for cost savings, you need a bigger freezer, these ones can go in spare rooms, or basements or if selected right unheated garages

But at some point if you are homesteading, while you can do a lot of canning/drying and fermenting, you are going to need freezers if you want to be able to store and eat “fresh” meat.  

Back in the day when I was a young one, It was always a massive heavy duty in the shed or garage or by the side of the house/sheltered big chest freezers.. they were massive, you could put half a beef, a pig and a dozen chickens in there..  I never remember them using freezers for fruit or veggies or bread..  Fruit was canned or dried or eaten fresh, Veggies were canned,dried or root cellared or eaten fresh, bread, cookies, cakes and so made and eaten fresh with the odd extra being put away.. 

Christmas might be the only time you would find for a few weeks a selection of baking goods in the big freeze but they were off limits, no eating them, they were being bulk saved for the big spread, company before, during and New Years eve.

We needed a new Freezer but I wanted a upright for the working space in the main floor pantry, by moving out med sized chest freezer, I would have a lot more room for storage while having eqaul amount of freezer..

I was waiting for Boxing week sales, I wanted to try for discount and free delivery, I didn’t expect great deals but it was still some off in the end, so it was worth the wait.  However so many makes and models were out of stock and those you could order would take till april or longer to get to me. 

Then I found a new to me, store in ottawa and they had a very interesting model, its a upright that I can set with the dial on the front to be a full fridge or a full freezer..  it was within the same price range as a good freezer only.. Research was required and it appears they have good reports.. SOLD!

Introducing “steel” my two in one..  

In summer/early fall after a good use up of my winter supply, I will switch the last to a small chest and move “steel” to a full fridge, giving me the ability to hold more fruit, veggie and so on till I can process it.. then come later fall (butcher time) I will move it back to a full freezer.. it has a rapid freeze cycle to it for bulk buying or in my case butcher days.. I like it, I can spread out the fresh wrapped and hit the flash freeze and then move to other freezers. 

Hubby and I worked for a number of hours yesterday, sorting and shifting, old in front of new, but also pulling from the different freezers to make “Steel” my working freezer for the winter/spring.. 

By that I mean we have different sections, we pulled fruit, Veggie, Wild Game, Pork, lamb, Beef, Chicken, Duck, Goose, Rabbit and Cheese.. This will allow me to do the fullest shopping choices from our home grown, home butchered supply.. by sorting all the freezers, we have done full rotations and counts.. 

I strongly recommend that if you have a freezer or Freezers, that you give them a shake up.. sort them out, go though them, see what is tucked in there, if you had fresh coming in this fall, find last years and make sure they get used up.. 

It might seem like a lot when everything is in.. but if you are shopping from home and not the store all year long.. its amazing how fast your fills can be but also how steadily they empty.. 

Do any of you have one of the combo units where you can choose to make it a all fridge or a all freezer?

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7 Responses to New Freezer or Fridge Unit

  1. valbjerke says:

    Oops on the above, thumbs had their own idea on texting I guess. I have two of those units – one I use full time as a fridge, one as a full time freezer. I like the idea they can do both but of course hubby is suspicious of new technology and side eyes them all the time, on the off chance they quit working. In particular I love using it as a fridge in milking season. The standard fridge/freezer we all grew up with – does not hold all the milk in gallon jars I need it to. I also have two med size chest freezers, one small chest freezer and two regular upright freezers. Keep hold of your paperwork – we had to warranty one – it simply stopped working for no particular reason, probably around the one year mark. There is no panic in the world like the one you have when you reach for a roast and discover it’s thawing, along with the rest of the contents. The year that happened, I spent many many hours canning meat – I had nowhere else to put it – the store simply doesn’t hand over a new freezer. Lesson learned, I always have a chest freezer on standby, and I now have a strict schedule of checking that the upright units are working. Not interested in that happening again. I also have a habit of making a list of what is in each freezer, crossing things off the list when I use them. For me, less food gets lost in the shuffle if I do that.

    • I had one of my chest freezers do that to me.. and at that time, half was meat and half was veggies.. The pigs were happy with half of it going right out to them and the birds and I canned and cooked for 2 days straight, setting timers and napping between them in the night lol but I saved all the meat, it was cold but man, the pit in my tummy when I realized what happened.. That’s awesome that you have two of them and that they are working well for you!

  2. Silver says:

    It’s a great idea to have a combo unit, to either have a fridge or freezer in one! My sister has more than one freezer for all her stored food. Though I think she could benefit from an upright freezer now and in the future, as it would save her having to bend into the freezer to dig stuff out with her knee still recovering, if that makes sense. Having an upright freezer would mean having things within easy reach. Perhaps something she should consider.

    • A upright for sure helps in the digging regard, you do have to use boxes sometimes to hold certain things because they have no front edges and so things can if stacked wrong or while digging fall out, which is about the only thing I do not like about the uprights but its certainly work around able..

  3. Upright freezers are the bomb! I miss mine. We are currently limited to our apartment sized chest freezer and the freezer compartment of our fridge. So far it’s all good.

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