Looking a little lean “sort of”

Its been 14 days since we picked up our last fresh food box, plus it’s now Jan which means alot of things that came in sept, oct fresh into storage has been used up.  The fridge is looking very “winter” lean..

The top shelf has our only “fresh coming in daily item” eggs but even they are slow this year, I should be getting 6 to 8 of them and I am getting 3 to 4 all chicken, the ducks are not laying yet.. but they will start up soon now that the days and daylight are getting longer.

Canned milk (or made up powdered milk depending on what I want it for) and behind that is a half used home canned white chicken breast, I only need half a pint jar for a standard 4 bowl of lunch soup.. on the flip side is some jam/jelly and homemade rubs

Second Shelf, 5 kinds of canned fruits, pears, plums, blueberries/saskatoon mix  and apple sauce and two juices, plus some left over meals bits and bobs..

Third shelf on the left is pickles, relishes and fermented honey garlic, homemade BBQ and Mustards on the right is last of the celery, some carrots and parsnips..

The greens are growing in a different area, the sprouts same.. still have lots of pumpkins, squash and some holding big zucchini’s, plus parnisps, onions, garlic and oranges fresh (but getting older)

Otherwise, everything is coming out of storage be it dried, fermented, canned or freezers or the inhouse greenhouse, we are not hurting in anyway but we are limited at the moment and it feels strange..  I am starting to understand just how FREAKIN spoiled I have been getting my fresh fruit and veggies boxes twice a month.. wow do they make things easier.

I will need to be very careful in terms watching carb counts on the meals.. and I can’t wait for fresh milk to be added into the mix, so we can add in a lot more dairy..  The one meal I just looked at it, sighed and made massive T-Bone steaks, used the drippings to make a sauce and poured it over and served up the plate as a meal lol..  it was good, and we were full but can’t do that to much lol

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4 Responses to Looking a little lean “sort of”

  1. Nicola Simmons says:

    I was watching a program about the 2 nd world war last night. I didn’t realise that children and teens got oranges as part of their rations. My first thought was that those skins would have been like gold for adding a flavour boost to so many things :-D.

  2. valbjerke says:

    We have a food box program here too with fresh in season veggies (no fruits though). I’ve thought if enrolling – the problem is, if I have those coming in on a regular basis I will ignore the freezer full of veggies I already have. This winter I am really missing my tomato sauce and salsa. We were unable to spare the cash to take the trip and buy our usual this year – so zero salsa, and almost out of garlic, very close to being out of tomato sauce. This will not happen again – I’ve started a savings in a jar fund for the trip this year. My fridge looks similar to yours – but more eggs.

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