Broken..sigh..Tears over a machine..

Yesterday I made a wrong move taking my jacket off and caught the strap of my workhorse of a camera and up it fly into the air, somehow coming off me and coming down in my foyer at clearly the worst angle possable broken camera, broken tile..

First offical photo of my new camera dec 2018

At first I was just in a bit of shock and No, I checked a few things, but I could see clearly what I had broken and I felt a sinking spot in my gut..  not even black camera repair would be able to fix it, I had cracked not one but at least two parts that are not on the “fix” replace that list..

Man, I have loved my Micro setting!

I went to the table and started fiddling even though I already knew.. then I googled.. maybe by some magic, someone would tell them, they had taken it in and nope..

The detail it could get, look at those snow dusted fluffy kitty

Then I looked at my husband and had a bit of a cry.. not for the camera, its a box, a magic box really.. I mean I am very sad that I only got just over 3 years with it, taking on average about 10 thousand photos a year of which several thousand made the grade for keep.. while around 26,000 plus being deleted.. the joy of a digital.. you can take a 100 or more photos to get that “one”

I had to really think it though because while I always regret the loss of a good tool, this was a bit more, in the end I realized that it was a combo of a) the loss of a investment by a foolish move b) all the memories tied to the camera, the trips, the walks, the family time, the first photos of the boys, of bell and more

Then came this one.. (yes I surprised myself when I said it and then went duh) as I was talking to hubby, I said, its been one of my pandemic “outs” stressed listening to the radio or reading, in another lock down.. grab the camera, head out to take flower photos, take the boys for a romp, take the camera, get creative and set up a scene and take photos, bird watch to see if I can get something with our wild feathered friends..

I mean I knew that I was taking more photos but until that camera broke and I had to sit with it, I don’t think it had really sunk in just how much looking though the lens let me push all the cray-cray of the world out and focus in..

My new work mirrorless camera is awesome but it does not go outside much, and its limited on what it can do outside compared to my old faithful workhorse..

I have ordered in the upgraded version of the one I have lost..  I will have a week plus of mourning for my old guy till the new arrives and I guess If I need to use the mirrorless with great care till it arrives..

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8 Responses to Broken..sigh..Tears over a machine..

  1. Silver says:

    Ohh Val I’m so sorry to hear about your camera. If it was a good one, would it be covered on your contents insurance, or is the excess so much it’s not worth the bother?

  2. valbjerke says:

    A lifetime ago I used to have a camera, had access to a darkroom and spent many hours developing film. I still get the urge, and seeing your photos reminds me why I had such fun with it. But when I start looking for a new camera I’m lost – too many choices I no longer know anything about. And the expense. I’ve been using my phone forever now and settling for what I get 😖. Happy to hear you’re replacing yours!

    • I can see you in the dark room and the beautiful photos you took in my mind 🙂 Well if you ever want me to recommend a good solid basic, start with the auto and then work the three most basic extras let me know and I will do a recommend, overview and so on.. nothing wrong with phone photos, the quality of phone photos are really great these days for sure.. I would be looking for side work if needed to make sure I could get a new one, thankfully I still had enough earned from my photography side gig to make it happen.. while it took a hit on what is in there, that’s what its there for..

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