Fish Fry – Catfish with chips

Today has been a run day and it will be a run evening, so when we had the chance to stop, catch a breath, take a break from the heat.. it was done with light and joy..

Our local river has gone down a fair amount and the fishing season has opened up for a number of things.. locally you can catch catfish year round.. but this was my first spring Catfish fry and it was awesome.

A egg-milk wash, a cornmeal dipping and into the fryer.. Homemade chips (showing my English roots, aka Fries) with a touch of seasoning salt..

Honestly how can you go wrong with fresh fish and while I know that some don’t like catfish, I have always liked it. There is a recommended limit on how many to eat per month in our local area. Do you like catfish?

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7 Responses to Fish Fry – Catfish with chips

  1. Widdershins says:

    Never had ’em. 🙂 … why the eating limit?

  2. Yup, love Blackened “Cajun” style.
    Eating limits are usually because of the chance of toxic stuff the fish have picked up out of the water ):

  3. Kelli says:

    In Texas, we just coat the fish in cornmeal and fry, but my dad would put cornmeal, lemon wedges , sliced onions and the catfish in a paper bag, shake vigorously and then fry the fish.

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