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Master Rain Garden Course

What is a Master Rain Garden Course? I am taking a six week Master Rain Garden Course and I am greatly looking forward to learning more each week, so far I have come away with pages of notes, a great … Continue reading

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Purr Pride got a present

I love my farm cats and soon enough they will be spending more time outside then inside as the weather warms up, still sometimes you just need to give them a nice present. I had been looking and waiting for … Continue reading

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Thermos Shuttle Chef – Ways to use it!

I have owned my Thermos Shuttle Chef Unit for coming on eight years now. See here for my first overview of it when I got it. See here for my five year overview of it! One of my favorite was … Continue reading

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Dogwood Week 10-Hometown

I will own it, I did try to get down to my favorite spot to take my picture for my home town but the gates were locked and the snow is 4 plus feet deep and you can not get … Continue reading

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Lambing Update March 10th 2019

In regards to the most part lambing has been going really well this year, other than the “tiny twins and their mother” that lambs have all been born healthy and strong.. No stillbirths, no weak starts to the lambs, no … Continue reading

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Cooking with Copper Pans

Last year we got some new Copper wear as a Christmas Present.  A big huge copper cooking square pan and a Copper Crisper with copper tray. I put them up and kind of forgot about them, I decided this week … Continue reading

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Great Pruning Workshop

Thank you Laura from Fine lines landscape and Design for a very interesting and informative pruning workshop. I have a little sample video from the workshop, Laura is talking about what happens when you get two main leaders that form … Continue reading

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Happy International Women’s Day.

Happy International Women’s Day.. I always struggle a touch with days like today. I was lucky enough to be born in a 1st world country, I am standing on the shoulders of some truly strong women that made it so … Continue reading

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Hazelbert Nut Bush

Hazelbert Nut Bush A cross between Hazel – Corylus americana – and Filbert – Corylus avellana – Zone 3 The Hazelbert is a bush hardy to zone 3 producing big hazelnuts double the size of our native Beaked Haze. As … Continue reading

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Farmgal’s Photography March 7th

I have had weather all over the place, but I have certainly enjoyed the sunshine with the few days we have had it! All the Cats have been soaking in the sun and can be found sitting up on posts … Continue reading

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