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Gal in the Garden – Rock Garden, Working on the kitchen garden

Well, its a been a good week in the gardens, we have had frost a couple times so plants are being taken out during the day and brought in for the evenings and or covered an things are still very … Continue reading

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Bacon Nettle Frittata

Bacon Nettle Frittata Recipe Looking for a fast and easy supper, Got lots of spring eggs this meal is for you! 4 thick cut sliced of bacon, diced and precooked 2 cups spring nettles, washed and diced 6 large mushrooms- … Continue reading

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Gifts in the Mail -Thank you Dear Reader!

Ah, what a treat! I had put up a little share post on how cute these little chicken butt coasters.. I thought they were so adorable! A long time reader of the blog made this for me as a thank … Continue reading

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Soil, Stump Garden and Dump Wagon..

Good Morning.. The weekend has flown by so fast, I had a awesome photo shoot to do Saturday morning and then I went to be help answer soil and garden questions for a couple hours for the local 4-H Loyal … Continue reading

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Wire Wormings in New Garden Area’s

Copied from the  U of Sask..  Its just to good information not to share! Potato wireworm in new garden beds Are you digging a new vegetable garden this year? Most of us love to plant root crops like potatoes in … Continue reading

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Farmgal Photo’s May 2nd

nd This is Solo the single ducklings born far to late in the fall last year that hubby adored, he has grown into a good looking young drake.. enjoying his swing and bath time. Loved this White Throated Sparrow mated … Continue reading

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Gal in the Garden Series – Raised Bed Trough

This week has been both a great week in the gardens and also a wet cold one..  As can often happen, the rain moved around the farm in waves, we did get rain but now where near what other folks … Continue reading

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In the Cellar Song.. so cute!

A friend who I meet though this blog many years ago now (8 I think?) who I have had the pleasure of meeting in person over the years despite the hours between where we live sent me this lovely little … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Nettle Horseradish Soup Recipe

  Sweet Potato Nettle Horseradish Soup Recipe 2 Medium Sized Sweet Potato’s Peeled and Diced 2 cups of spring harvested nettles (washed and diced) 1/2 cup of spring Dock(washed and diced) 3 green onions, diced 1 tsp of diced garlic … Continue reading

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Spring Greens – Dock Greens Sauce

Dock is a spring plant to me..  I like its young tender leaves in the spring but once it starts to flower and or in seed mode, it becomes quite a bit stronger in flavour..  I love using the seeds … Continue reading

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