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Farmgal’s Photography 2019 Jan 10th

How is Thursday.. this week is just flying by.  This week.. we are focused on the orange kitties 🙂 LeeLoo was playing in the basket with a sunlit back drop by the window..  I did mess around with the coloring … Continue reading

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Lets talk about Homesteaders and Health.

So many of the “idea’s and dreams about homesteading says that we will have better health for it.. Working our bodies, working with our hands, growing our own food, harvesting 0 mile eggs/milk/meat. Hunting and Fishing, hiking and horseback riding.. … Continue reading

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Stop Under Valuing Your Garden Returns

I snapped this photo when we went to our local Farm Boy to see what they had in terms of better quality Citrus fruits.  It like so many other things in that store make me stop.. pause and go WOW! … Continue reading

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Turning a Sock into a legging for “no chew”

Miss Marie had a bump that became a growth.. at first it was so tiny, maybe the size of pinkie nail and then suddenly it got more rapid growth to the size of thumb nail and it made Marie start … Continue reading

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Dogwood Photography Week 1

Dogwood Photography Challenge Week 1 This is the official Photo.. I had worked this scene out on paper, explained it to hubby and off to the forest we went, I had hoped for a more open wider road but what … Continue reading

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Creamy Crab Pasta with Horseradish Greens

Creamy sauce, Seafood and pasta is a mixed delight.. add in the wonderful flavours of Horseradish greens and bit of good parmesan cheese.. It just steps it up a notch! This is a bit of a loose recipe in the … Continue reading

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Friday Rambles around the table.. Vanilla Beans

Well, hello.. Come in.. knock that snow off your boots and grab a pair of slippers from the basket or did you remember to bring a pair..  I have the water on for a nice big pot of tea and … Continue reading

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Farmgal’s Photography 2019 Jan 3rd

With my new camera I am trying to both learn it and stretch myself this year.. I am not going to open up a new blog for photography. I will put up more photos on Twitter and on the facebook … Continue reading

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How to make Salt Cured Lemons

Putting up a few Jar’s of Salt Cured Lemon’s is very easy to do.  I will show you step by step in three photos! Wash your lemon to remove any wax, rinse them well with cool water, trim the ends … Continue reading

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Chick Care 101

  Ideally, if you already have chickens you are going to let your broody hen do all this work for you.  You can help pick the eggs she is sitting on but its just so much easier to let the … Continue reading

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