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Zucchini Fruit with Pinnapple

I love this, for full recipes please read this page on making mock pinnapple.. Otherwise, enjoy the photo of the process! so so good, the extra juice was made into a amazing jelly! Peeling, chopping, cooking and then getting to … Continue reading

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Painting : “Hidden”

I really enjoyed this painting..  I started with the plan to do some background washes to prepare for future paintings but this one decided it needed to come out.. I will admit that I already have it framed (I used … Continue reading

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Paintings… Learning Curve..

So I did a few more paintings where I was working this and that as I was remembering how to do things..   I have given myself the challenge of learning how to paint a dog and cat in a … Continue reading

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Camo Soap

As most folks know I have been making Cold Process soaps for many years now..  This soap loaf is so lovely on many fronts. It is made with my favorite blend of oils.. its an nice harder bar of soap.. … Continue reading

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Soil Health effects many of our Ground Nesting Bee’s!

A new way to assess the danger that pesticides can pose to bees “Researchers from the University of Guelph and the University of Ottawa looked at the concentrations of three commonly-used neonicotinoid insecticides in the soil at 18 different cucurbit … Continue reading

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Local Grass-fed Beef Order

I was thrilled to pick up my quarter beef of local (up the road about ten min) of grass fed beef. I have a lot of chicken, turkey, duck, goat, pork and will have a good amount of lamb.. so … Continue reading

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Grapes.. still giving and doing their thing..

Two years ago, the grapes pulled down their posts and wire.. its a jumbled mess out there..  it needs to be trimmed, cleaned up and totally rebuilt.. Just one more project that is on the list..  and there it will … Continue reading

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Another Day.. Another Tomato…

I planted 6 Roma’s and 6 Beef Stakes and 6 Cherry tomato plants this year, compared to my normal years.. this is a little amount.. but WOW.. despite the drought.. Hottawa Peppers for the WIN! Crazy Amount of tomato’s coming … Continue reading

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C5’s Metal Cabin with great view!

Hi Folks, Over the years I have dropped a message or post here and again about Mr and Mrs C5. I loved his line of.. “es, I dropped off the earth for a while. I wrote and then erased a … Continue reading

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Lets get ready to Rumble!

Good Ol’ JR: It’s the main event, ladies and gentlemen! In one corner of the yard, weighing in at about a hundred pounds, we’ve got Sheepy. In the other corner, weighing in at- Jason: No. Good Ol’ JR: …more than … Continue reading

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