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Air Root Pots

If there is one thing you will read me saying this year, Bringing it in house.. This means that If I can find a way to make things work based on what I have or based on a very small … Continue reading

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One year in..

Can you believe that its been one year since we first “offically” heard that we had our first case in canada? Regardless of your feelings on the subject, its very safe to say that pretty much no matter where you … Continue reading

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Are you a Seed Snob?

Never thought I would write that.. but this year I have seen peaple asking questions like I am on a budget? Where can I get the most reasonable priced seeds? I am looking at getting a bulk seed kit? I … Continue reading

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Switch grass panicum virgatum I have ordered in enough Switch Grass Seed to do a Quarter Acre worth of plants, I have a Multi level  Multi Year plan for them. This year, I will be starting a number of them and then transfering … Continue reading

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Garden Center Closures

The Local company that I bought my soil from, my mulch from has closed and while I am digging, I have yet to find a company even somewhat close to me that has or is planning to open to replace … Continue reading

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Garden Records

Now normally I use a ruled lined book from the dollar store and i do love my farm books.  However I figure that I am putting so much effort into the gardens, the food forest and so forth that this … Continue reading

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Chocolate Snow Icecream Recipe

Ah Snow, did we ever get snow! 9 inches in the past 24 hours..  Time to make a speical winter treat! Snoe Icecream..  Never heard of it? Here is my Vanilla Snow Icecream regular way of making it.. so easy … Continue reading

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Peas Seeds- One for pot and One to put up..

60 hours ago, we planted out a tray of pea seeds grown and saved in 2019 and in the tray went into the BG(Baby Indoor Greenhouse) it is amazing how fast things are growing in there.. Amazing considering I didn’t … Continue reading

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Pawpaw Seeds

I ordered in Pawpaw seeds from a seller one zone harder then my own and I hope to get two 3 year old trees this spring about 40 minutes away as they like to be planted in clumps. I ordered … Continue reading

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Homemade Custard Recipe

I hope this photo shows you how silky smooth this custard can be.. Ah custard, so easy to make when it goes right, and fussy when it does not.. Creamy Homemade Custard Recipe 4 cups whole milk 4 egg yolks … Continue reading

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