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Happy 9th Birthday Just another day on the farm

Just Another Day on the Farm Blog turns 9 years old today! 3 Thousand, 3 Hundred and 42 Posts 13 Thousand and 994 Comments Nine years ago, I started this blog with a recipe.. I will share the recipe and … Continue reading

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November: National Blogging Month

The Challenge is simple. Blog one post a day for the whole month of Nov..  Its been hitting all over my blogger groups.. are you joining in NoNanowriMo..  at the very least call it what it is.. A spin off! … Continue reading

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Put your Mushrooms in the Sunlight Vit D

Forgot about keeping your mushrooms final moments in the dark.. put them in the sun and reap the Vit D.  As a Canadian and all of us that live in the northern climates, we are told to take Vit D … Continue reading

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O the tangled webs we weave

It started to rain yesterday and down it came. The wind came next and with it came tree’s coming down and lots and lots of thousands without power all over my area. As I checked on a couple different things … Continue reading

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No Buy November 2019

It is No Buy November and we certain need it this year.. I have done this challenge in years past as a way to remind myself to not hit that “holiday” splurge that is SO easy to get caught up … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween.. Some Treat Ideas for you!

Its All Hallow’s Eve today.. Here are a few adorable idea’s for your party.. the things I loved about these are that you are not “buying” things to make the mood that will only be used once for a event … Continue reading

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Happy National Cat Day

Smudge.. The youngest of the Purr Pride Just a touch older then Smudge (Half-Siblings) is Jimmy Kitten LeeLoo is the next oldest.. she says I just turned one not long ago.. and I am still very much a teen kitty … Continue reading

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Second Hand Stores “Finds”

Anyone who has read the blog for long knows I love my second hand shops but there has been a few interesting things happening to them over the past years that is not being talked about. So lets have a … Continue reading

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Lets talk about Health for a moment..

Well, Its almost the end of Oct and I am still coughing.. Sigh.. I have had some very supportive folks, supportive comments but I have also gotten the “are you still sick?” Wow.. sick again? (uh, no, still sick..) and … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Carving From The Bottom

Originally posted on Different From the Ordinary:
This is a picture of my daughter cleaning the guts and seeds out of a pumpkin. You probably can’t tell by looking at this picture, but she’s cleaning it out from the bottom…

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