Broad Bean Harvest 2016

Well, I still have a black Russian Broad Beans to harvest yet but they are growing at a different rate and I am looking forward to seeing how they did.. we have had a odd mix of a crazy drought and high winds and hard, hard brief rains.


Just a few of the plants in the bigger row.. starting to turn color, these were planted very early, I planted them almost six weeks earlier then other folks did.. it worked out well for me this year.


I was worried about the pollination on these plants, they were in full bloom right after the corn got sprayed and BAM, I lost a ton of my wild bees.. but we still had some and then it poured rain.. I sighed and went.. it will be, what it will be..


My fears were founded, while I did pick 5 gallon buckets worth of bean pods, and we did have some nice pods, many of what should have been a five bean pod, had two or three.. does not seem like much but when its that many pods that way.. it adds up on what was missing in the end..

But as I have friends who’s plants are still only four to six inches high and not producing at all, I will still take it.. that’s for sure..


So what did I make as my first thing with my fresh bean..

Had a great fresh feeding and then put the rest away in bagged portions for winter use..  I simmered the pods till tender and soft inside their little skins, half of them were popped out, mashed and made into a amazing Broad bean hummas type dish.

the other half were taken out, after done and then fried till the outside skin was golden brown and crisp, while hot, mushy and bursting with flavour on the inside.. its a taste from my childhood!

The timing was great, this whole row came out, just in time to be replanted into another crop for the fall.

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2 Responses to Broad Bean Harvest 2016

  1. judy says:

    Yum….fava beans! Love them lightly soften in garlic oil, pepper flakes & served on toast with goat cheese! We eat lots roasted with oil & salt til they puff up & dry out…..great movie snack!

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