Friendship, new and old..

I am sorry, for the delay in writing this, but time is flying fast at the moment, I am always in awe and amazed that farm blogger s keep up in the summer time, I sit down and think.. I should x and I am up and off again..

See off-topic again..  So this trip was long time in coming, I was looking though some photos of my many camping trips over the years, and realized that since we had come to the farm, unless I was on a “away” trip I was not exploring Ontario like I should be able to.

So said to hubby, I want to camp at least five times in the summer of 2016, he looked at me and said, then do it..

That is the sum up in so many ways how things start in my world.. I look at hubby or he looks at me and we say.. we should and then the other blinks and says..

Well, what’s stopping you.. if you want to do it.. then do it..

So simple and yet they have been the start of so many things, some amazing, some ok and some I shake my head at and GO…WHY… but I would not be me if I had not done them.

So I started with a trip for us, as a couple, and I got a farm sitter for that one, I planned it carefully and found a mine hike for hubby.. great fun..

I wanted to go to bon eco, and have since I moved to this province but its to far for a day trip and its one thing to get a farm sitter for one night but another to plan for a couple over the summer, so I planned to go alone.. then I said.. I am going to bon eco and said friend went.. Sounds like a blast..

So I went with said friend, she does not like her picture taken, so I am not going to get myself in trouble and post an face photos of her on the blog.. but she was great fun.


She is a full of life as they come, she will try anything, she is tough and kind all in one.. so I had booked us a walk in camp site, and it was stunning, it was also not clear that it was nearly as far or as hard of a trail..

WOW, what a trail.. it is fair to say that we would have packed quite differently if we had known.. I had booked a walk in site with hubby and we parked at the top and walked down a nice trail to our site.. pleasant..

A lot of things can be said about the trail to that camp and pleasant is not one of them LOL


But now comes the old.. a dear friend of mine.. a old friend of mine, I meet her in my collage years, she was the reason I was planning on going to Yellowknife, the reason I meet my husband, and she was my only bridesmaid at my wedding, I am honored that her daughter carries my daughters name..

time has moved us across the country, we have lived end for end, we have moved at different paces and we have caught back up.. but as fate would have it.. she would be less then a hour away from where I was camping while I was there.. she had made the trip from goose bay for family reasons and I got the pleasure of her company for the day!

P1070823 (2)

We swam in the lake, we visited, and eat good food and played card games, we laughed and we got to visit in a way that girlfriends do when we are alone again.. I know, I know, we love having our hubbies and our little ones around.. we do..

But there is a freedom when its just girlfriends, take off that other hats and remind ourselves of that core of who we where and who we are out!


I love many of the photos we got of the three of us, but as I need to follow my girlfriends photo rules, this is the best photo of the three of us.

P1070827I love it..  A grounding, a old friend that I have known for more then half my life an a new friend that I have known for a few years now.. a great melding in many ways.. younger me, with the older me..

I came home tired, sore and at peace in so many ways!



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4 Responses to Friendship, new and old..

  1. judy says:

    What a GREAT getaway! Love the pics, especially the feet…those look like some mighty “happy” toes! LOL

  2. Doesn’t get any more grounded than this: )

  3. Bill says:

    This post made me smile. I keep coming across farm blogs/podcasts where we’re all reaching the same conclusion: take some time off, don’t burn out. So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the value of having some down time off the farm once in a while, and about the value of time spent with friends. So this really resonates with me. Glad you were able to do this and thanks for the inspiration!

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