Strawberries on a Cloud Recipe

Strawberry’s on a Cloud

What a delightful treat this is and its really not that hard to make.. its a little fussy but its also showy enough to make it so worth it!

The Bowl

4 egg whites (crack each one in its own bowl.. You do not want any yolk in this!)

1 tsp of sugar

Beat your whites with the sugar till it is fluffy and forms peaks when tested. Lift your beaters up and they should create a stiff peak when it breaks from the white to the air.

Here is the first fussy part..  use a large serving spoon to take out a mound of the meringue unto a non stick cooking mat or parchment paper.. it will get a lot harder if you do these on a standard cookie sheet.

Once on the sheet, use your spoon to create a hollow in the mound.. raising the sides higher then the middle creating a scoop to fill..

This makes six nice little mounds or it could be used to make four larger ones.. Into a hot pre-heated oven of 400. Bake till Golden Brown all over..  This takes almost no time.. 4 to 6 minutues.. in my oven anyway.. do not walk away from your oven and keep a CLOSE eye on these.. as they do from.. hmmm.. starting to DONE!

Take them out and move them to a cooling rack.. they will deflate a touch.. this is normal..

The Filling

Take a cup of finely diced fresh spring strawberries and drizzle with a touch of maple syrup or sugar if you prefer and toss them with the maple syrup.. chill

The Topping

Whipped cream or clotted Cream or a drizzle of heavy cream if you want it to go easier.. I had some clotted cream in the fridge so of course it went to this!

Take your cooled but still fresh bottoms and gently lift the edge and then peel them off their trays.. they are FRAGILE.. handle with care

Onto their plates and then fill up with fresh strawberries and then top with your choice of cream and serve.. would go great with a little white wine or a nice cuppa of Earl Grey Tea.

They make a lovely spring dessert or they would make a outstanding serving at afternoon tea..


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