Happy Canada Day! Eh?!

Milk the cow and feed the lamb
Gather eggs and cure a ham
Saddle up and ride the horse
Let the poultry roam, of course
Home-baked bread and fresh-picked peas
Singing frogs and buzzing bees
Tan a hide and collect some herbs
You can’t do all this in the ‘burbs
No, it’s just another day on the farm

By Dear Hubby 2014

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5 Responses to Happy Canada Day! Eh?!

  1. Silver says:

    Happy Canada Day! How will you celebrate?

    • Thank you Silver, I wish I could say that we were going off the farm and doing something really fun but the truth is we are working on the gardens, yard and butchering meat chickens this week.. we did go out for a lovely dinner and visit at a friends farm for a couple hours on Saturday evening.. so lets call that our off farm Canada day time.. time with great folks..

  2. You go Jason Rhymer! Happy Canada Day to All!

  3. Widdershins says:

    😀 … great poem! 😀

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