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Sally is a new momma.. A nest full of kits!

Sally had her kits yesterday, which just happens to be neice #2 8th birthday! Happy Birthday HP, wish we lived closer and could have come for that yummy strawberry shortcake your momma made you! Sally is a purebred but given … Continue reading

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Rabbit Barley Stew Recipe

As I have shared in a past post, I tend to cook off the neck, back and rib cages in a pot of water with a bit of vinager added to help draw out the best in the bone broth, … Continue reading

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Reader Questions- Rabbit Info.

Can I ask about the bit that comes before eating them though? What kind of hutches do you have for them and what do you feed them (pellets/mixed feed/hay/fresh cut greens/kitchen scraps?). Do you have any experience with Morant hutches … Continue reading

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Potted Rabbit..

As most folks who have been reading for a while know, I am on a steady, never ending learning curve on old ways to use and perserve all kinds of food that the farm produces. I got a new cookbook … Continue reading

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Foot Care..this and that post..

Its been a interesting few weeks when it comes to foot care on the farm, in a number of ways, with the cold weather, socks/boots have become much more common on the farm, instead of crocks which are my standard … Continue reading

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Rising Costs of Meat-Are you feeling the effect yet?

Last weekend, my Step-dad was in the “big city” for work and we did a meet up for a visit, lunch and then to give him a ride to the airport, one of our stops from his downtown hotel was the big … Continue reading

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New on the Farm…

Its been a busy couple days, we have a new lamb, a new litter of bunnies, with another one on the way soon and jar’s filled with the most wonderful homemade maple syrup. Its very light in color to me, the color … Continue reading

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Rabbit Freezer Camp-PG

Hi Folks Well, I know that I often read on different sites in regards folk’s thoughts in regards to meat and that it needs to be local and of course raised in a humane mannor, I agree with this.. but … Continue reading

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Rabbit Tenderloins -DD’s Meal # 5

Well, I am thrilled to say that we are getting just a little bit more light daily now, but its is still very much Dark Days in terms of how it feels with the cold and snow. Here is the menu … Continue reading

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Rabbit Spinach Fittata Recipe

Rabbit Spinach Fittata 1 Piece of JADOTF’s Rabbit Side Bacon-Finely Diced -Equal to three peices of bacon. 1 Small Onion -Diced 6 Farm Fresh Eggs 1 cup of Fresh Spinach 1 tablespoon of St. Albert Butter 4 Shedded Tablespoons of Onion … Continue reading

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