Rabbit Tenderloins -DD’s Meal # 5

Well, I am thrilled to say that we are getting just a little bit more light daily now, but its is still very much Dark Days in terms of how it feels with the cold and snow.

Here is the menu for our Winter Meals Challange # 5

  • Rabbit Tenderloins* -pan-seared with a local Red Wine Cream Reduction
  • Local Mushrooms/Garlic/Onion
  • Oven Baked Mix of Yellow, Orange Carrots and Turnips
  • Smashed Butternut Sqaush with Butter


  • Rabbit Liver Pate
  • Homemade Rye Naan


Stewed Rubarb with Ginger

This weeks offical farm food is Rabbit.  If you are unfamilar with Rabbit, here is a link on information about its values. Each Tenderloin was right around 4.5 oz of meat, perfect portion control, one for DH and One for me.

Farm grown or raised is in Italics , everything else was gotten locally, other then spices and the wine, I know that there are local wines but after looking for close to a month, I broke down and got a close to a local wine having been grown and made 5 hours drive away raither then in the 100 mile.. Clearly if I want to buy local wine for cooking or drinking I need to do so in the fall when the very limited five winery’s have their gate sales because there is none to be had at this time of year, even if I called them directly they were closed for the season.

* If I was not doing this for DD’s and if my homemade bacon would have worked, I would have made this Rabbit Tenderloins covered bacon, Seared and then finished in the oven in the cast iron pan, Rabbit is so lean that you need to use a little fat to cook it with. or I could have sliced them, pounded them out, put a layer of stuffing, rolled them back up and wrapped in bacon.. ok that is a recipe I will have to make an share at a later date for you.

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3 Responses to Rabbit Tenderloins -DD’s Meal # 5

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  2. Canadian Doomer says:

    Hey, hey, hey, where’s the recipe? That looks delicious!

    It’s funny – the tenderloins look like pork. I guess I expected it to look like chicken.

    I’ve tried getting hold of rabbit, but the one time I saw any at the grocery store, it was $20 for one very scrawny bunny. It’ll have to wait until we have our own land.

    • Just another day on the farm says:

      Take your Rabbit Tenderloins and let them sit in the red wine overnight in the fridge, it will stain them pink, then heat your small cast Iron pan, put a little duck fat if you have it, and let it get hot.. sear the tenderloins on all sides and then place in the oven for another 8 min to finish cooking.. At the same time in larger Cast iron, put your fat in, then your onion, garlic, mushrooms, cook till the onion is clear, then add the wine, reduce by half, Rabbit should be done, pull out and scape all little bits into the sauce.. then add 2 tablespoons of heavy cream, and lower heat.. allow to simmer for a min or two.. by this time the tenderion has sat and is ready to be cut.. place a couple tablespoons of the red wine reduction sauce under the meat and meat on top.. and there you go..

      If you looked at the legs you would think Chicken but for the tenderloins, they do look more like pork. That is the current going rate for rabbit here as well, around 20 dollars for a 4.5 pd to 5 pd dressed out rabbit.

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