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Hi Folks

Well, I know that I often read on different sites in regards folk’s thoughts in regards to meat and that it needs to be local and of course raised in a humane mannor, I agree with this.. but I am going to go a little further in this post.. so if you are easily offended in regards to butchering.. STOP READING NOW

So the part that I find most folks are missing can be summed up into two parts a) A low stress humane kill  b) Using ever single part of the critter you can.

So lets take my rabbits, I self -butcher all my own small critters -(Please note that you can not sell or give away meat if its self-butchered, its for your own use only, if you want to be able to sell the meat as a farm gate sale, it MUST be processed by a provincal approved butcher).

I do it with as much low stress as possable, one because I like my rabbits and they trust me to meet their needs, and to a point I always feel that when I am a very bad farmer ma when they meet the end of their life.

On the other hand I like eating meat, and I want healthy meat on my table that I know how it was raised, and how it was processed. So my second point is that I feel if I am going to take a rabbits life, I will Honor it by using every single part of it and will make sure it has value on my table.

So here is the breakdown, one young fryer size rabbit (dressed 5 pds), so the hounds got and loved the extra’s in the body that I don’t eat, the chickens got the guts/organs that I or the hounds don’t get. The hide is saved for me to tan and use for many different projects. Will do a tanning post at some point and also give idea’s of how to use the hide.

With this one rabbit I made

  • Pate-4 meal*s as the meat
  • Front legs-Baked, pulled meat -2 Meals-Save bones
  • Tenderloins– 2 meals -Save the bones
  • One belly flap made into Rabbit Bacon-used in a dish that made 4 meals
  • One belly flap made into Rabbit Jerky– 1 snack
  • Rear Legs- Boiled till tender-meat pulled-made into Rabbit Soup- 6 meals -Save Bones
  • Bones made into Rabbit broth- 1 Qt Jar of stock which was used in the Rabbit Soup.

* A meal means just that, it was the meat in one meal for DH and I.. so that means that I got 18 meals and 1 snack out of 5 pds of meat with bone in and that there was nothing left that was unused between me, the hounds, the chickens and pig..

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