Storage of Root Veggies-Carrots

Well, Its one of those days, morning chores, basic housework and laundry all on the go, the hounds breakfast made and served.. dish’s and more dish’s, made 3 loaves of bread, and wanted to get some things up from the cellar, and while down there, thought, I should take  a few min and check out the root veggies, most things are holding their own.. but the carrots were not doing as well, after giving them a bit of a check over.. I sighed and brought the whole box upstairs and started sorting, compost pile, Piggy Pile and our pile.. I have canned carrots and frozen carrots but it was a bit of a sad moment to realize that my own homegrown carrots in my soups and stews are going to be a thing of the past..

I winter-sowned carrots in the garden and have those little babies all covered in straw and hope to have fresh baby carrots in april/may to enjoy, till then if I want fresh, I will have to get locally grown carrots.

So I am making a wonderful carrot soup with the ones that were good, and will serve it up with some fresh bread out of the oven..

Basic Carrot Soup

  • Carrots -Peeled and cut up
  • Onion-Peeled and Cut up
  • Salt/Pepper/Fennel
  • Veggie stock four cups worth

Cook till the veggies are soft and done.. blend, taste and add more salt/pepper if needed, can also serve with a dollup of sour cream or a swirl of whipping cream but as I am working to lose a few pds, mine was plain served with slice of fresh just cooled Barley Bread, which was perfect, crust on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside..

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1 Response to Storage of Root Veggies-Carrots

  1. 40 Pounds By June says:

    Another one I have to try! I can’t keep up with you!

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