New on the Farm…

Its been a busy couple days, we have a new lamb,

a new litter of bunnies, with another one on the way soon and jar’s filled with the most wonderful homemade maple syrup. Its very light in color to me, the color of really good golden honey but the flavor is outstanding!

 Look what’s popping up in the garden over the past 24 hours..I am so pleased to see this, the amazing thing is that the rest of the double rows (14 plants in total at the moment) are still under snow, which has been melting down this week.  This one has only been barely uncovered for a few days.

the garlic is just starting to show hints of greens pushing up and though, so far, I can see about 60 to 80 of the bulbs have come though the winter.

The strawberry plants are all showing signs of new life and fresh tiny baby green leaves, I am so looking forward to those first fresh red berries of spring.. Hmm Strawberry Rubarb pie.

Honk has bonded very well with his new flock of ducks and has claimed Apple as his girl, here he is looking much more relaxed while out with us having some yard time.

Speaking of birds and yard time, here is a funny photo for you, this spot is one of my chickens favorite dust bathing spots, these two cracked me up, the space is really only big enough for one bird but these three were  working hard to get the same space while at the same time as bathing. The ducks run for water, the chickens run for the front flower bed corner.

So what is up in your garden? I know that a number of you folks are quite a bit ahead of me in terms of garden and zone, still let me know what is new in your neck of the woods.

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4 Responses to New on the Farm…

  1. Uh-oh, are we supposed to have things out already? The man from the city told me not to plant ANYthing until the end of May. :S

    • Hi C.D.
      These are either Perennials (rhubarb/Strawberry Plants) or they were fall planted to get a jump on the season (garlic bulbs). There are a number of things you can plant before the end of May, I will make sure I share on the blog what is going out and where/when and what to look for that its ready to go, only your truly hot house babies don’t go out till end of may.

      Its been a great day, got all the rabbit hutches cleaned out and bedded back down, moved the rabbits around to get them into the hutches I wanted, I have a very large lovely brown doe due, and then we have been working on our second huge 20 feet long by five feet wide and a planned four feet high hugelbeet, we have all the big wood, sticks, and little sticks, plus leaves moved, and then all the rabbit bedding and everything under the hutches (that is not frozen in) on, plus I raked another part of the yard and now DH is cleaning the outside bird pens. Made another jar of maple syrup today as my buckets are still filling up daily. All in all a good day.

  2. Well, I have a bunch of little sunflower seeds that the kids sprouted at Sunday School – they’re 1-2″ long now. I put them in dirt last night. When can they go out? It’s -1C today, should get up to 8C today.

    • C.D.

      I don’t normally start sunflower seeds till the first part of may, typically in the first two weeks, they are on my “hot” weather start list.. I would not be putting them out in april if it was me but you can try it in your zone, what is your zone? if you want, but I would not do so if you are still dipping below into the -minus temps, and remember that you will need to harden the plants off from inside living to outside living.

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